My Current Favorite Drugstore Blush


I am always one to streamline my makeup routine. And by far, one of the most time-consuming steps is applying my liquid blusher. I have to dot it on my cheeks, blend it out, check my mirror to see if it is blended out, and then blend it out some more. And that’s only if I have added enough or I worked fast enough so it didn’t dry…

And when I went to Target and saw the entire stock of NYC Liquid Cheek stains sitting in the clearance section, I didn’t even question why they were sitting there. I had never really *loved* my blush, I had only thought it to be good/fine. Mostly because it was honestly time consuming to apply!

So, I decided to finally take the leap and to try another blush.The NYX HD Blush  retails for about six dollars for the product. It comes in a sleek black packaging with a bow accent on the clasp. I like how the packaging isn’t heavy or bulky, and that there is a good amount of product in the pan.


I picked up the shade Amber, which is a medium-pink. I think it’s the perfect universal shade, as it looks automatically flattering on everyone. I’m not a fan of the super light periwinkle pink that everyone goes for, or the extreme golden corals. And I’m even less of a fan of the bright red blushes out there.

I’m the type of person that doesn’t switch up their blusher, and uses the same one continuously. Actually, we all know that I only switch up my eye shadow and lip products, so maybe it was a bit redundant to state that. But still!


(Sometimes I wear sweatshirts. On rare occasions. But it happens! I’ll be posting a tutorial of this super simple, natural eye makeup look that has been my current favorite!)

The blush applies effortlessly, and seamlessly. It doesn’t feel rough and grainy, but rather smooth and soft. It definitely is a powder product, and doesn’t feel buttery like the Physician’s Formula butter bronzer. I think it’s smoother and more finely milled than the typical blush or powder product, which makes it a breeze to apply.

Although it is a powder blush, it is not powdery, chalky, streaky, or have kick-back or fall-out in the pan. It applies smoothly, and does not streak. It’s tremendously buildable and you only need a little bit on your brush because it is very pigmented! You only need to pick up a bit on your brush to start, as you can always add more because it is so buildable.

I’ve tried the formula of the Benefit blushes, and Too Faced, and I definitely prefer this to both of those! I have tried endless ELF blushes and other drugstore brands, but have found the other ones to be truly chalky and powdery. This is my favorite powder blush I’ve tried, to date.

I also love how the finish isn’t powdery or too shimmery, but it is satin. It provides a natural looking flush, and is truly HD. My face doesn’t look flat or one-dimensional, which was a problem that I had with other blushes. It doesn’t look fake or powdery, but genuinely natural!


All in all, I really love this blush. I think that it is a steal for $6, and that it has the absolute perfect satin finish. It provides a beautiful natural flush, and is buildable and pigmented. The formula is finely milled, and applies effortlessly. It is so blendable, and such an easy blush to work with. The formula is also long-lasting, and does not fade weirdly.

I recommend this blush, and am a fan of the silky formula.

I did read some reviews that were a bit critical, and I tried this with a conventional blush brush and found it to be a *bit* more kick-back and powdery when swirling my brush it in. I didn’t have this experience at all when I used it all this week with my Urban Decay Optical blurring brush (I use this brush with everything–tinted moisturizer, blush, bronzer), which is a soft brush. I think if you use a dense, rough, thick brush it won’t be as good as a soft brush. But that’s just my two cents.

Regardless, it is super pigmented, blendable, and buildable.


Also, although I am a serious flaming hot cheeto fan, I’ve currently been OBSESSED with Takis!! I’m thinking of dipping some in cream cheese, but I haven’t tried it yet.

Okay, now that I’m typing out this blog post that is exactly what I want to do right now…so I’ll wrap things up.

What’s your favorite drugstore blush?



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