Visiting The Botanical Gardens

I can’t divulge too much information, but my cousin and I took a trip to the Fort Worth Japanese Botanical Gardens yesterday.

We first stopped at Whataburger, and I must admit that I still prefer In-N-Out burger! Whataburger is a Texas classic, and Shake Shack in Chicago is delicious, but In-N-Out is still my all time favorite! I swear I’m in a long-term, long-distance relationship with In-N-Out.

Also, I have been in Dallas for four days and I still haven’t had In-N-Out! This is a travesty!


We walked around the entire garden, and boy was it beautiful. The natural scenery, the streams and waterfalls, various plants and scrubs were absolutely stunning.

I love walking around in (somewhat) nature, and although I might be partial to busy city sidewalks, there is something just special about a peaceful walk along the foliage. The bubbling current of the little streams and the lush, green shrubby were a sight to see!

The weather was nice and sunny (seventy degrees), and it was definitely a nice change from Chicago weather!

I’m not going to divulge too much, but I actually went to take pictures for a photo shoot! I wanted to do a teensy bit of blog redesigning since I have a bit of free time on vacation! I will say that I am very excited and that it was such a fun time!

Also… I made a Snapchat for my blog!

I wanted to make a Snapchat just for my blog, so that I could share snaps with you all! It didn’t feel right using my personal Snapchat as my blog Snapchat…. so add me! I snap all the time, although I will admit that I’m still learning what exactly to do for my blog Snapchat! I have only had it for a day…

I’m thinking that I’ll be sharing food, outfit details, and makeup deets with you guys! And of course… Chrissey Sass!

What’s your favorite place to walk?



4 thoughts on “Visiting The Botanical Gardens

    1. What do you get there? It was my first time going and I got the jr bacon cheeseburger (the cashier was kinda bad at recommendations!) and it was a little underwhelming. I’ve heard the party melt is phenomenal and I’m planning on trying it next time!


    1. I’ll definitely give those a try! Thank you for the recommendations! 💚 I usually always get an animal style + fries at In-N-Out so I was completely clueless at Whataburger!


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