The Current Sass (Weekly Favorites), Volume 5

So I have decided that my weekly favorites will be posted on Thursdays. Also, I have been managing to post this weekly feature continuously! I like sharing my weekly favorites with you all and the details as to what I’ve been up to! I think it’s casual, fun and chill. Plus I like catching up with all of YOU!

Can you believe that this is Volume 5?! I never thought I’d be the type of person to have a continuous weekly post because I like to have fresh, diverse content! But a lot can change… plus I think my favorites all always diverse! It makes it easier because sometimes I want to share recommendations or things but they don’t warrant a whole post. Anyways, let’s get started!

I have been obsessed with Shay Mitchell’s IG recently, and she’s shared quite a few posts wearing nude lipsticks! I don’t know how she effortlessly pulls of nude lipsticks because I cannot. For the life of me, nude lipsticks just look plain bad on me. The closest I got to nude was KVD Lolita, which we all know is not a nude. So, I was a little inspired to try nudes again and pulled out Too Faced’s Melted Chihuahua.

(Can we take a moment to acknowledge the weird AF name? Okay).

I bought this lipstick last year and kind of put it in my makeup collection and forgot about it. But it’s a really nice liquid lipstick formulation… and my perfect nude. It’s definitely more nude in person (plus it was night when I took the photo!)

(Image from Pinterest!)

It’s a pretty pink nude and is honestly, the only nude lipstick that looks good on me and the only nude lipstick that I will wear! The formulation is so nice and it’s pigmented. The lipstick goes on super smooth and feels comfortable on my lips.

I know, once upon a time I said that this product was overhyped. But I really do like it, now that I know how to properly use and apply powder foundation. I wrote a post all about my tips and tricks (here). I use the MAC Studio Fix Plus Powder in NC25. In other foundations I am a NC20, but because powders are lighter than their liquid counterpart I purchase NC25.

It’s pigmented, goes on smoothly and is so blendable. I only need a bit to cover my entire face and it just leaves my face looking flawless. Mom Sass uses it too (in NC20), and had me purchase it for her after she noticed my makeup and asked me what foundation I used. Seriously, it’s got cult following for a reason. It’s amazing.

(Plus the compact is iconic!)

Chickpea salad, or vegan tuna salad is one of my all-time favorite things. I’ve been making chickpea sandwiches a lot recently and they are so delicious and filling. I’m going to share the recipe soon, so don’t you worry! It is the perfect twist to a classic sandwich and just so freaking delicious.

So these lemon bars don’t have any powdered sugar on top… but they were still delicious. I love lemon bars and they’re one of my absolute favorite desserts. They’re tart, creamy, delicious, and classic.

I use the Ina Garten recipe. I am obsessed with the Barefoot Contessa and her recipes. They are always simple, chic, and delicious. I love how I can always lowkey use store bought because Ina says it’s all good.

I have no husband named Jeffrey and I don’t go to lakeside picnics but I love Ina Garten!

That’s supposed to be me, applying for school, practicums, and various jobs. I’m a busy little bee right now.

So I took this picture last year but I just changed the banner up on the blog and I really like it! I think it’s a little brighter and fresher than the last one!

I have been obsessed with this Gucci purse forever. I think it’s the combination of the floral print and the fact it is green. Actually scratch that, I’m sure. It’s like my dream purse but it’s also $3,000 so it’ll have to stay there… in my dreams.

One last thing…


Did you guys know that? It’s pretty cool, right? I have been sending Lolo and Ashley random medical lab sciences facts and they’re still my friends. So props to them.

What have you guys been up to? Tell me some good things that have happened to you this week, and your favorites! They can be anything from food to lipsticks!

What are your weekly favorites?



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