Testing Out An Easy Eye Primer Hack

I am not a woman who believes in unnecessary makeup things. And I believed that eye primer was completely unnecessary until this last summer. Not even lying–I would kind of just apply my eyeshadow and hope for the best! I don’t really use products that I don’t need (like foundation! Or mascara for the longest…. or lip liner).

I still remembering Jojo asking me if eye primer was necessary and me saying “yes! Must-have!”

I like simplifying my routine and getting the full usage of my products, and so after seeing a hack on Refinery29’s Snapchat story I knew I had to test it out!

See, I haven’t not used primer since I went to a bar with some med student guys (yes they were cute) and my friends. I went home that night to find my eye makeup a completely disgusting disaster on my lids–which had oily creased shadow and liner all over them. So I’m not going to lie when I admit that I almost didn’t even want to try this hack.

Especially since I would be traveling all day and flying, and part of me still lowkey  thinks I’m going to meet my soulmate at O’Hare International Airport. Maybe someday?

I’m not lying. I held my eye primer in my hand before I sighed, and told myself that I had to do it for the blog post. Am I the only one who says that? Or does that?

Anyways, I did my eye makeup and this is how it looked a little after I applied it!

Airport lighting is absolute trash.

I used my Tarteist Pro, and did my usual eye makeup look! I applied liner, blended shadow in my crease, the whole affair!

Also I bought that blouse for $5 from Target and paired it with my favorite cardigan from JCrew Factory that was like, $10. I think it’s such a unique and refreshing print, and that the cardigan refines it!

I really tried to take photos… but the lighting was terrible.

Per the instructions, I had used my LUSH Emotional Brilliance setting powder after applying and blending my LUSH Light Yellow Colour Supplement to my lids. I was impressed at how easily my eyeshadow applied to the lid, and how seamless it was to blend out. My eyeshadow was extra easy to blend out today, much better than when I use my typical eyeshadow primer. The shadows practically glided into my crease and applied just as pigmented as if I used a primer.

The airport lighting is just trash… because I took a photo after my whole long flght, hanging out at home, and eating my steak and potatoes.

PS- I look damn exhausted in these pictures and not that nice.

My eyeshadow still looks good, right?!

The shadows managed to stay completely out and did not melt, shift, or budge after my day of traveling and flying! I’m actually pretty freaking impressed with this hack, although I will admit that it is a little more time-consuming than using primer.

I will say that I haven’t tested this in truly extreme conditions (like Coachella), but this is a handy little trick that will be tremendously helpful if you ever need primer! I’m not sure if I would replace my actual primer with this trick, because truthfully I feel like my eyeshadow needs a base to adhere to… and this is just layering powder on powder.

But it did surprise me on how well it worked and was a fine substitute. I also don’t wear tons of eye makeup, so also keep that in mind!

Full disclosure, I was not expecting this to work at all and was planning on telling you all about my melted eyeshadow.

I’m definitely interested in these weird little tips and hacks–what other ones should I try? Do you guys like these kinds of posts?

What’s a weird beauty hack you’ve tried?



6 thoughts on “Testing Out An Easy Eye Primer Hack

  1. Wonderful post, Chrissey!! I always just apply a little foundation to my lids for some stickiness for the eye shadow to adhere to. As for primers, I only discovered them last year. And now I’m hooked!! I absolutely have to have my MAC primer.

    Also, you look adorbs!! I have that cardigan and love it too 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much Charlotte! I use tinted moisturizer so it doesn’t really adhere to my shadow. I’ve been using my lush primer though! And which MAC Primer do you use? And thanks–I love buying JCrew cardigans on sale!! 💚💚💚

      Liked by 1 person

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