A $6 Skincare Serum?! (Affordable Skincare Recommendations)

I’m not a fussy skincare person. I wash my face and moisturize before I apply my makeup. During the summer, I wear sunscreen religiously. But other than that… I don’t really have a skincare regimen.

I’m twenty one now, and as everyone fusses over skincare and anti-aging there’s a few other skincare concerns I have. Like the fact that I get little spots on my cheek when I’m stressed or the fact that the pigmentation and skin tone on my face is a little uneven. We’ve all seen my super light cheeks.

I feel like Glossier made serums trendy again. And Glossier just stands for that cool girl minimalist beauty kind of vibe. Their colorful serums and the minimalistic but chic packaging definitely draw in the millennial crowd. But the prices? Maybe not.

$28 is appears steep for a serum, even if it is for your skincare. I’m not looking for anything super complex or elaborate, I just need a simple serum for my skin! However, Glossier seems to be appealing to the Instagram crowd that will post selfies of them and their serum bottles. I mean, this is the company with $12 lip balms and $30 concealer that are marketed as “trendy or hip.”

That’s kind of how The Ordinary by Deciem comes in.

The marketing behind The Ordinary is simple, chic, but effective packaging. And a product that is simple, effective but inexpensive. They believe in high quality an high efficacy at a low price. Deciem uses real ingredients, genuine concentrations and formulations that work. There are no frills when it comes to the serums in this line. There are no special bells and whistles but rather products that work. Everything in the line is under $15 and contain real, effective ingredients with simple formulations. It’s the bare backbone of skincare.

Another really cool thing about their site and products is that all the incredients are listed out at detail so you know you’re not getting fillers or crap.

And their products are cruelty free and vegan! If you have specific skin concerns you can choose products that are oil-free, silicone-free, etc.

I ordered Advanced Retinoid for Mom Sass because she wanted simple, but effective skincare that would help with her sunspots. I purchased the Niacinamide and Zinc serum for myself because I have hyperpigmentation and uneven skin tone. Both of the serums together cost me about $16. Which is absolutely insane. My serum was $5.90, and hers was $9.80.

Let that sink in, my serum costs less than $6.

Even before this arrived at my door, I knew I would love this product. Has that ever happened to you? You look on the internet and see a product that people are completely raving about that doesn’t have any negative reviews? That’s what happened to this serum. I love the concept of simple but genuine formulations at high efficacy but low cost. And Deciem truly delivers with The Ordinary. I’ve used it twice so far, but it’s left my skin feeling hydrated, fresh and plump after every application. I’ll update you guys in a few months when there’s a noticeable difference in my skin tone.

Here are some other Deciem products that are worth checking out from the line!

This primer is $4.90, and already highly recommended by Wayne Goss. It’s a FRACTION of the price of other high-end primers that are silicone-based and made with quality ingredients. I personally don’t wear primers but I would consider picking this up as a moisturizer because it blurs, smoothens, and softens your skin!

This is the serum I picked up for Mom Sass! A lot of anti-aging products are extremely expensive because they have a lot of filler ingredients or unneeded additions in order to market the product. This serum provides the effects of expensive treatments without the high cost, as it uses a simple but effective formulation!

A lot of acne treatments are diluted or ineffective. Sometimes, when using products with salicylic acid on your entire face, it can start to peel because certain areas are more sensitive than others and the treatment is unneeded. Spot treatments are perfect because you can target the areas that need the treatment. That way you won’t be applying salicylic acid to your whole face! This spot treatment is concentrated and effective!

This is the one I picked up! It’s perfect for blemishes, hyperpigmentation, or uneven skin tone! It balances your skin tone and minimalizes blemishes.

There are so many serums in the line and their Twitter is always so helpful if you tweet them! Not to mention there’s tons of details on the site with specific uses for their serums, instructions, and details about ingredient content.

I am not sponsored by Deciem (to be honest, I wish….) but I was just so impressed with their effective but inexpensive skincare that I just had to share it with you guys! I always share new finds and inexpensive treats that I learn about so this was no exception!

What skincare items do you guys use? Do you use serums?

What’s your favorite affordable skincare items?



8 thoughts on “A $6 Skincare Serum?! (Affordable Skincare Recommendations)

  1. Girl I’m all for affordable. ELF has been my go to here lately, but I might have to look into this to help with my blackheads and occasional blemishes.

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    1. They are SO affordable that I was shook! There’s so many serums that you’ll be able to pinpoint which one is best for you. And their Twitter is SO nice with specific recommendations! I just think about the expensive serums that are $50 a bottle and remember that I paid $6 for mine! And even though they’re inexpensive the packaging is still SO refined in my opinion!

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    1. I am SO excited for their new foundations/skin tints! I think they’re definitely going to be a gamechanger and phenomenal. Deciem makes such wonderful products that they never cease to impress me! What else have you tried? Do you have recommendations?


      1. I’m looking forward to trying those out too, they have a great range of shades to suit a large majority. The waiting is killing me, and it sooooo cheap!!! So have only tried the retinol 2%, Niancinamide and zinc and Alpha Arbutin. I’m waiting to run out of the Niancinamide before I allow myself to order a haul. Squalane and the primer is the next on my list!

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      2. I LOVE how they have such a diverse range! I hate it when a foundation comes out and it has like 3 shades. And you just KNOW it’s going to be good and made with quality ingredients because it’s a Deciem product! The hand cream is next on my list (I’m so intrigued!)

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