A Feel-Good Friday Playlist


Hey guys, I decided to do something different this Friday! I have not really done a playlist post yet, but decided to step out of my comfort zone a little! You can tell so much about a person from the type of music that they listen to, as there are so many different types of music. I’m the type of person that likes a little bit of everything, but I will admit that I probably listen to indie pop the most. If there’s any music that will instantly put me in a good mood, it’s whatever is on the indie pop charts for Spotify.

But you all know…I also love Childish Gambino! It just depends on my mood. So, because it is Friday, I decided to make a feel-good Friday playlist for all of you. It’s just a little something to brighten up your day and to get you excited for the weekend!

I have tried to embed Spotify playlists on my blog before, but they always turn out weird.. . so I decided that I would just embed the Youtube videos!

I hope you guys enjoy!

1. The Mowgli’s- Automatic

2. Morgxn– home

3. Empire of the Sun- High and Low

4. Big Wild feat Tove Styrke- Aftergold

5. machineheart– Circles

6. Tove Styrke- Number One

7. Ingrid Michaelson- Cirls Chase Boys

8. Bad Books- Forest Whitaker

9. The Mowgli’s- San Francisco

10. Cold War Kids- Miracle Mile

Alright guys, I hope you all enjoy the playlist, and more importantly that I hope you enjoy your Friday! Have an absolutely wonderful weekend; what plans do you guys have?



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