Four TV Characters I Relate To

I like watching TV. I’m a fan of a bunch of different shows. I’m currently alternating between rewatching 30 Rock, and watching Grey’s Anatomy. I’ve seen various different chunks of Grey’s but I’ve never done one full watch-through. I’m currently on Season Five, out of a million. I haven’t decided yet whether I’m going to keep watching after Cristina Yang leaves (because she is my favorite character) but I probably will watch it until Meredith is in a home with Alzheimer’s and her daughter is an intern at Seattle Grace.

I like to do a bunch of different blog posts here on The Unabridged Sass, that’s not something that is new. So, I decided to be a little creative and do a post where you all would learn a little bit about me! I haven’t done a post like this in a little while, so I thought it would be fun and give some new readers a chance to get to know me a little better. So without further ado, four television characters that I relate to!

Cristina Yang, Grey’s Anatomy

Cristina Yang is determined, motivated, and completely unstoppable. She’s a force of nature and she lets nothing stop in her way. She becomes the cardio god that she’s always dreamed of, and she is unabashedly candid and honest. Cristina is always keeps focused and handles the situation presented to her, regardless of the difficulty. She is also intimidating, sassy, and sarcastic.

I think part of me wants to be as unstoppable, determined, and handle crazy Grey’s situations like Cristina does. I definitely relate to her approach on a lot of things. When she literally runs away from Owen Hunt after she sees him… I’ve been there. And how everyone automatically assumes she’s a bitch, even though she genuinely cares about her loved ones and is secretly incredibly kind? I’ve been there too.

I think the coolest thing about her is that she becomes the cardio god that her mother always wanted her to marry. I dream of becoming the medical professional that many have wanted me to marry. She’s a phenomenal role model and a deeply dynamic character, and by far one of my favorites.

Robin Scherbatsky, How I Met Your Mother

My friends always say that I’m Robin. It makes me wonder if I have a Ted since they are so incredibly adamant about it.

I think the part that I relate to the most with her is how driven she is about her career and how she prioritizes it. Robin would give up nothing and nobody for her career… and I’m admittedly the same way. She doesn’t handle feelings or relationships very well and doesn’t like getting attached to people. She is constantly criticized by Lily for taking an “unfeminine” approach to a relationship and for not liking the mushy gushy stuff.

I thought it was so refreshing to see someone on tv that viewed relationships like I do. I don’t like the mushy cheesy stuff and I don’t do the whole romantically sacrificing mumbo jumbo. It’s so common in sitcoms to see female characters obsessed with men and getting married. But Robin isn’t obsessed with either–she’s obsessed with her career and her own personal growth. Which I think is incredibly refreshing. And also, it’s kind of cool seeing someone as neurotic and funny about feelings and relationships as I am. We are so alike when it comes to careers and relationships. But I don’t have a Ted Mosby! 

Mindy Lahiri, The Mindy Project

Mindy is sassy, funny, candid, and crazy honest. She is flawed and imperfect but she owns it while dressing in bright colors and prints. She is always passionate and full of life, and embraces her imperfection. She’s always learning, always growing and always making the best out of life.

I think a lot of people criticize the character and her romantic or personal choices. But I actually relate to Mindy Lahiri a good amount because she’s a flawed character but whole-heartedly embraces every bit of growth or every lesson learned. She eats pizza rolls and lays on the floor eating sour straws; she makes mistakes and she’s a hot mess sometimes. And I get that, because I’m flawed and I make mistakes sometimes. And I always hope that I’m constantly learning new things and growing as a person… and also I’ve one hundred percent laid on the floor contemplating my life choices.

Liz Lemon, 30 Rock

Liz Lemon is dedicated, relentless, and honestly a phenomenal friend. She is always putting TGS and her friends above her own personal needs, and always solving other people’s problems. She cares about her friends a heap load and imperfectly balances life and career.

I’ve said this before, but I see so much of myself whenever I see Liz on 30 Rock. I am always putting my friends, loved ones, and career before myself and my personal life. We always see people in movies or on tv that balance everything seamlessly so it’s nice to have a Liz Lemon tossed in every once in a while who’s kind of just trying to make things work.

So those are four television characters that I relate to! Who are yours? What shows are you guys watching right now?

Who are four TV characters you relate to?



2 thoughts on “Four TV Characters I Relate To

  1. Love the reasoning behind why you chose your characters! It made me think about which characters I would relate to :)) On Friends, if I’m being honest I really think I’m a mix of Rachel & Joey lol. But I would love to be more of a Monica (like I would love to love cleaning/organizing/planning)!

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