Ten EASY Things You Can Do To Be A Better Blogger

I discussed a few lessons that I’ve learned from blogging before, such as ten things that I’ve learned from blogging. You all really enjoy blogging-related posts and since it had been a while since I’ve written one, I decided to share one with you all today.

There’s so many gimmicks on the internet to become a better blogger. Paid courses, services, and other costly ways to “become a better blogger.” But the truth is, the best things you can do to be a better blogger are one hundred percent free. They don’t cost a single dime and they won’t take up all of your time.

So, I thought up a list of ten things that I always do which are crucial in being a blogger. These ten things are super easy to do, cost you nothing and will help make you a better blogger. They definitely have helped me progress and move forward, which is why I have not hesistated to share my thoughts with all of you.

  1. Listen. Listening is crucial for every person, regardless of whatever task you do. Whether you’re a brain surgeon or a makeup artist it is so important to listen to your audience. In blogging, your audience is your readers and followers. Listening to them is important, as you can either continue what you’re doing or improve your content. Sometimes my readers will request certain posts, and I’m always happy to oblige! It is more important to listen than to speak sometimes.
  2. Thank. Be thankful for your site. Be thankful for those who take the time to read your posts or share your content. Be appreciative of the fact that you have this opportunity and platform to share your content with the world.
  3. Learn. I am a firm believer that you should always be learning. Whether you are in formal education or not, you should always be in the pursuit of knowledge and learning new things. I am always learning new skills, and reading about new techniques, ideas and methods relevant to blogging, publishing, and social media. (And on a non-blog related note, I’m always reading the newest updates to science, health, culture, food and all my other fields of interest). Always be curious and always keep learning.
  4. Read. As I spoke about learning in the last bullet point, this one is specifically about other blogs. Read other blogs and learn about your fellow bloggers. Sometimes, you might even find inspiration from other sites.
  5. Write. This one is a given. Always write new posts and frequently do it. I write every day and it keeps me inspired.
  6. Create. Blogging isn’t just about writing, it’s also about creating content. Whether it’s graphics or images or thinking of new ideas, you are always creating something.
  7. Grow. We already discussed learning. This is about personal growth. I am a firm believer that there is always room for personal growth, regardless of age or experience. Push yourself and grow from your experiences; don’t be afraid to go out of your comfort zone every once in a while. Because you should always be constantly amazing yourself, and growing as a person.
  8. Reflect. Reflect on you, and your site. Take a look around you and evaluate how things are going. Are you creating something that you’re proud of? You should always be proud of everything that you put out there into the world.
  9. Believe. Believe in yourself and believe that you will achieve the goals that you set for yourself. Have faith in your work and your passions.
  10. Dream. Don’t be afraid to dream and envision your success.

Okay… you maybe you were expecting hidden tricks and secrets, but the truth is that there’s so many factors to blogging. I believe that blogging is what you make it; these simple things have truly made a difference. I know they sound very simple, but some people just aren’t thankful or they don’t grow. Some people will pull out all the stops and forget these essential and simple things.

We overthink as humans, especially in blogging, and sometimes people forget that there’s easy things you can do to keep you and your blog growing. So, maybe forget about all the bells and whistles and think about the basics.

What is something simple you do that makes you a better blogger?



12 thoughts on “Ten EASY Things You Can Do To Be A Better Blogger

  1. These are all so true! I’ve found that the best thing is to be as engaging within the blogging community, get involved with chats, read other blogs it really helps your find out who you are as a writer and gain experience.

    This was a lovely post! Really enjoyed reading πŸ™‚

    Laura xo

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Great list! I definitely think it is important to read other blogs, not just focus on your own. I always get inspired and find new ideas for posts that way. And it’s fun to find new bloggers and share ideas and thoughts! xo J


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