Floral Prints in the Botanical Garden

Amongst the chaos and everything going on, I had an absolutely wonderful weekend full of delicious food and wonderful shopping. I’ll write a post about it late on Monday, since I was supposed to post this post on Sunday night… there was a brief problem with my camera roll and using Google Photos.

Now that I know how to use it, it is such a timesaver!

Anyways, last week my cousin and I decided to go to the Japanese botanical gardens for an impromptu photoshoot. He never turns down a chance to work on his photography skills, and I never turn down the chance to see gardens! And also, I wanted some nice photographs for my blog. (That was kind of a given, right?)

He took so many wonderful pictures for me that it was so hard to pick which ones to put on the blog! I narrowed it down to twenty… which was super hard to do! There were so many beautiful spaces in the garden and it was such an awesome experience. Thanks again Leo!

I wore my favorite floral romper from H&M, and my heeled ankle booties! I thought that the classic florals would provide a nice contrast against the Japanese Gardens! For lip color, I mixed a nice raspberry shade using Lolita, Crush, and Giorgio Armani.

It definitely was a fun experience and a nice break from all that’s been going on!



8 thoughts on “Floral Prints in the Botanical Garden

    1. Thank you so much Olivia! It’s been my favorite trick recently, I get sooo much use out of my lipsticks since I’ve started doing it! Especially stranger shades that I would rarely wear!

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