10 Ways Twitter Has Improved My Blogging

Today’s post is a little bit late, as I contemplated whether or not I wanted to include a shorter post on Tuesdays along with my Clever Chic Collective post. It just feels strange not chatting with you guys, I guess! I think on Tuesdays I’ll share an afternoon post which will be shorter than a typical one.

Forever ago, my friend Jess wrote in one of her blog posts that Twitter is a game changer. I didn’t have a blog Twitter then, just a personal one where I tweeted about The Bachelor and retweeted funny things I found on Twitter. I shared articles and blog posts here and there, but I really didn’t have an audience! You know… besides my friends! And so, I started tweeting.

And honestly, I love Twitter. I love tweeting with you all and being able to interact with different bloggers and people that I wouldn’t be able to speak with otherwise! I think that Twitter is a fun, simple, and easy way to get to know the people you follow on a little more personal level. It’s not formal or professional like LinkedIn or curated like Instagram and Facebook!

It’s definitely changed my blogging and social media game, so here’s my ten ways that Twitter has improved my blogging.

  1. Twitter has expanded my reach. The range of your reach is much larger on Twitter. Through using Twitter, your reach is significantly larger than any other social media. Through likes, retweets and  mentions your tweet can end up having a very large impression.
  2. Twitter allows me to show a more informal and relaxed side of me. I love how personal it is. I follow a bunch of you all and bloggers (among others), and it’s nice to see what you all are like away from blogs. Twitter is casual, breezy and fun. I don’t curate my tweets or schedule them and I love that spontaneity, and the fact that you all can see a more relaxed side to me.
  3. Twitter makes it effortless for me to contact anyone with an account. It is so easy to tweet or contact anyone. I can tweet any blogger, person, influencer, journalist, or individual in a second. I’ve spoken to Olivia Caridi, Jaboukie, and a bunch of really cool influencers that I wouldn’t have the means of communicating with otherwise!
  4. Twitter has so many blog-related accounts for me to network and discover. There are so many blogging Twitters and communities. Blog chats, blog shares, and more! It’s easy to find and connect with a community, and networking is such an important thing to do nowadays.
  5. Twitter allows for me to communicate easily with you all. I can run a poll, ask a question, and get a response from you all. I always ask what you all would like to see and your thoughts, so don’t hesitate to tweet me!
  6. Twitter makes it easy for me to share things. Sometimes I want to tell you all about a new product or thought, and I can easily do so on Twitter without dedicating a whole blog post on it! I’m sure you all would not like me writing whole blog posts on smoked oysters or raw cane sugar!
  7. Twitter makes it easy for me to share posts, and display other content in one feed. I can share my blog posts, quick thoughts, Instagram posts, and things I find funny in one singular feed! I find that incredibly convenient. I use Twitter the most, as do a lot of people, so the capability to display all your content on one feed makes it easy for those who discover your account.
  8. Twitter is convenient. I think it is the easiest of all social to update as it is informal and simple to use. Sometimes sending out one tweet is easier than writing a whole post or comment, if it’s a small matter. Sometimes sending out one tweet is easier than sending out a whole message or text (depending on who you are corresponding with). You always get fast responses and don’t have to agonize over crafting the perfect words for a small matter. I find sometimes that a tweet is more beneficial to my blogging than a blog post!
  9. Things on Twitter are easier for other people to share than on other social media. It is easier for someone to retweet or like the link you posted to your newest blog post, than them sharing the post itself from your site. Same with photos you post to Twitter.
  10. Twitter teaches you to be concise. The 140 character limit has really made me more of a concise blogger, in comparison to when I first started and would ramble on forever. Being concise is important.

Like Jess said, Twitter is a gamechanger. It’s honestly the social media and has been redefining social media since it started. I will admit that it took me a while to get on the bandwagon, but now I don’t know what my life would be like without it (and this blog!). I’m thinking of doing a Ten Twitters you should follow post, would you guys want to see it? Tell me what you think!

Do you guys use Twitter? Has it improved your blogging?



18 thoughts on “10 Ways Twitter Has Improved My Blogging

  1. Twitter is masterful in how it forces you to get your point across in so few words. I wonder what authors from the past would think of Twitter. I’m sure Hemingway would be able to write a short story in 10 tweets or less while Dickens wouldn’t be able to get a sentence across in the same amount of space!

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    1. OMG, so my WordPress notifications are so weird and I swear I didn’t see this comment! Sorry for the delayed response, ALSO–I am so excited for your move to Japan! It has been a CRAZY week for me; I saw the post and was going to comment but completely forgot!

      I agree completely about your point with Twitter. It truly does force you to be concise but clear. I always wonder what famous authors would be like on modern day social media…you are so right about Hemingway and Dickens!

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  2. It’s still the best! It’s insane for networking & I am really glad I decided to get one too. I had no idea how much it could help a career, but now I do and it’s no going back :)) I am so glad you’ve found success with it too! Great list here & 100% agree on all points. Thanks for mentioning me ❤ ❤

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    1. You’re so welcome for the mention!!! And it’s really helpful, especially since I want to get into digital media and publishing, it shows my range of skills relevant to that career.


  3. This was actually super relieving for me to read.
    Believe it or not, Twitter has been insanely intimidating to me, because i hadn’t realized how casual it is allowed to be.
    I never really got into it for personal use…i’m not the best at using social media for myself, mostly because i feel like i don’t have time for any of it. But i’ve been understanding the importance of it if i want to get serious about blogging.
    😥 Twitter is looking much more appealing after reading this.

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    1. Twitter can be intimidating! I initially didn’t even have one for my site because it seemed unneeded. But it’s an absolutely wonderful tool and really teaches you a bunch of skills relevant to social media and blog growth! I’m glad this post helped you out. Be sure to tell me if you make a twitter or how it goes!

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      1. Actually, how would you recommend starting up being more active on it?
        I just re-downloaded it and got intimidated again! 😂
        I have 9 followers on it and nothing currently on my mind worth saying. I don’t think i even really know how to effectively browse! 😶

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      2. I would start by following interesting accounts that share regular content. If you’re trying to make your Twitter blog-centric I would try to share articles, posts or content from other sources that are relevant to your blog! Also, following blogshares is a good idea as they regularly share content from other bloggers! The community on Twitter is a really cool one! And lastly, I would just be a little daring and simply tweet! It’s definitely intimidating but you’ll eventually get hooked!

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