My Best Blogging Advice

I’ve had a lot of people ask me for advice in regards to blogging recently, and I would be lying if I said that I didn’t feel a little bit strange writing this post. I’m not a huge fan of unsolicited advice, but I would also be lying if I said that my blog wasn’t getting quite good growth recently. And I would also be lying to myself if I said that my blog wasn’t successful (in my opinion).

When I first started this blog, my expectation of success was the opportunity to meet new faces, and to be able to write and share the things that I love. If I was able to do those things, then by definition I was successful. My vision of success didn’t include thousands of followers or hundreds of comments…it included me, writing and sharing something I love every chance I could, on a platform that I created for myself. And well, six months and way more followers than I could ever hope for, I’m doing exactly what I had hoped I would with this blog. I’m thankful for each and every one of you, and every time you tweet me or comment about an amazing recommendation you have, or a cool trick you picked up here, it warms my heart. Hell, even if you guys just comment or tweet it makes my day!

I absolutely love blogging and am so appreciative of the fact that I get to do this. I’m going to be honest, and tell you all that there’s no hidden tricks or secrets, or magic into getting blog growth. And I’m going to be even more honest and tell you all that I didn’t even check out my views until a few weeks ago when I was showing good growth. I think that meticulously checking every detail and tracking every bit takes away the fun of blogging and into something else. Anyways, you all really want to know my best advice or tip for blogging, and well…here it is.

When I first decided to blog, I got a lot of laughs from some of my friends. It wasn’t that they were worried about my writing skills, I have the writing background and am known for being the best writer in our friend group. They were more so curious (honestly, skeptical) about how this was going to turn out because I didn’t seem like the conventional blogger.

As you all know… I’m sassy, brazen, unabashedly candid, and bold. “How are you going to blog when you’re too honest and you say what you think?,” a friend had asked me.

But wasn’t that the point of blogging? To share what you thought and to be honest with your viewers? I knew that other bloggers had portrayed their lives in a curated, perfect kind of sense, but that wasn’t something I believed in! I believed that life was perfectly imperfect, and that these unexpected moments and quirky mechanisms were what made it extraordinary.

I remember one night, I was hanging out with this guy I was casually seeing, and he said, “But do you see all those other bloggers? They’re white, they’re attractive, and they’re tall,” he said, pointing out that I was ethnic and short.

“Um, am I not attractive?” I said, raising an eyebrow, giving him a look.

“You are, we both know you’re super hot, BUT you’re not conventionally attractive, and that’s what people go for. Tall, blonde, white.”

“I think that’s racist, and I think that when you blog, you showcase your viewpoints and your ideas.”

“Yeah but let’s face it–you don’t have the look.” 

Unsurprisingly enough, I never saw him again after that. But I did start my blog (which is a story for another time), and I proceeded to do, exactly what you all knew I would do… whatever the damn hell I pleased.

I think the best thing about blogging is that each and every person has their own special and unique voice. And sometimes, you end up being the voice for people who need someone to resonate with. 

(I get so many messages from people who are looking for less Insta-glam but more natural looks all the time! And I’m always glad to share my recommendations, because it was so hard to find products and help when I was first starting out!)

My best advice is this–to always be yourself, and to stay true to yourself. I can guarantee all of you that I wouldn’t be enjoying myself if I was trying to be some calm, tame, zen pseudo-version of myself. I love the fact that I can share whatever with you guys, and I love that I can always be honest and unabashedly sassy! I love that I can write about Taco Bell one day and Lipsticks the next, and I don’t ever regret the fact that I stayed true to myself throughout this entire process.

It can be easy to lose yourself or sight of who you are–there are countless celebrities who change their image to suit a better demographic or audience. But I don’t think that’s fair to your readers or yourself. Never lose sense of who you are, or your purpose for blogging (unless you have a bad intention, hahaha).
And the thing about you, and being your genuine self, is that this is what your readers will stay for. People get attracted to posts because of their interest, but they stay because of the blogger. Your voice and your perspective is completely unique from any other blogger or person out there, so do not ever forget it. Your identity is what makes you and your voice unique, and it is what your readers will truly come to admire and return for

Of course I’ve gotten commentary for me to be more “tame” or less “candid,” countless criticisms for me being too personal or blunt. But that’s just who I am–sassy, fiercely independent, and honest. I’ve strived to always be genuine and honest throughout this entire process, and true to myself. And I know that I wouldn’t be happy if I wasn’t.

A little while ago, I was a little bit hesitant about writing something out of my range, although I stayed true to myself and my intentions in doing so. And my friend Charlotte actually told me that although she does read my posts for the content, she more importantly reads my writing because it’s MY voice and perspective! And as soon as she said that, I quickly realized that’s why I read my blogs… because I greatly admire and appreciate the person behind the writing, and their perception and voice. Which is why it’s so, so important to stay true to yourself, and to be yourself.

It’s easy to get carried away in blogging or to lose sense of who you are. But the best advice I truly have, is to just be yourself. Everything else will fall in place and follow suit.

What’s your biggest blogging advice?



16 thoughts on “My Best Blogging Advice

  1. So. Much. This. To your ex-friend who said you didn’t have the look of a blogger? Au revoir! I hate that stereotype that only tall blonde white young models can be successful bloggers. I love that people like you and me are out there changing the landscape of what a blogger looks like. I want to show people that you can be a lifestyle blogger and not live your life in caked on heavy makeup and Louis Vuitton everything. You can be beautiful AND be a real person, which is what I think a lot of these “typical” bloggers lack. And you can be short, tall, big, small, Asian, black, Hispanic, pale, tan, old, young – anything!

    Love this and you, Chrissey!! xo

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    1. I agree completely, Charlotte! Those stereotypes are the worst and definitely made to be broken! I love that blogging gives us all a platform to share our thoughts and voice, which is truly what’s important! You can be a lifestyle blogger without looking like an Instagram model and while being genuine and real! Unattainable and perfection is overrated, what matters is being real! And you really can be any type of person and blog, that’s the magic of blogging! Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts, and have a great weekend Charlotte!! 💚

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