Ten Things I Learned From Post-Grad Life

I’ve been navigating post-grad life and I’ve definitely been learning a lot of things along the way. I could go on endlessly about how much I’ve learned over these past few months (because I really have learned a lot!) but I think I’ll let this list speak for itself.

  1. It’s okay to go back to school after you graduate. It’s okay to go back and get another degree or to retake classes. Just because you graduated doesn’t mean that you’re done. I still want my MBA and MPH someday, and I’m working on my postbacc degree plan!
  2. You could change career paths. It happens to everyone and it’s perfectly normal. You might decide one day you want to be a journalist and the next day you could want to do research.
  3. Figuring out exactly what you want to do takes time. It takes trial and error and you might make a few mistakes along the way but when you find the right thing you’ll know.
  4. Getting into graduate programs is harder than you think. When you’re in your little college bubble these things seem a lot easier than they actually are.
  5. Getting a job is even harder. Seriously, it’s harder than you think. You’re not going to find your dream job super easily! It’s the hard reality of it, although some people are lucky.
  6. Some people will try to hold you back. I have one friend who is obsessed with holding us all back in undergrad and in Chicago. Don’t keep people around who are going to hold you back or who don’t want you to move forward.
  7. It’s okay to ask your parents for guidance. I am crazy independent but my parents have been honestly understanding and wonderful as I figure out my career plan. They have a lot of experience and wisdom and it doesn’t make you a weaker person if you ask them for help.
  8. You can change your mind. With my career change, I’ve had some people be a little rude. But it doesn’t matter because I’m allowed to change my mind, and so are you! You can change your mind.
  9. No one knows you better than yourself. That being said, be honest with yourself. I had a coworker who would never stop talking about how she couldn’t imagine me working in a medical or lab setting, or telling me that I was making the wrong choices. She clearly didn’t know me and was being extremely judgmental. I knew my choice was the right one.
  10. This is your life. It’s your life and your choices are going to be what defines it. This isn’t your friends’ life, or your parents.’ It is yours so you have to decide for yourself.

This is honestly, the most exciting time of my life. It’s been unpredictable and crazy but it’s been quite the experience. And if I hadn’t gone through this, I would have never made such crucial decisions about my career or future.

When I first graduated I thought that this was all a trap and that maybe I should’ve stayed in undergrad longer… but it was the reality check that I needed that pushed me to move forward in my life and career.

I hope you enjoyed this post! 

What advice for post-grads do you have?




19 thoughts on “Ten Things I Learned From Post-Grad Life”

  1. After I graduated I fell in to a job I really didn’t think I’d ever do. It was hard, so hard but at the end I loved it. But now I’m back at university doing a masters, maybe because I’m stalling and don’t know what I’m going to do job wise! But it’s like you said, getting a job isn’t easy (not in the area you may want anyway)!

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    1. It definitely isn’t! I graduated with a general bio degree and I’m planning on going back and moving forward in my education! I think there’s a lot of different roads anyone can take but when you find the right one, you’ll know in your heart (and gut!). What are you getting your masters in?

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      1. I’m studying Environmental Biology: Conservation and Resource Management. My undergrad was in Marine Biology so this is branching me out a bit more (giving me some terrestrial knowledge too) in the hope it’ll make me a bit more employable!

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      2. That is so cool! Since I was a general bio major I only took one marine biology course and I remember thinking it was SO fascinating! It’s so awesome that you’re moving forward in your education and getting your masters!

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  2. After college, I felt so pathetic not being able to land a job. It’s easy to think that college is a one-way ticket to the career of your choice. I suppose we’re all led to believe that. So to enter the job market, needless to say, was a sobering experience. I was unemployed for so long that I had to ask my parents for help. I was ashamed, but now I realize it’s okay. I’m not the only one. We may be the lost generation, but at least we’re all going through this together. This post was very comforting. Thank you.

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    1. I’m glad you enjoyed this post! I agree completely with what you said. College makes you believe that it’s smooth sailing after and that you’ll find a job asap, but that isn’t how college works and how life works! I like to think that this little obstacles are what makes us persevere and grow stronger! I’m glad this post comforted you.

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  3. This is such a great post &I definitely something I needed to read… I graduate in the summer and I’m actually scared to finish university and be out in the big wide world πŸ˜• I’m just so unsure of what I actually wanna do and part of me just wants to take up another degree to put off goin into the corporate world for that much longer πŸ˜… life decisions ehh! Thanks for making me feel a bit better πŸ’‹


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    1. It’s okay to be unsure! I graduated with my degree in biology and it took a lot of research, thinking and decision making for me to finally decide what I wanted to do! And it’s okay to change your mind or to go back to school! But when you make the right choice you’ll know because it’ll feel right. If that makes sense! Be sure to keep me updated and to tell me where you end up going!

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      1. Yeah! You’re right! Thanks for that ☺️ it will definitely feel right & till then I’m just gonna enjoy the ride of figuring out what I want to do in life. Heck I’m still young! Plenty time left haha! βœ¨πŸ’™

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  4. I was freaking out to my friend and she told me, “Turn your anxiety into a plan.” And that woke me the fuck up. haha. It’s one of those things you might know, but it helps so much to hear it out loud and from someone else. Post grad ain’t easy man.

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    1. I think that hearing it from someone else definitely helps. I think in the college bubble everything seems so carefree and fun until you actually graduate and realize what you’ve gotten yourself into!

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  5. YES YES YES YES! So many people need to read this. I think society and our world has this weird cloud of expectations that education and careers are so cut and dry- but they are NOT. I would say the vast majority changes their majors at least once in college, half never end up working what they graduate with, some maybe find something sort of similar and work right away, some travel the world, and the others go back to school for more education- it’s allll goooood! And I wish the mindset more often was “It’s okay to change your mind!”. So many people get stuck doing what they think they “should” rather than what they want to, but like you said, it’s our own lives and only we can take the reins. I love every single thing in this post. EVERY single thing! Thanks for sharing!

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    1. I agree completely with you! It’s SO okay to change your mind. I have changed my mind and I don’t regret it, because each time I changed my mind I got closer to the career I wanted to do! I think there’s so many different paths you can take and things you can do that you ultimately have to just take charge and be a little fearless and pursue one of them! And thank you so much for your input and comments! You have such a nice perspective, and I hope you’ve been having a great week!

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  6. I graduated with a bachelor of science degree in Biology a long time ago (I won’t admit the year). I never have known what I wanted to be; I got lucky and have been in an industry that’s been a good fit for 15+ years. So anyways….the biggest piece of advice I can chime in is that – continue your education sooner rather than later if that’s something you want to do. Chip away at it while you remain employed, if possible. Work with your employer and see if they will reimburse any of the costs. The law of diminishing returns comes into play as we age – so maximize the opportunity in your youth. Also – live a debt free existence as soon as possible if you haven’t already. Look at any loan you take is borrowing against your future self. Blessings!


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