Six Unconventional Must-Have Apps

Technology nowadays never ceases to amaze me. There seems to be an application for every damn thing now. I heard that now with TurboTax you can photograph your W2s and be DONE. WHAT?With the App Store being super abundant, it can be a little tricky to find good apps, because of the oversaturation and similarities in some apps. Irregardless, I’ve managed to find a few unconventional (but necessary) apps that are crucial in my daily life.

Grid Diary is a super convenient way to micro-journal. Coventional journaling reminds me of being an awkward nerdy teenager, and honestly seems a little redundant now that I blog.

I like this app because there’s different grids that I can customize according to how I feel that day. I can make my short prompts either super thought provoking, or casual and fun! They have prewritten prompts, or you can edit the grids to write your own! You can even save your templates!

I think that microjournaling has become especially popular recently, and this app makes it sooo easy to do so! I really love reflecting on how my day went and different events and things that happened!

If you’re not a journaling fan, you can also edit your grids and use this as a planner. There is a lock, and synchronization!

Notability is an app that Jojo showed me literally in my last week of college. It is extremely useful and convenient for students as you can upload pdfs, power points, and documents and annotate them easily. This app makes taking notes supremely easy as you can annotate through writing or typing. You can also upload your own photos!

Now that I’ve graduated, I use it to hand-write a few things (like my bucket list!) or to annotate recipe PDFs that I download. I’m also a huge fan of handwriting lists or reminders, so my app is chock full of random lists and words that I’ve scribbled down. I use it on both the iPhone and my iPad.

Google Photos is a must-have. My phone used to constantly run out of space because of the five hundred bajillion photos I had on there… they took up so much space! Ever since I uploaded all my photos to Google Photos, I feel like my life has been changed. I always keep an empty camera roll and Snapchat Memories after I upload the images and videos to my Google Photos.

It is such a space and timesaver, and I can always easily access any photos I need (unlike Dropbox).

IFTTT (If This Then That) is an absolute freaking timesaver when it comes to being a blogger on social media. Or honestly, even a normal human being. It’s a bunch of applets designed exactly like the name of the app.. If This, Then ____.

For an example, if I post an Instagram, then the live photo is automatically tweeted on Twitter via an applet that I use! It is a total timesaver and makes sharing (and saving) content super easy. There are so many useful applets that you are bound to find one suitable for your needs!

Clue is a must-have for me. I started using it before I dated my ex sophomore year, and I still use it to this day. It lasted longer than my relationship!

It is a seamless, easy to use application that accurately predicts your menstrual cycle! It is INCREDIBLY accurate and gives wonderful reminders of PMS, menstruation, and Fertilty.

It also has a section with information on the various states of your cycle and what’s going on in your body! The information is extremely helpful, and there’s nothing wrong with wanting to be informed on what’s going on with your body!

There’s endless options to track so many different things, and it backs up to Dropbox or email effortlessly! It really is a great app for anyone who menstruates.

No, I’m not ashamed or embarrassed for reccomending a period tracker because it is amazing.

Choices is a fun app with amazing graphics and endless, well… Choices. You can customize your characters and make decisions in a choose your own adventure kind of fashion. I love how diverse the characters in every story are, and how so many different issues are addressed! The customization is really awesome, and it’s always a nice break to go through the stories on this app. Sometimes you just gotta escape the real world for a bit!

I’ve never really done a tech post like this but it definitely was fun to do! I hope that this post was helpful and that you guys will consider giving some of these apps a go! They’re definitely not your conventional Instagram or Twitter but they are incredibly helpful in their unique ways.

Do you guys want me to do a blogging apps post? Or maybe share a few more apps that I use (I lowkey use a lot of different kinds…)?

What are some of your unconventional must have apps?



14 thoughts on “Six Unconventional Must-Have Apps

  1. Hello! I’ve nominated you for The Versatile Blogger Award, you can check it out here


  2. Clue is the best app!! And it’s so much more than a period tracker which I love about it! Plus, it’s straightforward and matter of fact about the science behind menstrual cycles. I’m going to check out IFTTT, that seems super useful!!

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    1. Clue really is the best–I always recommend it! There’s been times when I’ve inputted data and Clue has informed me about why my cycles off or what’s going on! It’s very straightforward and to the point, which I love! And you have to check out IFTTT! Tell me what you think if you do!

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