10 Things (Some) Other Bloggers Do That I Don’t

Blogging is something that is immensely personal, whether your subject matter is or not. Each and every blogger has their own approach to blogging. There are things that other bloggers do that some don’t. There are certain things that I do which other bloggers would never even think of doing. Some approaches that other bloggers do are things that I wouldn’t personally do.

There’s no right or wrong way to do things. Each and every individual is going to have a unique take on things and their own process. Just because we all have similar blogging resources doesn’t mean we’ll do things the same way or utilize the same ones.

So, I thought it would be interesting to do a post about things that other bloggers do that I don’t. This isn’t me trying to be presumptuous or condescending, this is just me sharing my input and views. I’m not saying that this is the right way but rather I am just saying that this is how I do things. You’re allowed to disagree with me and if you do things differently then that’s totally fine. What works for you might not work for me and vice versa.

I know someone’s going to be negative and picky, so I’m going to make it crystal clear. I am in no way saying that I’m an expert and that I’m right. I’m just sharing things that I do that don’t match what other bloggers do. If something works for you, then do it. And I’ll just do what works for me. Now that this disclaimer is out of the way, let’s get started.

10 Things Other Bloggers Do That I Don’t

  1. Have a Twitter just for blogging. I know that some other bloggers have given me criticism and scrutiny for having one singular Twitter. I don’t solely just tweet about personal things and I believe that Twitter is phenomenal because it’s casual, chill and candid. I do share blog posts but I’m also capable of sharing thoughts, what I’ve been eating and funny tweets with all of you! I don’t want to have one of those Twitters that is bland and lacking genuinity. If you want to have your Twitter be just a feed of posts, then that’s totally fine! But I like having a personal touch on mine.
  2. Utilize Bloglovin’. Bloglovin’ is personally not for me. I understand that there are pros to it and a lot of bloggers utilize it to increase visibility and to share their content. However, I don’t like that Bloglovin’ always prompts readers to install their app or join when they click on blog links. Not everyone is going to have a Bloglovin’ account and most people won’t make the effort to download it to read content. I don’t like how it doesn’t directly link to blogs and pages; I feel like that’s in a way, “stealing views.” I personally prefer directly reading blog posts from my Twitter and commenting there so that the blogger gets the views and engagement. But I do understand why others would rather use Bloglovin’. It’s just not for me.
  3. Follow everyone. Some bloggers follow a weird Hammurabi’s Code when it comes to Twitter where they will only follow you if you follow them or they’ll unfollow you if you unfollow them. I personally don’t follow everyone that follows me. I follow accounts that I like which inspire me and are interesting. If they follow me, that’s always nice. But it’s never an obligation or necessity. I’m still going to support you if I believe in your content, even if you are not following me. I think that follow for a follow concept takes the fun out of Twitter.
  4. Comment just to comment. I know plenty of people who comment just to comment. They’ll leave comments with few words BUT they’ll comment on a million posts. I understand and believe in supporting other bloggers but I feel like leaving ungenuine comments isn’t fun for anyone. I believe that when it comes to commenting, quality over quantity is definitely something to keep in mind! I don’t comment on hundreds of blogs per day but I do leave meaningful comments on a few blogs that produce really phenomenal content! I would personally rather have less comments, but they’re thoughtful and meaningful, than tons of comments which are impersonal.
  5. Schedule posts weeks in advance. I know that everyone has a system but I don’t preschedule posts weeks in advance. The most I would schedule a post in advance is a few days. This is because I write when I’m inspired and most of the time I’ll be so excited that I’ll want to publish the post ASAP! I prefer keeping my content fresh, new and current, and I find that when you schedule a post two months in advance they sometimes don’t age well. But I get that people operate differently! I just like to write and publish the next day or that day.
  6. Act impersonal. I fully understand that there’s safety and privacy concerns but there are just some individuals who are so impersonal with their readers! I like to think of you and I as pals who are brunching, where I share you little tips, tricks and recommendations! I love interacting with you all and giving you little glimpses into my personal life! For example, when I shared with you all my career goals and plans for school! I get that there’s a fine line but acting incredibly impersonal or disinterested is something that I won’t do.
  7. Blog with a real name. Every time someone blogs with their full real name, I am always highly impressed. Kudos to them, because I couldn’t. When I first started blogging this guy found me on my personal Facebook and it freaked me out a lot. I decided to blog with a pseudonym for my own privacy and safety, so I adapted the last name Bui. I totally understand why one would blog with their full name, especially if it’s for branding reasons, but I personally choose not to.
  8. Act mean to readers. This is something I do not understand.
  9. Don’t respond to any comments. I understand being busy and falling behind; it happens to me all the time! But never commenting back or never acknowledging comments? I personally get SO happy every time I get a comment and it brightens up my day! So, I guess I always am a little confused when other bloggers don’t respond at all to anyone who comments on their content.
  10. Act ungrateful. I think that the ability and opportunity to share your ideas, thoughts, and viewpoints on the internet is a special one. It’s not like people are just handing out blogs like free samples at Costco. So, whenever I see someone being mean to their readers or ungrateful it always puzzles me a little. I love interacting with you all and helping you if you need it! I love blogging and am never resentful of the fact that I run a blog.

