Boho Chic Dresses, Kate Spade, and Brunch! (Outfit Post)

If there’s anything that can cheer Chrissey up after some chaos, it’s definitely brunch. And throwing in Kate Spade into that mix, too? Perfection!

So I’m still in Dallas (it’s my last night as I write this post… but I’ll be back again in a week lol. My grandparents are having an anniversary party, so…) and I had the best time the other day! I was going to split this post into a haul and an outfit post, but I’m leaving some of the new stuff for when I return in a week, so I’ll just post outfit photos then!

My cousins Bill and Bryan took me to get brunch, and there were the sweetest Girl Scouts outside of the quaint little brunch place we went to! I couldn’t resist and bought some Samoas! Ugh, I love Thin Mints but they just remind me of my tragic breakup junior year since I ate nothing but Thin Mints and Mint Oreo Thins.

We decided to go to a cute little brunch place nearby my grandparents’ house, and I had never gotten southern brunch! In Chicago my favorite brunch place is “southern style,” but it really isn’t… because it’s in Chicago, lol.

I got the southern scrambler, which was buttermilk biscuits topped with a mountain of soft scrambled eggs with hash browns, smothered in gravy and cheddar cheese. It was truly a southern delight, and soooo freaking delicious. It was hearty, savory, and cheesy! My cousins got French toast and buttermilk pancakes!

I’m used to boujie brunch, so this was a nice change! Do you guys spell it boujie, bougie, or boujee?

After that I went shopping with my aunts, and decided to wear this new boho-chic dress I picked up!

(Please excuse the weird shadows and even weirder squinting… I’m not perfect!)

I love the sleeves, cinched waist, and pattern of this pretty dress! It pairs wonderfully with my ankle boots as well!

I definitely didn’t have anything in my closet before I purchased this, and kind of took a bit of a leap with this one! It’s very edgy yet feminine and chic. It’s a really unique piece, and it was such a steal for $6.50 at Forever 21, on sale.

It looks like it came straight from a Wicker Park boutique, too!

For my hair and makeup, I literally threw my hair into a ponytail and smudged some tinted lip balm on my lips… I decided to choose to sleep in that morning! I think it’s still a fresh, and obviously natural look!

I picked up a few dresses, a sweater, and a blouse! I also was a super sweet daughter and picked up a few things for my mom to bring back from my trip! But the most exciting thing that I’ve picked up this entire trip… that I couldn’t wait to share?


I picked up the cutest wristlet. I’ve been really into using wristlets recently since they are so easy to carry and super convenient! The problem with my current wristlet (a very cute one from Coach that my Aunt Karen and Cousin Bill got me) is that it’s a little small… it doesn’t fit my phone and I’m constantly juggling both the wristlet and my phone in my hand!

This wristlet is slightly bigger than the average one (I would say it’s about 7.5 x 5 x .5 inches!) and it provides ample space for all the things I need! And it’s SUPER functional with pockets on the inside and outside!

I love the pretty white detailing against the poppy red pebble leather, and the adorable accenting and tassel! It is so cute and unique, and I know I’m going to use it daily! It was $38, which I consider to be a steal for Kate Spade! Especially since my wristlet is pretty big!

If anyone wants to gift me the matching handbag I’ll be more than happy to take if off your hands 😉

All in all, it was such a great day, and a much needed day of self-pampering and treating myself!

What bag have you been carrying recently?



12 thoughts on “Boho Chic Dresses, Kate Spade, and Brunch! (Outfit Post)

  1. Fort Worth is where my family lives!!! I LOVE that place. Also- LOVE your dress, and LOVE your kate spade wristlet. That is PERFECTION. Obsessed. And I have no idea how to spell boujie, but I like the way you spell it. Haha.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s so cool that your family lives out here!! My grandparents, and aunts live out here so I visit a few times a year!! I love visiting because it’s always so much fun! And thank you so much hahaha, I cannot believe I got the dress and the wristlet for such a steal! I definitely think I’m going to get great use out of both!
      I think I assumed it was spelled boujie once, and then I never stopped, even after the Migos song come out!

      Liked by 1 person

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