Amateur Tech Review: The iPad Mini 4

As some of you might know, I recently purchased the iPad Mini 4. I was thinking of doing another tech post, since a lot of you asked me to tell you my thoughts on the iPad Mini. I got really positive reviews from the few tech posts I’ve done, so I’ve been meaning to do a more tech posts every once in a while. But what really sold me on the idea of writing a review is when my friend Charlotte asked me if I could write a post sharing my thoughts! Definitely go check her blog out, this post will still be here waiting for when you come back!

I wanted to make the upgrade because my iPad 2 (which is over four years old now) is extremely slow and also ridiculously heavy. My younger brother, the tech genius, highly recommended that I finally make the upgrade to a newer iPad. If you’ve owned an Apple product before you know that once they start releasing newer models and designs that it’s only a matter of time before older products start to go downhill. I’m still surprised my iPad lasted four years! (PS, does anyone want to buy a really slow iPad 2?)

I knew I wanted another iPad because they are long-lasting and durable. I dropped my iPad 2 once about four feet, face down, out of a really cruddy case from China and ONLY THE SCREEN BROKE. Not the LCD, or the iPad…. But just the screen! Even my grandma iPad 2 is still in perfect physical condition, although the functions are now much slower.  I also use an iPhone 6s, and have had experiences with other tablets (I will explain in a moment). There is just something about the Apple OS that I prefer and like significantly more than Windows or Android.

I think it’s all about preference. My brother uses an iPhone but primarily uses a Surface Pro. My father has a Nexus, but uses an iPad. It’s all about preference and what you’re looking for.

I personally do not like Surfaces, which are the biggest competitors for iPads. 

I used one daily for one of my old jobs and could not stand carrying that monstrous beast everywhere. As a tablet it was clunky, heavy, and difficult to use. It was like trying to use a computer as a tablet and proved to be more difficult than convenient. It wasn’t until one day that our office finally got a real tablet and the Surface was reduced to being used as a computer. That was the only tie I found it to be pleasant to use. When I sat at a desk, and used it as a computer. I find that the touch screen and motions I used with the Surface wasn’t as fluid or streamlined as an iPad. The friends I have that own Surfaces use them as laptops and not really tablets.

I wanted a tablet that wasn’t a computer and tablet in one, or a laptop in disguise. I wanted a lightweight, fast, portable, and compact sized tablet with good graphics and a nice display.

My brother actually recommended the iPad Air for me because it has everything the mini has, but in normal iPad sizing. But I knew I wanted the mini because of its size. The mini is more lightweight, compact, and easy to use and carry. It’s about the size of a book, which I find perfect because I primarily use it to read blogs, newspapers, and ebooks. 

I also use my mini for gaming (I play Castaway Paradise which is like Animal Crossing for the iPhone), and find that the graphics on the iPad are phenomenal. The display is great and the touch screen is truly smooth and seamless. There’s no lag time or freezing up.

The camera is also really clear; I haven’t played with it much so I won’t go too much into detail.

All in all, I am very glad that I chose an iPad Mini. I think that it’s the perfect size, and a really high quality tablet that doesn’t disappoint. The display and graphics are immaculate, and the tablet itself is durable and well-built. The touch and swipe functions are smooth and seamless, while the operations run effortlessly.

As for iPad sizes, there are tons of sizes. My cousin Bill has the GIANT monstrosity size and he loves it. I would never. Honestly, it’s all about whichever size you think works best for you! I think most people prefer the standard size, but I am all for the mini.

By the way, it uses the same charger as the new iPhones… which is a huge plus. There’s no need to carry five hundred chargers in your handbag, you just need the one! This doesn’t sound like it would be that much of a relief, but trust me, when you’re carrying enough chargers to supply a Best Buy, it makes a difference.

Summary: this iPad is compact, sleek, and honestly the bomb dot com.

I purchased my new iPad Mini 4 for $260 on EBay. I find that there is no problem with buying electronics on eBay as long as you read the descriptions very clearly and purchase them with a warranty (mine was 30 days). A lot of refurbished electronics are sold on there, so you can really find a deal on any purchases! I purchased my new Kate Spade case on there too, for about $20.

Also, one more thing. There is no silencer switch on the side of this iPad, you have to go into control panel (when you swipe up on the bottom) and there’s a mute button in the little control panel. I freaked out momentarily while I was playing games and they had no sound.

(Disclaimer: I wish I was sponsored by Apple, but I paid for this iPad and the case with my own money).

What is the most recent tech upgrade you’ve made?



6 thoughts on “Amateur Tech Review: The iPad Mini 4

  1. Awesome review, Chrissey!! Thank you so much for posting your thoughts and for the kind shout out!

    It definitely sounds like the iPad wins out over the Surface Pro in terms of portability, which is a big consideration for me. As you say, carrying around extra chargers and an extra heavy device really is a big deal! Especially considering I typically carry smaller handbags in the spring and summer and don’t want to be lugging around a behemoth of a tech device.

    And thank you for the tip about buying on eBay! I hadn’t even considered that option. I love buying refurbished tech when I can though, since you can really save a lot of cash! I got my DSLR refurbed for like $200 off MSRP and it still came with a one year warranty!

    Hope you’re enjoying your new gadget!! šŸ˜Š

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    1. Omg, I just realized that I forgot to put in a proper link! I’ll do so later today! That honestly was the biggest selling point for my iPad mini–the design is sleek, it’s portable and incredibly lightweight. It’s thin, but that’s PERFECT for fitting in my bag. It’s the perfect device to use on the go, and the singular charger makes it a million times easier on me! I have so many random iPhone chargers but only one iPad charger, so it always was annoying to get juice for my iPad because I’d have to use that one charger! Also, more people have iPhone chargers so it won’t be a problem asking or finding a charger if I don’t have my iPhone charger with me!
      A lot of people are skeptical about buying on eBay, but you save so much money! As long as you have a warranty, and read the descriptions clearly, you should be all good! And I am one hundred percent enjoying my mini! It’s the perfect tablet, for me at least!

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  2. Congrats on the new buy! You really love your floral prints lol.

    I agree that Surafces aren’t for everyone, it’s more for power users over casual users. I bought my Surface Book because of its looks and power and to use it as a laptop first device. Since I only use touch for basic selecting and drawing, I don’t know what i’m missing in terms of gestures lol. But I’m surprised at how much I use it as a tablet, Windows 10 does improve on some of the touch aspects that the first couple of Surfaces lacked. Also, I can’t stand iOS, it’s too plain and boring for me. That’s why I stick to windows pones, because the tiles are always changing to show new info.

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    1. Hi Azeem! I’m more of a casual user so the iPad mini works perfectly for me! I think brands and OS-es are a matter of preference, and I know you really enjoy windows! It’s all about what you’re looking for specifically; I personally like the simplicity and streamlined features of iOS.

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