Five Shows to Watch on Netflix

Happy Valentine’s Day, or day before Valentine’s Day! I rarely schedule posts. I just start writing things when I feel like writing them, and then post them within twenty four hours. So, since I’m writing this late on Sunday night I estimate that this will be posted on Monday.

I’ve been watching a bunch of new shows, and thought that it would be a good idea to write a post of the shows that you guys should check out! I’ll preface this by saying that I like comedies, and that I rarely watch dramas. And also… I like watching shows that are accessible… aka on Netflix or Hulu. But since Hulu is weird about uploads and pretty much everyone has Netflix, I decided to make a post of shows that you should watch on Netflix!

(PS, you guys know I love Bob’s Burgers and HIMYM, but I really wanted to have variety in this guide and choose shows that most people haven’t watched!)

I limited myself to five, and decided to pick shows that weren’t too totally obvious.

  1. Sirens- Sirens follows three EMTs in Chicago, and chronicles the crazy antics that they get into. It’s an absolutely hilarious show that’s the perfect mix of wit and humor, each and every situation they get into on the job mirrors a current plot that they’re dealing with in their personal lives. I absolutely love comedies, and this one is a really phenomenal one. I binge watched it in two days, and I’m honestly contemplating rewatching it even though I binged both seasons. Often times in medical-related shows, there’s lots of grossness and blood… this show doesn’t have any of that! It also uses the Chicago setting extremely well, as every location that they were at I instantly knew (even if it’s a recreation). Plus, they mention Stan’s and Doorite’s! (I also lowkey totally imagine that this is how Lolo’s life is, working as an EMT, but she says it’s not as crazy as this show).
  2. Santa Clarita Diet- This is a brand spanning new Netflix original, and another one that I binge watched. This comedy stars Drew Barrymore and Timothy Olyphant as the main characters and follows the nonsense they get themselves into when Drew’s character needs to consume human flesh. The premise sounds gory, but I swear to you that this is a lot more humor than dark! The writing is clever and the situations are well planned and thought out. This is a light, funny comedy and definitely worth the watch!
  3. The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt- I’m adding this to the list because it is an absolutely amazing show AND the third season comes out in May! It follows Kimmy, Titus, and Lillian as they help Kimmy adapt to modern-day New York after being trapped in a bunker for fifteen years. I feel like all the premises of my comedy picks sound incredibly serious, but they are not at all! This is definitely a fun, light comedy, and incredibly written! I’ve rewatched each season multiple times, and it’s always a good watch! It is freaking hilarious and there’s so many hilarious quotes that come with this show. I love it.
  4. Crazy Ex Girlfriend- This show is not only well written and funny, but it also addresses serious topics such as postgraduate education, depression, inferiority, alcoholism, addiction, sexuality, and variety of others. Rachel Bloom is a genius and this show is very well written. Rebecca essentially abandons her life as a high-paid successful lawyer to follow her ex boyfriend to the town of West Covina, California. There’ll be moments that make you laugh, as Rebecca is a crazy neurotic anti-heroine that you will cheer on, but there are other moments that will really make you think! The musical numbers are phenomenal and sprinkled in perfectly with the plot.
  5. No Tomorrow- Okay, so Valentine’s Day is tomorrow, and this is a great romantic-comedy. It’s one of those light, airy, feel-good shows that will genuinely make you think about love and life. Evie’s life is completely changed when she meets a doomsday theorist, Xavier (Okay I swear all these shows have very serious plots but they’re all comedies!!). Xavier is super hot and adventurous, and Evie is sweet and caring so they make the perfect foil as she tries to venture out of her comfort zone and make the most out of life. And honestly, Timothy reminds me so much of my college ex-boyfriend that it makes me laugh a little… it’s uncanny! But anyways, it’s a really sweet and fun show, and worth a watch!

Hopefully this guide was useful! I love comedies and these shows are all unique and hilarious in their individual ways. I’ll be spending Valentine’s Day watching Netflix, blogging and tweeting… and eating oysters. (For those of you following my Twitter, you know I’m obsessed with oysters!). Happy Galentine’s Day! And happy Valentine’s Day!

What shows do you watch on Netflix?



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