I think we all have a different way of running things, and this is just how I choose to do things! I’m sure there’s plenty of things I do that other bloggers would not! And I’m sure there are some other things bloggers do that I don’t! Blogging is a very personal thing and it’s your own decision on what you do (or do not do). I hope this blog helped you out; it certainly made me reflect on how I blog!

What is something other bloggers do that you don’t?



53 thoughts on “10 Things (Some) Other Bloggers Do That I Don’t

    1. There’s so many different ways to blog that I just wanted to share how I did things! I think everyone has a different approach and I’m glad you shared your thoughts with me! Sometimes it helps to know someone else is thinking the same too! And I appreciate you commenting!

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    1. I really don’t! I understand being a little slow with responses or missing one once in a while (sometimes life gets in the way) but there are some bloggers who respond to NO ONE. That just confuses, and honestly shocks me! I love meeting new bloggers and interacting with new people. And of course, reading their perspective and insight!

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      1. I also think that when you write a blog post you’re knowingly putting the content up for discussion and opinions! I knew this one blogger who told me she HATED getting comments which completely baffled me! So she would just never approve or respond to them! I love hearing what others think and interacting with others so that totally baffled me!

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      2. That’s crazy! Getting comments is so exciting! I feel like the whole purpose of putting up a blog post is to generate conversation! It’s great to hear from other people, especially when they’ve had similar experiences or can relate to the content!

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  1. Well said! But I think you were clear enough that no one will be offended. There’s more than one way to blog… I will say that when I first started, I did the “follow for follow” thing. And if asked I would definitely advise against it. It just clogs up your reader with posts from people who write things that you would never read. I think I’ve finally recovered and gotten down to the blogs that I actually want to follow.

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    1. Thanks for commenting, Alphonso. Some people are SO sensitive when it comes to blogging that I just wanted to make it crystal clear that this post was not coming from a condescending or negative place! And I understand exactly what you’re saying! I did follow for a follow briefly when I started blogging and my feed became cluttered… just like yours did! I find that in the end, I’ll continue to support and follow blogs that I genuinely care about and read regularly.

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  2. I seriously don’t get people who comment just to comment. It’s why I’m somewhat grateful for WordPress’ blacklist. I can understand that occasionally you may not have a lot to say about a post because you might agree with all of it, but commenting just to say “love it” or something like that, that irritates the crap out of me and I feel like it is just spamming the comments section. It’s also why I don’t get people who comment first like on Instagram accounts or are so excited to make the first comment.

