Ten Things I’ve Learned About Makeup

copy-of-copy-of-twitter-post-untitled-design-7My friends consider me a makeup expert and pro, as they always ask me for tips, tricks, and my input. I taught Jojo how to assemble a kit, and how to apply each and every makeup item that she acquired or purchased. She went from being eye shadow confused to now being pretty good at contour and the rest of her makeup. My other friends always ask for product recommendations and tricks and tips, like what foundation is best for their skin type or what company makes the best lip products for a budget (PS, I love giving recommendations, I’m only a comment or a tweet away!)

But really, I’m just a girl (lady?) who likes playing with makeup and testing things out! I might have figured out what works for me now, but things weren’t always that case…

And I will one hundred percent admit that it definitely took me some time to figure out what works for me! And how to do my makeup well.

You can’t laugh but these photos are over two years old.

I don’t really know what’s going on in those pictures…. but I definitely know what I’m doing now!

The crazy thing is, I use a lot less products than I used to but my makeup looks infinitely better! But like I said, there’s definitely a learning curve when it comes to makeup and each and every individual is different! If you ask another person what they’ve learned, it will be completely different with what I’m sharing with all of you.

But since you all loved my blog advice so much, I thought maybe sharing ten things I learned about makeup would be helpful too!

  1. Know what to invest in. Different people value different things, and will spend money splurging on certain products and will save on others. Figure out what’s important and spend a little more on those things. For example, I know that my eyes are super sensitive so I have to spend a little more to purchase all-natural mascara! But blush I don’t really care too much about, so I can buy an inexpensive one.
  2. There are good high-end products and good low-end products. Each brand has different strengths in the products they produce. Just because a product is drugstore doesn’t mean it’s bad, and just because a product is high-end doesn’t mean that it is good! To circle back to #1–know what to invest in!
  3. Throughly research the products you want. Look at reviews and swatches, and really think about the products that you are considering purchasing. Just because a lipstick is $3 and inexpensive doesn’t mean you shouldn’t look at the reviews! This will stop you from overpurchasing or having products in your bag that you never use.
  4. With makeup, less is more sometimes. Don’t start applying a ton of stuff but rather start with a bit and gradually build it up. I used to over-blush and over-bronze all the time!
  5. Just because one person needs a product doesn’t mean that you do. I need highlighter because I’m all about the subtle glow but some of my friends don’t know what it is! Ashley loves her lip liner but you would never catch me owning one. Makeup is so personal that you should genuinely just use products that suit you! Don’t buy a product you don’t need just for the sake of having it!
  6. Products you hate might be someone else’s favorite. I loved that Benefit eyeliner that everyone else hated; I genuinely did! Makeup is a personal thing and just because something does (or doesn’t) work out for you, doesn’t mean that it will for someone else! Some people think my tinted moisturizer is too sheer but I absolutely love it! It all depends on the person.
  7. Your “full face” might be different than someone else’s! Some people wear a lot of products, some people only wear a few! It’s just a matter of preference and doesn’t make one person better than the other!
  8. It’s okay to make mistakes. Even the ones you make for a long time. Am I horrified that I over-bronzed for a whole summer of my life? Yeah. But I learned from it, and don’t walk around looking like Boo Boo The Fool anymore.
  9. You don’t always need to keep purchasing products to keep up with the trends. You only have ONE FACE and you genuinely do not need to own all that makeup, contrary to what other people might say or think! Just purchase what you need, and treat yourself once in a while. Plus you don’t wanna bankrupt yourself!
  10. Look at tutorials, but don’t use them as the basis for everything. Tutorials genuinely do help you learn how to apply or wear makeup but you shouldn’t follow them step-by-step to a T. This is because each and every person is different, and like I’ve said a bunch of times before…makeup is personal!

I hope this little post helped you guys out! I genuinely do think that there is a lot of learning to be done when it comes to doing your own makeup, but it’s definitely a relaxing and fun part of my morning routine! There’s nothing wrong with being a beginner or starting off slowly! I only started wearing makeup regularly around the beginning of my sophomore year of college.

Have a great day!

Also, I will be in Dallas all weekend until Tuesday night. I might not post as frequently as I usually have but I will try to! I’ve been really busy lately, so I’m sorry if you guys miss the daily posting!! I’ll make it up to you all with lots of new posts!

What have you learned about makeup?



7 thoughts on “Ten Things I’ve Learned About Makeup

  1. Good tips! One of my favorite things I’ve learned is that luxury and high-end makeup can be almost always beaten by drugstore/affodrable. Tried both and only a few high-end items ended up in my ‘holy grail’ list. In addition, many luxury brands tend to infuse their products with intense fragrance (like YSL), which is one of the things that I’m allergic to and don’t get why they do it! I appreciate some faint vanilla, but here even Wet’n’Wild beats the aforementioned YSL with their BOMB yet not fragrances at all Megalast lipsticks.


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