My Favorite Designer Lipsticks

So I have a confession to make… I am absolutely obsessed with designer lipstick packaging. It is just so beautiful and luxe, indulgent and opulent. The detailing, the designs… every little detail. And I swear, designer lipsticks are always extra creamy and pigmented. Their formulas are extra good.

I stumbled upon an unused Marc Jacobs lipstick mini that’s been sitting in my makeup for quite some time. My mother and I both have the mini, although she wears hers everyday because it’s her favorite lipstick formula. The first time she ever used it, she asked me why it was so hard to wipe off (as it is so pigmented). My mom actually subsides off of the free makeup I get from Sephora with all my points, by the way. She adores the little minis. But I digress.

The shade is called Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, and although I seldom wear pink or rose lipsticks there is just something about this shade that is so fresh and spring-y. It is a baked rose kind of shade, maybe more bright rose. It’s been my go-to color recently.

I actually shared a Snapchat of me wearing it, which is what inspired me to write this post!

It’s so pretty!

It immediately made me think of the designer lipsticks I had in my collection and my favorites. I classify makeup as drugstore, high-end, and designer. I think that there’s a huge price difference between your $17 UD lipstick and $34 YSL, and that price difference is enough to make you think, “DAYUM.” 

Does that make sense?

Here are my favorites.

Marc Jacobs Le Marc Lipstick in Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

This lipstick is moisturizing, creamy, and pigmented. It is incredibly long-lasting and I really like the formula! It has a satin finish and like I said before, I love the wild rose shade! It definitely is a perfect lipstick for spring or summer! (I just wrote a bunch about this lipstick so I don’t want to be repetitive!)

Tom Ford Lips and Boys in Richard

If I could own all Tom Ford lipsticks for the rest of my life, I would do it. People think there isn’t a difference but there is. I just cannot explain it. There’s a reason these lipsticks are $50 (or $35 for the mini) a pop. They are the best lipstick that I have ever tried. They are pigmented, smooth, incredibly creamy but also simultaneously long-lasting. They go on like a dream and leave you sitting there, incapable of describing the experience you just had. I can’t even.

This shade, Richard, is a warm mauve-y brown kind of shade. It’s the perfect spice lip color, and my perfect “my lips but better” shade. I use this lipstick so sparingly because it’s so expensive and have joked that it’s $0.50 an application. But I love it.

Giorgio Armani Lip Magnet in #400

This lipstick formula is so good. I normally do not ever like matte or liquid lipsticks but this formula is amazing. Not only is it bulletproof and very long lasting but it doesn’t dry out my lips or make them look crackly or accentuate fine lines. It is so freaking pigmented and it goes on so smoothly. This is one of my favorite liquid lipstick formulations, the second being KVD, because of these wonderful qualities.

I love this bright red. It’s definitely bold and badass, but it’s such a unique shade and instantly makes any simple makeup look dramatic!

NARS Cosmetics Velvette Matte Lip Pencil in Cruella

This formula goes on pigmented and smoothly. I normally don’t like matte lipstick formulas because they make my lips look dry and flat, but I don’t encounter either of those problems with this product! The lipstick goes on smoothly and lasts a long time! It’s buildable if you need to reapply and doesn’t dry out my lips. It’s super easy to use and apply because it’s in a crayon form.

This is like the OG classic red, and is a universal red lipstick that looks good on everyone. 

I hope you guys enjoyed this post! I normally don’t buy designer lipsticks but once in a while Sephora has really nice point rewards, value sets or online promos! I find that getting a designer lipstick here and there from those promotions and deals are always a great decision because you can try a pricey product for less! Plus lipsticks last a long time, even if they’re ina smaller size!

These are my favorite designer lipsticks, and also if you haven’t be sure to check out The Unabridged Sass on Snapchat! My username is chrisseybui

Have you tried designer lipsticks? Do you think they’re worth it? Do you have a favorite?



8 thoughts on “My Favorite Designer Lipsticks

    1. Hahahaha if you have a child obsessed with makeup you’ll be able to live off their minis! And NARS Cruella is like THE perfect red! I’ve thought about doing a blog post about what makeup has “changed her life” because whenever I buy her makeup or give her a mini she ALWAYS asks me why it’s so pigmented or good compared to the makeup she used to use before I gave her the minis/freebies!
      ALSO, I saw your spam sandwich on Snapchat and now I want one too!

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