New Blog Redesign!


A fun tidbit–because of some weird design logistics, that’s the color that the actual header is supposed to be! It’s a weird anomaly, but I actually love that little flaw in the header. I think it’s endearing how it loops out of frame.

So, as you may have noticed, my blog went from looking like this…

(I don’t have a browser image of it… I was so excited I started redesigning before I could take a screen grab!)

to this!


I love how streamlined, chic, and clean it looks. It took a huge amount of time to add featured images to a lot of the posts (I’ll be finishing up the rest of the untouched and very old posts soon), but I think it was definitely worth it. The design looks phenomenal, and now the main page of my site isn’t littered with tons of texts and the blog posts aren’t displayed in their entirety.

I find that when the WHOLE blog post is shown on the main page it takes away a lot of the mystery, while simultaneously cluttering up the main page. I was scrolling through my own blog the other day and realized that this made it hard to catch up on blog posts, to find specific posts, among other problems. So, I knew in the redesign that I wanted “featured images” for each post, along with a small blurb shown instead of the entire post on the homepage (and in the tag pages!). It is now infinitely easier to find posts, discover new content, and to read my blog overall!

Like I said in the last post…I always believe in growth and improvement! It was really about time that I switched to a better layout, so I took on this massive project today! The FAQ is updated and so is the About page.

Some things never change, like the same three widgets on the bottom of the page. I find that the Twitter, Instagram, and tag cloud is very useful, which is why those three widgets always stay. The same goes for the archive, recent/top posts, and the search bar. I have added social media links to the side, as some of you suggested that idea. And I agree, it’s a really wise choice to add those links in a more visible space. I especially thought so, since the “whole” blog post isn’t displayed like in the previous theme, my social media links wouldn’t be visible to visitors on the home page.

All in all, this was a fun project that I took on, and it was tremendously useful. My blog design did need some cleaning up and I know I say this every time, but I felt like there was a lot that could be improved! I think the new design is much more clean, streamlined, and professional. And I one hundred percent love it!

I always reflect back on previous designs, as my blog really has come a long way!

Does anyone remember this OG design? No? Good.

Anyways, I’ll stop yammering on now! Have a wonderful rest of your night. I have decided to post “The Current Sass” on Fridays now, so look for that tomorrow! Have a great night, everyone!

What do you think about the redesign?



9 thoughts on “New Blog Redesign!

    1. Thank you so much! I think my biggest tip is to know what you want going in, there are hundreds of themes out there so you just need to find one that will have all the features you need. What truly matters is how you customize it with widgets, graphics, headers, fonts, etc. You could give two people the same theme, and their sites will look completely different at the end of the process because they’re different individuals. I would say to go into this project expecting that it’ll be a big one, and to stay patient. Redesigning can be frustrating, but it’s always worthwhile! I hope that helped!

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