Pseudonyms and Pseudo-Last Names

I don’t double post too often anymore, but I didn’t really consider this a substantial post, but rather a little announcement and anecdote.

Coming up with partial pseudonyms (or even full) isn’t uncommon nowadays, especially with the extent of how crazy the internet is nowadays.
Take it from the girl getting unsolicited dirty Snapchats and messages. The internet is crazy nowadays, and a girl has to look out for her safety and well-being!

I had thought about adapting a partial pseudonym (well… Chrissey isn’t my real/official name even though 99% of the population calls me Chrissey except for most of my family… but I’d rather not toss my birth name into this convoluted story) since I started this blog. The truth is though, I just couldn’t find a last name that “clicked” with me. I had always envisioned myself as Chrissey (blank) of The Unabridged Sass, in formal terms. I envisioned myself as “Chrissey of The Unabridged Sass” informally.

I mean, it’s not a crazy concept. You have Amber Fillerup of Barefoot Blonde, Julia Engel of Gal Meets Glam, and Emily Schuman of Cupcakes and Cashmere! Tee Drummond of The Pioneer Woman! I just never got around to it, and liked that everyone calls me Chrissey. So, I forgot about it.

You know, until all of this blog drama-rama started and I realized that I really should just come up with a last name already.

Rosemary was a wonderful friend, and listened to every terrible last name idea that I threw her way.

Even the really, really terrible ones. I had gone down the entire list (there was like, fifty), and it seemed like the only options I hadn’t tried were Mussolini, Stalin, Putin, Hitler, and Trump, none of which I was even considering.

I had decided that Hawthorne was going to be the winner, and adapted it as my pseudo-last name for approximately forty five minutes, until it hit me.

I’m Chrissey (Last Name), but one day I’ll be Chrissey (Last Name)-(Husband’s Last Name). My last name is going to change, but regardless… I’m still going to be Chrissey.

This name, that I chose myself (my mother still sometimes sassily comments that she gave me a beautiful birth name that I tossed aside to be called Chrissey), is always going to be mine.

Hawthorne didn’t resonate with me enough, and it didn’t feel… right. I was going to make digital business cards to share my contact information for my blog, and just having Chrissey as my name felt so incredibly incomplete. But I was definitelyΒ not going to put my real last name on there.

Plus, you know, on the rare chance my blog gets super big… I’d want a last name for myself on there that I genuinely love. Not one that I would later regret!

And then, as I was talking to CharlotteΒ (she is the bomb dot com, definitely go check her out! She’s like the cool older blogging sister I never had), it hit me.

Chrissey Glover.

I had jokingly pitched it before, but hadn’t considered it. So, I tested it out on my social medias… and it just felt so right. I can’t explain it.

(PS, Donald, if you’re ever reading this I’m a super cool lady and super single!)

It just felt so much more right than any of the other things I chose, and my loved ones that read the blog would instantly chuckle. I plan on hyphenating my name when I get married, and I’ve joked that many a time that I wouldn’t take someone’s last name unless it was Donald Glover.

So… Chrissey Glover it is!

Whether or not The Unabridged Sass hits it big, I’m glad that I chose my own name and that I found the perfect pseudo-last name for me.

Do you blog with a pseudonym? Would you ever?




12 thoughts on “Pseudonyms and Pseudo-Last Names

  1. It’s kinda empowering, naming yourself. Nimmi is my pseudonym. My name is quite uncommon where I live, so I stick to blogging using my nickname.

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    1. I really think it is too! And I don’t regret the choice I made to pick up a pseudonym!

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  2. I can so relate to this – my name is not actually Tess, but I decide to use it anyway because it just stuck. Great post, I also blog about lifestyle/relate-able/inspirational topics in my posts because I find them really insightful, just as this one was.

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    1. Thanks, and I’m glad you found it relatable! Have a wonderful weekend! πŸ’š

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      1. Same to you! πŸ™‚

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  3. Great post as always! Just to let you know i’ve nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award! Check out the rules here: xx

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    1. Hi Rach–thank you so much for the nomination! It means so much to me, especially from you! I will definitely write a post soon, and thanks again! Have a wonderful weekend! πŸ’š

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      1. No worries! Have a lovely weekend😊xx


  4. Hey doll! I actually don’t use a fake name and never would! I’m a journalist in my day job, so I often feel like the things I report about are more likely to make people want to do weird things to me (government reporter hits a lot of feelings) than my blogs. Also, because branding is so big in my business I want my blog to be a part of my brand even though I’m a hard-news journalist too!


    1. That’s cute

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  5. I couldn’t come up with a name that I could “own” as a blogger so I stuck with The Girl in the Green Shoes.

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    1. I think the name you chose is very endearing, and creative! Great choice.

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