Line It Up! (All About My Eyeliner)

I love eyeliner. Eyeliner, I believe is the essence of Chrissey. It’s the one makeup product in my makeup routine that makes the biggest difference and an absolute must-have.

Some people are crazy about their mascara… that I can live without. But eyeliner is a no-no.

I get a lot of questions about my eyeliner, such as what eyeliner I use and reccomend and how I do my eyeliner. So, I decided to write this blog post answering all of the questions! If you guys ever have a question or need a recommendation, know that you guys can always feel free to ask! I definitely will not take any offense or be annoyed–I actually love sharing tips and it’s a nice compliment! Part of lifestyle blogging, specifically beauty blogging is being candid with what products you use!

To show you guys what the difference is between me and liner, I took a completely bare-faced selfie!

And now… one with just eyeliner.

This was the fastest makeup I’ve ever done, by the way. I think I’ll be just swiping on liner a little more often! Literally, there’s nothing on my face (hello weird splotchy cheeks and dark circles!) except for my eyeliner. There’s a pretty big difference, huh?

(PS, this is totally irrelevant to the post, but I just got that sweater from Forever 21, mass pit land of cheap but trendy clothes, for $4.50 on sale. It is the fuzziest sweater I own, and the cutest little cropped sweater. I literally dug through piles of clothes to find it, so… yeah).

I always do my eyeliner the same way. I just line my upper lash line semi-thick in a kind of crescent shape. Trust me, I’ve experimented with it all and ya girl is pretty damn good at making cat eyes or wings but it looks like trash on me. It looks amazing on everyone else… but me. My eyes are really big and wide, so I have to do my liner differently. My suggestion is to figure out what eyeliner shape is best for you! Everyone’s different!

Also, since I mentioned it. I did make a tutorial, forever ago on how to do the perfect winged liner.


But for me, it’s an old top liner kind of look with no wing.

I never line my waterline, or my tightline. I exclusively line my upper lash line. The last time I lined my waterline was for a makeup tutorial forever ago, and when I was in middle school and didn’t understand how to wear makeup.

The only time I lined my tightline was last year, and I got an eye infection, so….

As for the eyeliner that I’m currently using, it is the Tarteist Clay Paint liner in black. It is by far one of my favorites, because it’s a gel-liquid hybrid. I love how it has a mixing stage so that I’m not dipping my brush into the same liquid or product. This keeps things sterile and clean.

It does not smudge, fade, blur, or crease, even without primer on my bare lids, and is very long-lasting. It is tremendously pigmented and buildable (for those who struggle to do liner). It’s the best. I will admit that I hate the brush that comes with it (it’s so time consuming) and purchased a separate brush from the sale section from Sephora.

I totally get that this liner might not be for everyone, as everyone has preferences for liner, but it’s my absolute favorite.

Gel liner:

The best one of all of these: I think that the Essence one is great if you are on a budget, but if you want to splurge a little more, pick up the L’Oreal one. It has high-end quality, for the drugstore price! It was actually recommended to me by a sales associate in Ulta, and you all know how much I hate Ulta, but I have to give her props because this eyeliner is such a good one. You’ll love it.

Also, I like the Benefit Cosmetics They’re Real! Push-up Eyeliner, but everyone else hates it so I won’t bother recommending it. I’m still waiting for someone to make a drugstore dupe because I love the gel formula and wear…I just hate how quickly I run out of product, because the applicator wastes so much! It’s a great liner, it just requires a bit of a learning curve.

Eyeliner pen:

  • Drugstore: e.l.f. Waterproof Eyeliner Pen, Black
  • High-end: I genuinely never like high-end eyeliner pens. I’ve tried the Tarte, KVD, and a few others and find that honestly, truly the ELF has been better than them all. And they’re so much more expensive!

The best one of all of these: I will go to my grave defending this $2 eyeliner. It’s better than any felt-tip high-end pencil I’ve used, and it lasts just as long. And it is two dollars. TWO DOLLARS. You do need a little eye shadow as base if you use this though…but c’mon. It’s two dollars. I was so salty when my KVD one dried up after like a week. This one won’t dry up.

Liquid Eyeliner

The best one of all of these: The Essence is a nice budget option, but the L’oreal one is the best. It was my first eyeliner (that I was allowed to wear) ever, and the felt tip makes it super user friendly. I hate the actual brush tips because they always get scraggly or old. The felt tip retains its shape, so your liner always looks fresh. Plus it is long lasting!

Eyeliner pencil:

The best one of all of these: OKAY, I have said that I am not a proponent of waterline lining. BUT the only eyeliner pencil that I have used to line my upper lash line that hasn’t faded is the Marc Jacobs one. I don’t know how he did it, but this eyeliner is incredibly pigmented, smooth, and does not freaking budge. It’s magic. Which is probably why it is so damn expensive.

I hope this guide helps you all out, and answers all of your eyeliner related questions! I tried to provide a broad range for recommendations, and really give all the details about the eyeliner I use! And of course, I promise that if I find a new one that I love or I switch up my routine, you guys will be the first to know.

What’s your favorite eyeliner?




11 thoughts on “Line It Up! (All About My Eyeliner)

    1. I’ll definitely have to check it out! And I felt the KVD one dried out super fast and was a dry eyeliner overall… it underwhelmed me, to be honest! I have heard dazzling reviews about the stila one though!

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  1. I use a liquid liner by Lakme, it’s cheap and it applies pretty well tbh (not that I’m any good at using it, but it doesn’t make a difference if I’m wearing it or not so I’m saved haha)

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