My Five Minute Makeup Routine

I posted this selfie on my new blog Snapchat the other day and it made me reflect a little bit on how my makeup routine has changed quite a bit. I find that over time my makeup routine evolves as I do… sometimes I’m a little horrified at how much more product I used to use or how bad my makeup used to look. I definitely believe that it changes as I try new products or adopt certain lifestyle changes.

I’ve made some changes to my routine and have been recently doing this five-minute routine! It’s easy, fast, and the result is a natural and fresh look!

You can definitely tell the difference right?

Anyways let’s get started!

Apply moisturizer, and then powder foundation.

I first apply my moisturizer, It Cosmetics’ Confidence in a Cream, and then using my UD Brush I apply MAC Cosmetics Studio Fix Powder in NC 25. I’ve been using the MAC powder foundation recently (I’m NC 25). Powder foundation is infinitely faster to apply than liquid or tinted moisturizer so I’ve been using my MAC powder non-stop. Plus the compact is iconic. The key with powder foundation is to use less but to blend it out, or else you’ll look cakey and dusty! Use a soft brush so that you can really blend in the foundation! Also, I will be doing a blog post on how to wear powder foundations without looking chalky or dusty!

(PS, even though I do like this powder and Mom Sass is obsessed, I do think that it’s a little overpriced so I’ll be sharing my favorite drugstore powders later this week! Mom Sass wears NC20 and I wear NC25!)

Apply eyeshadow primer.

I use eyeshadow primer… but I don’t prime my face. I just apply moisturizer and then my powder! I find that primer leaves a weird film and makes my face feel very greasy! I use Urban Decay’s Primer Potion.

Apply one nude eyeshadow, then eyeliner and mascara.

I do one layer of a nude shadow that matches my skin tone. I use a shade from the ELF Cosmetics Endless Eyes Palette. I then apply eyeliner and mascara! I use the ELF Cosmetics Intense Ink Liner and LUSH Cosmetics’ Eyes Right Mascara! It’s easy, simple and opens up my eyes! I used to do full glam eyeshadow looks regularly but they’re really time-consuming and sometimes a little excessive!

Comb through brows using eyebrow gel to set and tame!

I used to be eyebrow OBSESSED but I’ve told myself to put down the tweezers and to let my eyebrows grow out a bit. I have let go of the persnickety filling of my brows with a brow pencil. It’s the longest part of my entire makeup routine, actually. Now I just brush out my brows and comb through them with a brow gel. The result is natural, neat but effortless eyebrows that don’t require a ton of fuss and upkeep. I also think I look significantly less harsh without the super arched and dark eyebrows! I use Essence Cosmetics Eyebrow Gel, which is only $3 and phenomenal!

Apply a bit of highlighter, then blush and bronzer! Lightly contour with bronzer.

Okay, I’m always honest with y’all so I can’t even lie. So I’m obsessed with the Benefit Watt’s Up highlighter... but it’s really pricey. I had been powering through mine and after a year I have a sliver left! So, in applying a little less highlighter I found the perfect balance of fresh faced, bright, and glowing!

I use Watt’s Up! (sparingly) on my cheekbones, the bridge of my nose, and under my brows. I apply a bit of Colourpop Cosmetics’ School is Fun (discontinued!) on my cheekbones.  For blush, I use NYX Cosmetics’ HD blush, and for bronzer, I do a light contour for definition using Physician’s Formula’s Butter Bronzer!

And that is it! Written out with all my ramblings and explanations, it looks kind of long. But once done it is super fast!

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Thank you guys so much for reading! Do you have a five-minute makeup routine? What do you do for fast makeup?

What’s your best tip for fast makeup?



17 thoughts on “My Five Minute Makeup Routine

    1. I think it definitely depends on what kind of eyebrows you have and how sparse/full they are! I think that if you are going to start using brow products that eyebrow gel is the easiest and most fool-proof to start with! My eyebrows are full BUT sparse in some areas so using brow gel grooms my eyebrows and also fills in the sparse areas. I’ve tried pomades (which I don’t like because they’re very heavy, thick and unnatural), powder (also easy for beginners to use), and pencil (if you try pencil opt for a thin, precise tip because it’ll make your brow hairs look more natural!). I think that for me personally brow gel is a must. But if your brows are already fine without any products and on point, then there’s no shame in your game! I hope my answer helps!


      1. This was super helpful. I definitely want to try out a brow gel and pencil to see how it works for me. I don’t think I’ll try a pomade because I’d like them to look more natural than not. Thank you for replying!

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      2. You’re so welcome! My favorite brow pencil is the L’Oréal Brow Stylist, it’s about $10 and the BEST. It’s a dupe for the high-and Anastasia ones and is just phenomenal! I use the Essence Brow gel which is $3, and a dupe for the Benefit Cosmetics Gimme Brow! It’s an amazing product and my one brow gel has lasted me almost a year! I have reviews on the brow pencil if you’d want to read it! (

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