I Want Your Input! (Comment or Vote!)

There has been a lot going on, needless to say. The Unabridged Sass is always transforming and changing as I learn and grow. 

I think that as the blogger changes and moves forward, the blog does as well. My site has always been a nice mix of my personal lifestyle posts mixed with fashion and beauty. That is never going to change, so don’t you worry. I will be writing about lifestyle, fashion and beauty whether I am twenty one or forty one!

That being said though, I have made a lot of career-related decisions and although I’m not going to divulge everything at once, I do want your opinion. I want to hear what you guys think so that I can format and plan for my blog a little bit.

I’m not ready to discuss it all, but I did start running a poll on my Twitter today and want to know what you guys think!

That being said, would y’all care to read about my career/school/medical posts or would you rather not? My blog will primarily stay the way it is, I would just sprinkle a little bit about clinical rotations or scrubs in there! I do appreciate your input and I’m genuinely curious! And if not on this blog, if I started a second one (I would run both but blog on the medicine-centric one less) would you guys read it? Or would you just love all of this content on The Unabridged Sass?

I’m not saying that this won’t be a lifestyle blog anymore! I’m just saying that I would have some different content because of my career plans! Examples…

  • Makeup Routine for Clinical Rotations
  • Interviewing Tips for Clinical Practicums
  • Ten Things I’ve Learned About Postbacc Programs
  • Tips for Overcoming Your Fear Of Needles
  • Five Unconventional (But Rad) Career Paths You Can Take With A Biology Degree

Mixed with the usual sassy content you all love! So tell me what you think… do you hate it? Love it?

As always, I appreciate you all and hope you have a wonderful week!




12 thoughts on “I Want Your Input! (Comment or Vote!)”

  1. I think this sounds like a wonderful idea! The examples you used are great because they tie it all in together, beauty/lifestyle/work.

    It’s always interesting to peer into someone else’s life and it would be great for those wanting to go into the same career as you.

    Laura xo

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    1. Thank you Laura! I thought it was a good idea for that exact reason, because I do run a lifestyle blog and this career change is well, part of my life! Thanks for your input and have a lovely weekend!

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  2. A sprinkle of it sounds like it would be great! I like your ideas of how you’d implement it. And, personally, i don’t see how it veers away from still being a lifestyle blog…your career path is part of your life, and can give wisdom to those going in a similar direction. ☺

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  3. Chrisssey, I’m so behind on your posts and it’s driving me nuts! You know I would LOVE to read about your medical career posts. Like LOOOOOVE it. Your sampling of posts too will definitely help others in the same fields. I say do it girl!

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    1. I’m going to do it! I think I’ll be able to incorporate everything well so it makes sense! And that it’ll help other people in my field (or similar!). And thanks for your input!

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