My Favorite Drugstore Foundations

I think the WordPress app hates me–sorry to any email subscribers, this post was accidentally published because my phone was a mess!

I think one of my most asked reccomendations is always for the best drugstore foundation. Now, as you all know I prefer using tinted moisturizer (I will go more into that in a bit) but I am definitely no stranger to foundations! 

I’ve tried a few over the past few years, as I was a really big fan of more full coverage makeup my second and third year of undergrad. In those trials and errors I learned a few things

  1. Foundation isn’t for me, I’m much more of a tinted moisturizer kind of girl,
  2. Maybelline foundation is the worst on me.
  3. I like L’Oréal and Neutrogena face products the most!

So, that being said, here are my favorite drugstore foundations that I’ve tried. Although I only use the Neutrogena one now definitely doesn’t mean that the other ones aren’t phenomenal. They truly are–I just prefer light coverage.

Wet N Wild Coverall Foundation

I have gone through two of these in my lifetime. It all started the summer before my sophomore year of college when I tried Benefit Cosmetics’ The Big Easy (their relatively unknown BB cream/high coverage cream to powder makeup thing). I was absolutely in love with the creamy, blendable and thick consistency (I was a different Chrissey then) but could not justify the price tag! So, I googled inexpensive, high coverage foundations and I found this one. It is a steal for $4! It blends easily, has high coverage, and dries to a nice powder finish. It is buildable and also creamy, if that’s your style. It truly does cover all!

Neutrogena SkinClearing Complexion Perfector

Okay, I have talked about this product five hundred million times on my blog. That’s because it is just that good! I have been using this nonstop since I purchased it early Fall 2016 and will definitely purchase another one. 

It is THE perfect tinted moisturizer. It’s light, blendable, and provides a nice light coverage that lets your natural skin shine through. It is long lasting and does not fade, and feels weightless on my skin. I wear the shade light 20, in case you’re curious. It’s the absolute bomb dot com and I always recommend it whenever someone asks me what tinted moisturizer they should test out!

(I will admit that I would love it more if it had SPF…)

ELF Cosmetics Flawless Finish Foundation

Okay so once upon a time I didn’t know how to match my foundation, so I purchased this elf foundation in porcelain.

I am light but I am no porcelain. But anyways, it was too light and Beny would always highkey laugh at me and he’d say, “You have too much porcelain on today.” Literally, the word porcelain became synonymous with foundation. Even to this day now that we’re pals he still laughs about the terribly light foundation.

And at risk of embarrassing myself on the internet… cause I really love you guys… I am going to show you a photo.

Ugh, right?

But it was such a good foundation that it broke my heart when I had to give it away, even though it was absurdly light on me. It’s pigmented, blends beautifully, and is very buildable. I love the glass bottle and it is very comparable to high-end foundations like the NARS. It’s a really good foundation for $6.

L’Oréal True Match Lumi Cushion

Do you want to know a secret? Out of all the foundations I have tried, this one remains my favorite. Now, I know that the little cushion thing is very unsanitary and runs out ridiculously fast (I have used three of these in my lifetime), but the formula is phenomenal.

If L’Oréal would provide me with cushions for life, I would use this foundation forever. But unfortunately, one cushion only lasts like 1.5 months… and that’s not even with daily wear!

(Can we ignore my weird winged liner obsession in Spring 2016)

I love how the formula is sheer and light, but gives a nice natural coverage. The satin finish is beautiful and gives a nice natural glow, and the applicator makes this the world’s easiest foundation to apply. Literally the fastest foundation application time that I have had. If they put this in a bottle, I would buy it in a heartbeat (I refuse to acknowledge that the Lumi foundation is the same product because I have spent like $60 constantly rebuying those dumb compacts). It’s an absolutely gorgeous foundation, but it is definitely pricier since you get so little per container. Boo.

This foundation is an OG status one. It’s a total classic because it works. The only thing that really annoys me about this foundation is the fact that it’s in a glass bottle. I’m going to be dead ass serious and tell you guys that even though pump foundations look cool and classy, the easiest packaging is the squeeze tube. Pumps just waste so much product! (Yes, I am that girl that cuts open tubes of foundation… that’s a lot of product!)

This foundation was my OG foundation the fall of 2014. That’s because it is a light texture and feel, but very nice medium coverage. If you double up with this foundation for layers you don’t need a concealer and it’s so lightweight that it won’t feel cakey. It doesn’t fade weirdly or melt on your face and is truly worthy of its cult status. The glass bottle is messy though, so be careful!

Alright guys, these are my favorite drugstore foundations!

What’s your favorite drugstore foundation?



2 thoughts on “My Favorite Drugstore Foundations

    1. The maybelline fit me doesn’t really work for my skin, it always faded and formed a little “film.” I do have friends that swear by it, and I think it’s such a good deal for $6-7 at each drugstore!


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