Four Simple Healthy Snacks (And Vegan Modifications)

I haven’t done a food post in a little while so I decided today to share four snacks that I have been loving recently. I think there’s a nice mix of sweet and savory in here and they are all super easy to make!

I have been loving pomegranate seeds recently. They are so good for you and they taste delicious. I once dated this guy in undergrad who always had a drawer of whole pomegranates and he would eat them out of the pomegranate. I like to cut mine open (you can YouTube how to properly cut one open… I had to google it!) and put all the seeds in a bowl! 

Vegan modification: You don’t need one! Pomegranates are vegan lol.

I have been craving cucumbers recently. They are just so crisp and refreshing. I have been particularly craving cucumber sandwiches. They are so simple to make and so classic. I ran out of whole wheat bread so I’ve been using white and I actually think the white bread tastes better for cucumber sandwiches! I’ve made them with mayo or with cream cheese and I admittedly like the sandwiches with mayo better. I apply mayo on two slices of bread, add sliced cucumber in the center with plenty of pepper (if I use cream cheese I add salt), and then assemble my sandwich. I cut the crusts off if I’m feeling fancy.

Vegan modification: Use vegan bread (my favorite is Trader Joe’s Italian loaf), vegan mayo (Veganaise is the best) or vegan cream cheese. Cucumbers are vegan.

I have been eating a lot of Greek yogurt and granola recently! I add blueberries or blackberries depending on my mood. I like to use plain organic Greek yogurt and add sugar to taste (it reminds me of Vietnamese yogurt kind of) and Special K granola. I think I have yogurt with granola every day! I also like Chobani’s flavored Greek yogurt sometimes and will swap out my plain.

Vegan modification: Use vegan yogurt (I like So Delicious), granola (most are vegan so just check your packaging!), and of course fruit is vegan!

I’ve been putting tuna salad on cucumber slices recently! I make my tuna salad with tuna, cayenne (lots of it), pepper, salt and whole mayo. I just can’t do light! I think the creaminess and richness of the tuna salad pairs really well with the crunchy and fresh cucumbers. It’s an easy snack to make (some could argue this is a meal but for me it’s a snack!) and super fast to make. I’ve even put turkey slices and hummus on cucumber slices.

Vegan modification: To make vegan “tuna” salad drain, then smash up some chickpeas until they have a tuna consistency. Season with cayenne, salt, pepper, and a pinch of nutritional yeast or the tiniest bit of soy sauce. Add vegan mayo and mix to combine. Use the mixture to top some cucumber slices and you’re done!

Anyways, I have been loving these snacks recently and I just thought it would be nice to tell y’all about them! Do you guys like the vegan modifications and recipes included? I’d like to think that they’re helpful since I always get questions about when I was vegan and what I ate! I think it goes to show that you can really modify any foods to fit your dietary needs!

What snacks have you been enjoying?



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