A Fun Friday Social Media and Blog Share (Comment Your Links!)

Happy Friday, everyone! I haven’t done a social media/blog share recently, so I decided to do one today! One of the best things about blogging is the community, so I’d love to get acquainted with some new people and I’m sure you all would too!

Jess and I were talking the other day about how community and networking is important in blogging, and how we both wanted to meet some new bloggers and find some new blogs! So, I wanted to do a blog share!

My Friday has started off pretty decently. Aside from the pouring rain and freezing cold weather, my Friday has been nice. I woke up and had some banana pancakes, and quickly grabbed the mail to save it from the pouring rain.

The iPad Mini 4 and Kate Spade case I ordered had arrived!! I’m definitely going to be having lots of fun downloading apps and testing it out today! It’s extremely lightweight, portable, and the perfect size! I’m really glad I made the upgrade!

I also got another surprise in the mail… thank you so much to The Mindy Project PR Team!!! I love these pins and am going to put them on my denim jacket as soon as I am done with writing up this post!

My plans for tonight are to watch some shows, check out some new iPad apps, and to go on some social media! What do you guys have planned?

So, because this is another social media and blog share, introduce yourselves and leave your links in the comments! Hopefully we all get to meet some new faces and find new spaces (to read!).

Here are my links-

My Instagram

My Twitter

My Pinterest

So, feel free to comment and share your links below! Hopefully you’ll get to meet some new bloggers and find some unique blogs to follow!

What are your plans for the weekend?



13 thoughts on “A Fun Friday Social Media and Blog Share (Comment Your Links!)

  1. Oh my goodness, I am in love with the Kate Spade iPad cover you got!!! Will you be posting a review of your new iPad? I’ve been debating on getting one for a while and would love your thoughts on it.

    Also, I could not agree more that blogging is about so much more than writing. As you say, it’s about community and engaging with others.

    And that is so cool that the Mindy Project PR team sent you those awesome pins!! Girl I love how much you are taking off – you deserve the world and I love seeing your success! 🙂

    Here are my links 🙂


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    1. I think I’m going to post a review on it, because I’ve owned the iPad 2, and have used a Surface Pro quite a bit (from my previous job), and I definitely like my iPad more than both for different reasons! Your comment’s the push I needed, hahaha. And the case I bought was only $20, which I consider a steal considering how functional but cute it is!
      Thank you so much!! I was SO excited when they sent me a message. I was like “YES OF COURSE, send me anything!!” It’s such a sweet gesture on their part and I’m honored they chose me (and other bloggers and influencers!) and thank you so much again, Charlotte! Both our blogs have been growing substantially and I know there’s going to be exciting things out there for us both!!!

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      1. Yay!! I can’t wait to read your review. My husband says I should get a Surface Pro, but I’m leaning towards an iPad. A think a Surface Pro would be cheaper (haha I think that’s why he’s pushing that one!), but I just love Apple products. And plus I kinda got burned on my last tablet (an Asus). It literally started falling apart within a few months, and I know Apples are just better constructed.

        I will definitely check out the KS cases if/when I get one!! $20 really is a steal!!

        And that is just so stinkin’ cool that they contacted you!! 🙂

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