An Effortlessly Easy Outfit

I decided to do an outfit post today, because I wore one of the tops that I picked up during my trip to Dallas.

I have little “outfit formulas” that I always gravitate to, to form a quick, but chic outfit that works. One of my classic go-tos is a breezy but simple blouse, classic light (but not too light) denim, and scruffy ankle booties.

Sometimes you just have to throw on a simple yet refined outfit, and just relax a little! I have skinny jeans that are more fitted than this pair of Levi jeans, but these are so iconic and comfortable. They’re a more loose straight leg fit but they’re incredibly comfortable and the most effortless pair of pants that I own.

I paired them with an airy pale blush blouse that I purchased in Dallas. It has an elegant silhouette and was a total steal when I purchased it. I’ve been purchasing more “timeless” pieces as I reach that stage in my life where my clothes have to be a bit more professional. 

As for my hair and makeup… I washed my hair this morning and let it air dry. I’m not wearing makeup. I have on Burts Bee’s grapefruit lip balm, which is about as effortlessly breezy as this post.

Oh, and of course I’m carrying my favorite wristlet from Kate Spade! I’ve been using this as my “bag” a lot recently because it’s super easy to just grab this and go! It’s a larger sized wristlet so it fits all the essentials (lip balm, cards, id, phone, charger, lipstick).

What’s one of your effortlessly easy outfits?



11 thoughts on “An Effortlessly Easy Outfit

  1. I love this outfit, Chrissey! One of my effortless staples is definitely a wristlet clutch at well. For years a used a Coach one that I received as a high school graduation present, but it finally started coming apart at the seams literally last year, so I replaced it with a clutch from Lilly. While everything else Lilly I’ve ever bought has been great quality, the clutch was not, as the wrist strap broke after only four months. I still haven’t replaced it, because I’m scared of poor quality now. I may check out a Kate Spade one though!

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    1. Thank you, Charlotte! Coach wristlets are a little small for me, I purchased a cute pink one from the outlets for $24, but found that my iPhone 6s was too big to fit in it! I love my KS wristlet. It’s made of this really durable, and nice pebbled leather and it well-made while simultaneously cute and chic! You should definitely look into getting one from KSNY!

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      1. I will definitely check out KSNY! I totally know what you mean. My old Coach wristlets was perfect for ages, but as the years went on phones got bigger lol, so my last phone could *barely* fit. Then the Lilly one is not leather, so it has gotten dirty easily (in addition to the strap breaking lol). Finding a good wristlet is tough!


  2. Love this outift (living for the pastel)! Ankle booties are a key part of my effortless outfits as well! They always give off cool vibes, even though they’re typically pretty comfy shoes!


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