The Current Sass (Weekly Favorites), Volume 2

Hey everyone! I’m back again (I don’t know why I said that, as if anyone else blogs on my site except for me…) with my favorites for this week! There’s a nice mix of different things (I hope there is every week), so let’s get started!

I know, my pancakes look basic AF.

I never take food pictures this hurriedly, BUT I tried Mackenzie’s banana pancakes recipe and I’m obsessed! The first go-around I only topped them with syrup so I could really gauge the pancake and see how I felt about the taste and consistency. These are super simple and really delicious! I love how fluffy they are, and also that they’re healthier than the conventional pancake!

I’ve tried other banana pancake recipes before that are just plain gross, and taste like banana omelets. These are delicious, you definitely have to try them out! Next time I’m going to top them with Greek yogurt, blueberries, and chia seeds!

SO, my sophomore year of college this app called Face Q got really really popular and I was obsessed with making Face Qs of all of my friends! I downloaded it again last night, and I’ve been having fun making little animated versions of my loved ones.

I’ve been really craving quesadillas recently.

My aunt Kim makes the best quesadillas in my book, although they aren’t 100% authentic. I love mushrooms so she always makes the best chicken and mushroom quesadillas, which definitely aren’t as authentic as the ones I’ve had in Pilsen or Maxwell Street Market, but I just love her quesadillas regardless because they’re so nostalgic for me! She lives in the DFW area so I got to see her last weekend when I went on my trip! And because she’s a great aunt, she made me and Nugget quesadillas!

Coloring apps are so fun and incredibly stress relieving. My favorite one thus far is Recolor. There’s just something soothing about coloring while your favorite show is playing in the background.

The Mindy Project is back. This is one of my all-time favorite shows, and you definitely have to give it a watch! She’s one of those protagonists that definitely is flawed and continually going through growth. I will admit that it’s a little frustrating to see her always in a relationship, as that is unrealistic, but I do also understand that this is a tv show.

I’ve also been extra obsessed with 30 Rock recently. I honestly relate so much with Liz Lemon, and the show is freaking hilarious. I’ve started rewatching the show again, and it’s proved to be a good decision on my part (hahaha).

My brother, Nugget is pretty cool. He’s getting incredibly tall and people are even starting to think that I’m his little sister! We are eight years apart.

(Me, my mother, and my grandmother)

I’ve been spending quite a lot of time with my grandmother recently through my visits to Dallas. I’ve definitely had some cherished memories and it’s been a wonderful experience listening to her stories, hearing her wisdom, and just spending time with her in general!

This eyeshadow graphic is one of my all-time favorites. People always ask me how to apply eyeshadow, and this is the best graphic that I refer them to! Tutorials can be hard to watch because sometimes it’s tricky to see what they’re doing exactly or where they’re applying product! This graphic literally maps everything out!

Sephora is currently having this amazing promo where if you make a purchase (no matter how small), you get 5 deluxe lip samples of your choosing. These lipstick blister packs are my favorite to get, because I’ve been hoarding them and planning to melt them all into a palette! I purchased a new eyeshadow primer, because I desperately needed one!

These Kate Spade sunglasses have been my favorite purchase. I won’t go into too much detail (as I’ve talked about them quite a few times) but I will say that they are worth the investment and are wonderful quality.

What is one of your recent favorites?



11 thoughts on “The Current Sass (Weekly Favorites), Volume 2

      1. Oh my gosh it was soooo good!! We tried their guac for the first time and it was so good. Plus we won 2nd place in trivia, so we won a gift card that basically paid for dinner!!

        And haha banana omelet sounds so grody. I’m definitely going to be making these soon though! I want to do a brunch for dinner one night and serve banana pancakes, scrambled eggs, bacon (not for me though), mimosas, and fresh fruit.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Was it tableside guac? I love guac! And if you do a brunch for dinner you have to make cheesy hash browns! My favorite brunch place makes the best that I’ve tried to mimic a few times!

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Cheesy hash browns sound amazing!! I’ll definitely add that to the menu. It wasn’t quite tableside guac, but it was deconstructed I guess? So like we squeezed the lime juice and mixed it all together and whatnot.

        Liked by 1 person

  1. Oh my goodnesss!!! You tried them out!!! That just made my night! Yours look even better than mine do usually hahaha! YAY! I am SO glad you liked them 🙂 Also that quesadilla looks bomb and those pictures of your family are darling ❤ I love the one of you and your brother so little- ADORABLE. And you know I'm particularly drooling over those Kate Spade glasses!! YES. Work, girl! Last, I love how this is titled "Current Sass". Perfection. I hope you have such a perfect weekend, dear!

    Liked by 1 person

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