Ask Me Anything! Really! (Comment Your Questions)

So I was on Twitter today and I asked you guys if you wanted me to do a Q&A post… and you guys said yes! So, I decided to write this post so that you guys could leave me any questions in the comments or know to tweet me some!

I am always honest and candid, so you guys can ask me anything. I’ll answer the questions after I have a good amount in an upcoming Q&A post! I already have a few FAQs already that I’ll include but I wanted a few more so that I could do my first official Q&A post! Don’t be shy, y’all can ask me anything!

Even personal/life questions! So leave them below or give me a tweet!

What questions do you guys have?



4 thoughts on “Ask Me Anything! Really! (Comment Your Questions)

    1. This is SUCH a good question! I’m so glad you asked this because I’ve been getting ENDLESS relationship-y questions! I’ll be sure to answer this in the Q&A post Friday. Thank you so much for asking it!!


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