My Current Beauty Wishlist

I think that a lot of bloggers will tell you that at any given moment there’s something on their wish list. And for me personally, there’s always something on my Sephora lust list.

When I first started getting makeup I got a bunch of products over a very short period of time. From birchboxes to sales, over the summer of 2015 I got a lot of makeup added to my collection. The funny thing is, I think my makeup looked the worst that summer.

Now, I’ve been using the same products or pulling out products from my collection that are a little forgotten. But that doesn’t mean that I still don’t keep updated on the current releases or makeup trends! There’s still plenty of products that are on my lust list… although it might not be practical to buy every product I want.

Regardless, I decided to share with you all the products that are currently on my wishlist.

Loccitane Mini Pretty Hands Set- The Zinful Blonde posted a review of these hand creams a little while ago and made me a little intrigued. This cute little set is $16 and has four mini hand creams with a cute little pouch. I think that it’s such a steal considering that one usual hand cream is $12! I am a huge fan of hand cream (I just remembered that I have to pick some up) and carrying some in my handbag. I once read an article that said that Elizabeth Taylor used tons of hand cream because she believed that the hands were what showed your age. I might just pick this set up, considering that it’s such a great value.

Algenist Drop & Glow Luminizing Duo

You get two of these luminizing drops in the duo in a gorgeous gold shade and a pretty pale pink. I have always been curious when it comes to luminizing drops because they are so versatile. You can apply these for a subtle glow or mix them in your tinted moisturizer or foundation! There’s two in this set, which is perfect since there are two shades to choose from. Personally, during the winter I like more champagne colored highlight and during the summer I prefer a more golden highlight!

Tarte Cosmetics limited-edition magic wands brush set

I am the type of girl that uses the same brush forever. I’ve been using my Urban Decay brush forever and my H&M eyeshadow brush as well. I literally use those two brushes in my makeup routine… and that is about it. Brushes don’t really get me excited or tempt me as I just use the two same brushes…. but when Tarte posted the sneak peek photos of this brush set, I knew I was going to be instantly obsessed. And I am. These brushes are so incredibly cute with their gold unicorn horn handles and their colorful vegan bristles. They look super soft and fluffy and are honestly straight out of a Lisa Frank daydream. The entire set is $39, so I haven’t been able to fully justify them… but they’re just so darn pretty.

RMS Beauty Magic Luminizer

This is a cult product. Beauty gurus, editor, makeup artists, celebrities and more are always raving about this cream highlighter. It’s all natural and super pigmented and has even been on the Victoria’s Secret runway. I love the Benefit Cosmetics Watts Up! but I’ve been thinking about experimenting and trying out some new cream highlighter products. I love that this one is all natural and blendable, and from the reviews and swatches, it looks absolutely amazing.

What beauty items you guys currently lusting after? Is there something special on your wish list? What do you think of the new beauty releases recently?

What’s on your beauty wish list?



15 thoughts on “My Current Beauty Wishlist

  1. Those brushes….they look so adorable! I also had no idea those drops were released in a duo- so great. I wish cover fx did that with their custom enhancer drops! I agree with you about trying to buy less and just enjoy staple makeup more. xo J

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    1. They are really adorable! And definitely out of Tarte’s usual comfort zone! I’ve never tried the Cover FX drops but I’ve always been meaning to! They seem so pigmented and phenom.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. The entire line is incredibly whimsical and unique! Their colorful eyeshadow palette is like the perfect mix of pastels! And I can’t wait, I’ll be sure to check it out when you do!

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