Are Those $40 DryBar Blowouts Worth It?

Once I went to DryBar to get a blow out and it was an experience that I to this day, have not forgotten. I had booked an appointment at the Lincoln Park DryBar because I honestly wanted to see what the big hype was. All the bloggers were always talking about blow outs and going to DryBar, so I was curious!

I had read articles about women never washing their hair at home and ONLY going to blow dry bars. I instantly remembered a scene from Gossip Girl, where the entire squad confronts Juliet and Nate asks her if he can believe anything she’s ever said. And Blair says, “Well you can believe the part where she does her own hair.”

Is this how Blair Waldorf lives, getting blowouts every three days (that’s how long DryBar claims that one trip lasts!)? Or is Dorota just expertly trained in doing hair?

I decided on going for the experience, as everyone and their mother seemed to rave about DryBar. I entered the cute little shop, as a stylist showed me the “menu” of hairstyles that I could choose for. I opted for the Cosmo, after painstakingly choosing the style that would get me the most bang for my buck (I was still in undergrad!). I thought that the curls would look cute and last me for the whole three days.

So, the stylist shampooed my hair while obviously trying to sell me DryBar hair products. She styled my hair while trying to sell me DryBar’s $200 curling iron, and more of their products. The shop was dead empty and the other stylist napped behind the desk. We didn’t speak at all during the styling process and it was awkward.

In my mind, I envisioned a bunch of women sitting along the “dry bar” and sipping champagne as their hair was blown out into perfect Waldorfian curls or Van Der Woodsen-esque waves. It was just me in this dead shop.

As she unveiled my hair, which she claimed to be a huge difference than anything I could do myself, I stared in the mirror at this humungous mass of curls.

As I walked out the store, and ran some errands, eventually my hair settled down.

And as I walked down the street, I realized that my hair was just curled and nothing ultra phenomenal. I had tested the waters to see what the big hype was about and whether it was worth investing in for special events. And I came to the conclusion that honestly, even though I am a total amateur when it comes to hair, that I could have done it myself. I don’t think it was worth the $40 plus tip.

Yeah, it was nice having my hair done for me and I felt a little bit special, but it was nothing earth shattering. I would have much rather preferred to spend that money on some makeup or a handbag.

(By the way… that’s what it looks like when I do it myself).

I’ve gone to Civello twice to get my hair cut and a blow out (they give weird hand massages there) and I’ve liked it better… I’ve even infinitely enjoyed my $15 blow outs at Paul Mitchell the School. It wasn’t revolutionary (contrary to other reviews) and it was just an overpriced blow out.

So I think I’ll be doing my own hair.

Have you guys tried DryBar?



4 thoughts on “Are Those $40 DryBar Blowouts Worth It?

  1. I couldn’t agree more! I was obsessed with Dry Bar when they first opened, but after they slowly raised the prices and I realized I can get a great blow out for $20-25 at the Aveda Institute (basically hair stylists in training) down the street, I was no longer hooked.

    Great post!


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    1. It’s nice to go for the experience once or twice but you definitely can find better blow outs! I personally love the Aveda Institute or Paul Mitchell the School! It’s pretty hard to find a bad blow out, even if they’re all still learning! Have a lovely week, Elaine!


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