Sparkly Shades, Kate Spade, and Shakes! (Weekend Outfit Round-Up + Updates!)



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Hey guys. So, I’m a little behind in updating you all with how my trip’s been going. I’ve been sitting on quite a few outfit photos and so I decided to share them all in this one post! I decided that in-between the pictures of the outfit, that I could tell you all what I did while I wore them!


On Saturday I got dim sum with my family for lunch from a brand new place. The food was absolutely amazing and the best dim sum that I have had in my life! Everything was incredibly fresh and delicious.

The pictures are kind of slacking because I was so preoccupied with eating all of the food! Does that happen with anyone else, or just me?

The lighting was ultra weird around this time, but I wore a printed shift dress and paired it with an embellished olive cardigan.

(Usual makeup, lip gloss is Too Faced’s Sweet Peach lip gloss)

I took these selfies later in the day, and you can now see the print in the shift dress! I absolutely love it and it was ridiculously comfortable to wear. I love the mixing of prints on the dress and how  it provides a nice twist on such a classic dress silhouette and design. The dress paired perfectly with the olive cardigan.

And it was sooo comfortable to wear to fly! We flew out to DFW that night, but not before grabbing some snacks at O’Hare.

You guys know from reading the blog that I love beef jerky and sparkling water! There’s a really cute (but pricey) health food store in the airport that sells the best goodies!

We landed in Dallas late that night, and ended up eating ramen when we arrived.


We went shopping this day. My aunts, my cousin Bill, my mom and brother headed out to the outdoor outlets. I love outdoor malls because they remind me of walking along State Street or Michigan Ave.

(My makeup is the usual, my lipstick is KVD Lolita!)

The first stop we made was at the Kate Spade Outlet (of course), where they had 70% off prices!

Once again, they sold the matching purse with my wristlet right before I got there… but I picked up sunglasses, a phone case folio for my mother, and glasses for my aunt… the total cost was $86 for all three! Which is a steal for Kate Spade.

They are a gold vintage-y shaped pair of frames with glitter accenting along the V. I absolutely love them and it honestly was about time that I invested in a good pair of sunglasses! And they match with everything.

I wasn’t sure if I could get a picture of my dress that day, so I took a mirror picture while my brother was trying on a top in Tommy Hilfiger! It’s a lace-up front patterned skater skirt dress. There’s a red, white, and navy fleur kind of pattern and I think it’s a tasteful dress. I know that a lot of lace-up tops or dresses can be questionable but I really love this one! I bought this dress from Forever 21 last time I was in Dallas (as well as the dress from Saturday!).

This is my brother, Nugget. His real name isn’t Nugget, but I’ve been calling him Nugget forever. Can you believe he’s my little brother? He’s only fourteen! But he has a YouTube channel and I promised him that I’d shamelessly plug it in here. And I never shamelessly plug, so I’m hoping that you guys will forgive me, if I do it just this once! His YouTube channel is here.
I guarantee if you watch any of his videos you’ll be incapable of believing that we’re remotely related.

Anyways, after shopping around my brother kindly agreed to snap a few photos for me.

And out of all the ones he snapped, these are pretty much the only useable ones!

(Yes, I cropped my mom out of the first one! I don’t want to show her on the blog, for her safety and privacy).

A lot of you have been asking me about the jade bracelet, and no I can’t take it off (well… with a lot of coconut oil I can..). I’m supposed to wear it indefinitely, and that is why I am always wearing that bracelet. It was a little heavy and felt a little weird on my wrist at first, but now I hardly notice it!

Later that night, my maternal grandparents celebrated their sixtieth anniversary! It was a small family dinner instead of an elaborate celebration, so I wore the same dress to the restaurant! (Lizzie McGuire, you are an outfit repeater!)

We went to a seafood buffet which was absolutely amazing! I always start with broiled/sautéed veggies and proteins for my first plate. My second plate is usually seafood or sushi, sometimes a combination of both. My third is typically hibachi-made noodles with various veggies and proteins. Then usually comes a bowl of soup to fill in the nooks and crannies and a (halfish) plate of anything I wanted to try or wanted a bit more of! Then I’ll have a few pieces of fruit. That’s my Asian buffet strategy, from twenty years of growing up Asian.

Also, a lot of you ask me about my ethnicity. People always think that I’m ethnically neutral or ambiguous. But I’m one hundred percent Vietnamese (literally… down to my ancestors), even if it may look otherwise! I can speak the language very well, and also can read and write a bit.

We then headed home to spend time with family. Bill, Nugget, and I watched Moana and I fell asleep on the ground because I’m lowkey old. I told them that when I was a kid that Family Guy was new and they were completely shook. I told them that we had to use USB drives in middle/high school and they laughed at me.


Today, we had errands to run. I’ve worn this dress countless times on the blog before and paired it with this denim jacket. It’s a green floral print long-sleeved dress and one of my favorites. I’ll never forget this dress because one time my friend and I walked around for hours when I was wearing this dress, and we were sitting in his Prius and driving down the street debating and he got so passionate that I made him pull over.

But I digress. My point is, I’ve shown you guys this dress enough. But I wore my sunglasses and a high pony!

A pro of sunglasses is that no one can tell if you don’t wear makeup!

We ran a bunch of different errands and ended up at the shoe store!

I was debating between these two pairs of flats designed by Christian Siriano, as I absolutely loved both! They both wereon clearance with an extra 40% off and I couldn’t decide… so I got both. Whoops?

We stopped at Target because I needed a new lip balm. I gave Nugget my beloved Mongokiss organic and all-natural lip balm at the airport because he desperately needed it. I searched all of Target to find a suitable replacement, and settled for Burt’s Bees in Grapefruit. I really like it, and love the smell!

The boys (shockingly) didn’t want In-N-Out so we went to Shake Shack! I somehow managed to resist the temptation that was the Taco Bell right next door…

We went back for a dinner party my grandmother was hosting. She made a delicious vegan dinner for the whole family, and after that we all headed to the mall.

My family shops a lot.

I purchased this beautiful floral dress from Agaci last time I went to DFW on sale! So, of course I had to wear it! The fresh floral print matches my wristlet, and pairing my new gold flats with the gold Kate Spade sunglasses worked very well! I really love this outfit (especially since it’s comfortable! I’m all about comfort and fashion), and how well everything pairs together.

And now, I’m making Nugget a late night snack as I write this post! He’s a fourteen year old by so basically a snack is another meal!

We fly back tomorrow night, but this weekend by far was one of the best! Have a great beginning to your week, and thanks for reading! And thanks guys, for being so patient!

What’s your favorite late-night snack?



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    1. The WP app has been BUGGING recently. I just ordered an iPad mini (I’m not a huge fan of writing posts on my laptop), so I’m hoping they fix the app soon! Thanks so much, I got a bunch of things on sale and I’m contemplating making a post or haul…but I know that eventually photos of the pieces will end up on my blog regardless! Have a great start to your week!

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