The Perfect Name

To me, a name is something that is special. And to be honest, choosing a last name was something that represented a lot to me. It represented the belief that this blog would grow to the point where I would be known by my name. It signified my wildest dreams of becoming a journalist and a blogger, and the fact that I never really chose a last name clearly showed that I wasn’t ready to invest in myself.

Because I wasn’t. I chose Glover, because it was simple and easy. Cute and effortless. But in reality, I don’t think that was the name I genuinely wanted. I just couldn’t think of the truly perfect last name that I wanted to be associated with me, and my written work.

I love my first name. I chose it for myself, as I was born Christine and made the decision to call myself Chrissey. It feels right, and just says a lot about me and my personality. My friends always tell me that name perfectly personifies me, and they couldn’t ever imagine calling me anything else. And I couldn’t either… which is why I didn’t choose a first name as a pseudonym.

But a last name is necessary. Because of safety reasons and privacy. But on the other hand, I didn’t just want to make a name for myself using some random last name. I contemplated using my mother’s maiden name but her maiden name is already honored, as it is my middle name. It’s already undeniably a part of me.

I thought about it, quite a bit, and just couldn’t think of the perfect name. It meant a whole lot to me, it wasn’t just some random last name I was going to adopt. It was something that was going to be mine, and represent me. Names are so significant and special, so I really thought about it.

And then it hit me. There was another woman that I wanted to honor, and so I decided to choose her last name.

My grandmother and I are close on a special kind of level. My cousins told me that out of all of us, I’m most like her. She’s confessed it herself, sassily saying that when she was my age she was like me, except sassier (can you imagine?). She is even more fiercely independent, strong, and unabashedly candid than I am; I admire her with all of my heart and strive to be half the woman that she is when I get older.

She’s graced me with such insightful wisdom and knowledge throughout the years, and if it’s anyone’s name I was going to take, it would be hers. So I decided that if there was any name I wanted beside mine, it would be my grandmother’s maiden name (maybe someday I’ll tell all of you my middle name. I dated Beny for like almost two years and I didn’t even tell him!).

And so, this is it. There’s no hiding behind a cutesy name that I chose because of a little celebrity crush. Being Chrissey Glover was fun and all, but I choose to be Chrissey Bui.

This is the name that I chose to take with me and the name I have chosen to shine. And more importantly, it makes me feel connected and close to a great woman who inspires me.

If you could choose a last name, what would it be?



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