The Current Sass (Weekly Favorites!)

Hey guys!

I’ve been meaning to do a weekly round-up or favorites, kind of like when I did Yums of the Week. Mostly because there are just some things that I want to share that I don’t think constitute an entire blog post! Just little favorites here and there…

I’ve actually had this graphic made for over a month…but I just kept pushing it back. What day would you all like to see Weekly Favorites? I’m thinking Thursday.  Friday?

I will forewarn you, that each week will be completely different and there’s not going to be a set structure. Sometimes it might even be all food… it just depends on the week and what’s been going on!

Earlier this week I got some goodies from Sephora. I got a blending sponge duo for $6, and then used some rewards points to get two free deluxe (these are very big) lip products! I got the Too Faced Sweet Peach Creamy Peach Oil Lip Gloss for myself to review and try, and the Bobbi Brown lipstick for my mother.

I normally hate lip glosses… I don’t own any. But I love this. It’s smooth and not sticky at all! I know sometimes reviewers say that lip glosses aren’t sticky when they are tacky… this isn’t even tacky. It is SMOOTH and comfortable. It feels exactly like it’s described, a creamy Peach oil lip gloss. It kind of has a balmy texture, but I admittedly love it. I’m going to be honest and tell you guys that I was expecting to hate it. But I genuinely have been using it all week and am even considering buying a full size.

I freaking hate the artificial Peach smell though.

I am in love with In-N-Out. I will be back in Dallas (yes I went back to Chicago for like a week and now I’m heading back) again this weekend so I’m excited! I swear I’m in a long distance relationship with In-N-Out. I always get the animal style hamburger (no cheese, I’m lactose intolerant and I have to choose my cheating wisely) with fries! Their chocolate shakes are my fave too.

Speaking of cheese..

You guys know I believe in balance. Sometimes I eat kale salads… sometimes I eat Cheetos with cream cheese. Or takis. I firmly believe that this combination is of the gods and I have been devouring it all week.

I haven’t had McDonalds in forever, but their egg white delight mcmuffin and hash browns are my favorite thing on their breakfast menu! I used to always comment that their other breakfast sandwiches were too greasy and gross, and big for me… and voila! Egg white delight. My brother gets the same thing but he eats like four hash browns, because he’s a fourteen year old boy.

Also, I don’t know if this is just a Chicago thing, but Dietz and Watson wraps are so freaking good. Their buffalo chicken is another one of my faves. I’m not a wrap person, but oh my goodness.

Okay, I swear this is not another food fave (although this parfait was freaking delicious), but I purchased this Swell bottle from Target about a month ago, and I feel like I can genuinely vouch for it.

I’ve been absolutely in love with it since I purchased it (which is why I’ve held off on declaring my admiration) but now that the novelty has worn off and I still love it, I can firmly and strongly say that this is my all-time favorite water bottle I’ve owned. It keeps drinks cold or hot, and it is super lightweight and portable. It’s a high quality water bottle and really worth the investment. And it doesn’t get nasty or make your water taste weird, as other metal ones have!

My grandmother gave me a jade bangle as a graduation gift and I love it! I’ve already taken photos so that I can compare how the jade transforms over the course of time. My paternal grandmother has worn hers for over twenty years and my maternal grandmother has one from when my mother was my age!

I just love this fuzzy sweater! It’s super comfortable, yet chic. I love the berry shade and how it’s cropped at the bottom, so it pairs perfectly with high waisted skinny jeans and ankle boots.

I picked up a bunch of great new finds (on sale too!) at Forever 21. I’m really thinking about doing a haul post, but I’m still debating, as I know you guys will see all the pieces I picked up over time!

I’m currently obsessed with Twitter, and have been nonstop tweeting! I tweet about everything and anything under the sun… follow me on Twitter if you guys haven’t already? I find that it’s the easiest social media to connect with other people and bloggers!

And lastly, eyeliner. I’ll be doing a tutorial on how I do my liner (currently) once my new Sephora liner comes in the mail. Eyeliner is always a favorite, but I’m definitely appreciative after writing that blog post (which you can read here!).

Alright, those were my current favorites! I might switch the frequency of these posts to every other week or something, but tell me what you guys think!

What’s a current favorite that you have?



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