Reviewing The ELF Cosmetics Endless Eyes Shadow, Brow, and Liner Palette

There’s been a recently surge in popularity for smaller, compact eyeshadow palettes. There’s been numerous new releases, such as the Smashbox palettes and the Too Faced chip palettes. The Tarteist mini and the Tartelette Tease are another great example.

My favorite eyeshadow palette is the Tarteist Pro, but it is a large palette and honestly a pain to travel with. It’s hard to pack a big palette and ensure that it doesn’t break along your travels; larger palettes also take up a lot more space, and when traveling with only a carry on you have to be wise regarding what you pack.

ELF has been advertising their Endless Eyes eyeshadow palette, which just recently launched on their website. The claims made by the company state that the powders in this palette could be used as eyeliner, eyebrow powder, and eyeshadow. This, paired with the fact that it appeared compact in size on their website made this an easy purchase for me. The palette retails for $12.

A unique, triple duty eye palette with 7 matte powders that can be used as liner, brown filler, and eyeshadow. This multitasking palette of neutral shades is perfect for contouring and defining the eye for a flawless look. Included in the palette is a dual sided eyeshadow and liner brush that expertly blends and sculpts the eye.

My immediate impression when I first received this palette was that the packaging was a lot more bulky and large than I expected. It seems very clunky and honestly, a bit excessive in size.

(I just took this photo as I was typing up the review to show you all how clunky the packaging is).

 I think ELF could have streamlined the design and size of this palette a lot better than they did. It’s a pretty big palette, considering that it’s only seven eyeshadows! But it does come with a brush and the mirror is big!

There are seven neutral matte shades, and each pan is a substantial size. I would have liked to see a bit more range, as it seems that some of these colors are a little too similar. For example, in the Tarteist Pro there are slightly plum or red neutral shades along with the conventional cool-toned browns and nudes.

ELF powder products tend to have a weird top layer that you need surpass before you get to the full pigmentation of the product. I immediately swatched these shades right after opening the palette, and they still were nicely pigmented and smooth. I took these pictures during daylight, just for future reference.

Each swatch is only one layer.

I like how these mattes feel smooth and buttery. The shadows feel like a high-end powder eyeshadow, and don’t have an insane amount of kick-back or chalky shedding. They go on smoothly, and have good pigmentation. The second one is a little close to my skin tone but slightly warmer, so I’m not sure if you guys will be able to see it in the swatches.

I will admit that swatched on the arm, they appeared to be good, but nothing extraordinary. BUT when I applied them to the lid, oh my goodness.

These shadows go on incredibly easily and they are smooth and buttery. They are PIGMENTED when applied with a brush and blend out beautifully. I find that a lot of matte shadows can be difficult to blend out or apply, but these apply opaquely and are not streaky or chalky. And blending these out is an absolute dream. 

These shadows are incredibly nice and blend out impeccably. I was so impressed at how easily they blended out, because I honestly was not expecting that. This is a really phenomenal palette, and although swatched on the arm they’re good, applied and blended out on the lid they are amazing.

These shadows are long lasting, buttery smooth, and the perfect matte shadows. Out of all the eyeshadows I’ve tried from ELF, these are by far my palette. I’ll even admit that these matte shadows blend out easier than some of the shades in my Tarteist Pro palette. This is the perfect everyday matte eyeshadow palette, and perfect for creating simple looks. I did not try to use any of these powders for eyeliner or eyebrow powder.

Also, full disclosure, I used my own eyeshadow brush to apply these shadows. The brush that comes with this palette is not very good.

All in all, I think that this palette is definitely worth the $12. It’s a classic matte neutral palette, with a formula that rivals the high-end neutral matte palettes. I’ve tried the Naked Basics and the Too Faced Natural Matte and I will honestly admit that I like this ELF palette more. And it’s twelve dollars. ELF genuinely hit it out of the ballpark with this one, as the shadows are pigmented, incredibly blendable, and smooth. Genuinely, this palette rivals high-end ones.

I seldom reccomend eyeshadow palettes that are drugstore, as I find that often times they are chalky and not very pigmented. But this palette is one that is genuinely worth the money.

I do still think the packaging is clunky and excessive though, but for the quality of these shadows, I’ll still toss it in my carry-on. It’s definitely worth picking up you guys, and I’ll be doing a tutorial with it soon! Just don’t use their brush.

ALSO, a quick note. I used the ELF Intense Ink eyeliner today with this palette, and I really like that too! It’s easy to use and very pigmented. I didn’t think that it needed its own review, so I just decided to add this note.

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