Recent Sephora Purchases (That Are Worth It)

I have been purchasing less makeup in general recently, but I have purchased a few tools over the past month. I haven’t bought new products recently because I am so happy with the ones I’ve been using and have also been rediscovering old favorites in my makeup storage.

However, I did want to try a new tools and products from Sephora, and I have enjoyed these products that I ordered. I have Sephora flash, so I always have free two day shipping! I also get three free samples per order, which is why I have been hoarding those free lipstick samples.

Speaking of those free lipstick samples, I actually ordered an empty mini magnetic palette with removable pans from eBay so I can make my custom designer lipstick sample!

Anyways, these four products that I’m going to share are four that are worth the money. Tools like good brushes or sponges are more like investments, and each of these products are worth the money! A few of these are clearance products and no longer available, but they have counterparts still in stock at Sephora!

Three out of four of these Sephora products are their brands. The last one is an Urban Decay product, which I purchased at Sephora. And lastly, I am not sponsored by Sephora. I wish I was, cause that would be cool!

Sephora Collection Black Magic Cloths: 

This product actually works. I was one hundred percent shocked because I honestly thought it was a gimmick! You get two cloths for $12 and they are reusable and rewashable. I wash mine with baby shampoo and they work perfectly fine every time and have taken off every stitch of makeup on my face!I used to use baby wipes to wash my face but I have used this singular cloth for about a month and I have loved it! It truly does work, and all you need is to wet it and wash your face! My face feels squeaky clean after and my makeup is GONE. I don’t foresee this cloth going bad for a while so I think two for the price of $12 is definitely worth the money!

The cloth is made of a soft material that isn’t too rough on my face or irritating. It’s definitely a better dupe for the makeup remover cloth thing and I like that there are two in a pack!

Sephora Collection Precision Makes Perfect Sponge:

This specific holiday value pack is gone, but the singular sponge is still available.

Okay, let me preface this mini review by saying that I’ve tried the beauty blender. I think that it’s overpriced and also unsanitary. Mine also grew mold within a week, although I stored and cared for it perfectly.

I use this sponge dry and I like it a lot. It makes my foundation apply perfectly and gives a flawless finish. However, I will admit that I don’t use it wet because I think it’s a little unsanitary to be constantly dampening and wetting it, then drying it and wetting it…. let’s just say that the mold growing on that beauty blender really freaked me out. The only time this sponge gets wet is when I wash it.

The real thing that makes this sponge amazing though… is when I use it to bake. It isn’t a huge sponge (I know that other people love seeing huge growth or expansion in their sponge but I always use mine dry!), and it has a nice semi-tip that fits nicely under my eyes. It’s also nice and soft so it just supplements the fact that I can use it dry. I like the flat bottom so that I can use it to blend on my face!

Sephora Collection Liner Brush:

I use this brush with my Tarteist Clay Paint Liner. The brush that came with my liner was getting a little frayed so I bought this Liner brush on sale. It is a wonderfully made and high-quality brush that works well with liquid, gel, or cream liners! It’s a precise-tip liner brush and easy to use. I’m really boring when it comes to brushes, I use the same ones for years! I still use my eyeshadow brush I bought for $3 at H&M freshman year of college!

Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion:

This is a cult classic. I bought the anti-aging one because it was on sale… and because a lot of people I know have started to look into anti-aging products. My logic was that if I am going to use this primer regularly on my eyes it couldn’t hurt if it had a little anti-aging in there! But mostly because it was on sale.

Urban Decay’s eyeshadow primer is the best. It makes your eyeshadow bulletproof and last an extremely long amount of time. I do like the NYX eyeshadow primer but this one has so much more product and I prefer the squeeze tube packaging rather than a wand! There’s just so much wasted product with a wand!

My problem with the NYX primer was that it made blending shadows hard because they adhered to the base. With the Urban Decay primer potion my shadows stick and do not fade or crease, but when applying my eye makeup my shadows blend effortlessly. It’s the perfect base.

It’s undeniably phenomenal and eyeshadow primer is so important. I’m so glad that I managed to snag this one for only $8, as I’m sure it will last me a long time.

Each of these products was well worth the money and a perfect addition to my makeup bag. I’m happy that I managed to score them, and think they’re a phenomenal investment. In the future, I wouldn’t hesitate to purchase them again!

What’s a Sephora purchase you’ve made that’s worth it?



4 thoughts on “Recent Sephora Purchases (That Are Worth It)

  1. Man I need a new primer so I wish I would have seen that when it was on sale! A trick you could try with the NYX is to use a shadow close to your skin color all over on top of the primer before doing your eyeshadow. Then that is the color that sticks to the base, and the rest of the shadow blends with the powder and won’t stick.

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    1. Sephora brings back old sale items all the time! I’d just keep an eye on their sale page! That sounds like a super helpful trick, thank you so much for sharing!


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