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    1. I’m the exact same way! I comment less on people’s blog posts but whenever I do I always comment something significant and relevant. I find that if the post is something that really speaks to me then I’ll comment! But if it’s something that I like but don’t have much to say about… a simple like would suffice. I think that’s much better than a fake “I agree” or “That’s so great!” I know a lot of bloggers love a high quantity of comments but I would just rather have fewer comments of higher quality. If that makes sense!

      And that Instagram thing bothers me so much too!

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  3. Not responding to any comments is something that really bothers and confuses me. One blog that I follow has no comments or likes per post at all, and I’ve tried commenting on a few things, and my comments have been awaiting moderation for several months. I understand that the blogger may not be interested in interacting or starting conversations, but I think that a post without comments is a wasted opportunity.

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    1. I agree completely! I’ve seen a lot of blogs with the same “policy” and it’s something that I never understood. I think when you blog about something you open it up for discussion and other opinions! I think that’s the best part, where you can comment and discuss things and learn new perspectives and viewpoints! I personally love interacting with other bloggers so that always confuses me!

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  4. Hehe I feel the same way about posting as soon as a post is ready! I am always so chuffed to have written something that I can’t wait to share it! I thought that would change once I have been blogging for a while. Or hopefully I’ll just stay all excited forever!

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  5. I am one of those that comments on everything – I honestly leave around 20-30 comments a day… BUT the only difference is that I am REALLY not commenting for the sake of commenting. I follow blogs I find interesting and when I see an interesting post I am inspired to read, and usually I will leave a comment because the post just forced me to, like this one! 🙂 True, I do read posts and just like them instead of commenting because they haven’t inspired me to say anything. That being said, your post inspired me to comment. I blog a little differently to you, but we are one and the same when it comes to scheduling posts beforehand!

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    1. Thank you Natalie! I haven’t heard from you in a while! I hope that you’re doing well and that your week has been starting off right! Thanks for sharing your input!


  6. great post…i really don’t understand the bloggers’s mentally who donot accept your comment only because you are not agreeing with their point??i think some maturity needs to be accepted by every blogger

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  9. I relate to just about all of these. I hope we can be friends in the blogging community 💕 the one I relate to the most is the scheduling. My blog is real time and I am writing my post that day. I may schedule it for the morning and I may have ideas about what I want to blog about but scheduling way ahead is out of the picture for me as well! Great read! !

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  10. I agree with you 100% what works for one person may not work for another and that’s the great thing about blogging it’s your style and your taste with no restrictions keep going girlie! Don’t let anyone dull your shine ✨🙌🏼

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  11. This was really interesting, thank you so much for sharing! I think we are very similar in some respects. I love getting comments and even when one feels a little inauthentic I sometimes can’t help replying with all my thoughts. They’re like my way of adding more to my own conversation haha!

    I was actually thinking this would be a post more about processes than how you treat the day to day attitude/running of your blog, but I was pleasantly surprised how refreshing this was!

    I’d love to see a follow up that focussed on any processes you do do differently, like do you use a different editing program or brainstorm a certain way? Personally I like my posts to publish while I’m away from my desk (sleeping or know I will be out) because then I’m not tempted to do last minute changes! Most people I’m sure like to watch theirs go live or do it manually.

    Thanks for sharing, can’t wait for more!

    xoxo, gemma

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    1. My processes are pretty standard, but I will definitely do a follow-up post and share my tips! Thank you so much for reading and commenting, and I’m so glad you enjoyed the post!


  12. I’m am with you on so many of these. I do use bloglovin but quickly changed how my posts appear with all the page view stealing saga.
    One thing I don’t tend to do that other bloggers do is twitter chats. I simply don’t have time or would rather be focusing my attention on my family.

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  13. I just found you blog through your Twitter…as soon as I saw “unabridged sass” it was an instant follow! I love these; I’m the same with Twitter and Bloglovin’. I definitely think that blogging is something that everyone does differently – the whole point is to get across YOUR personality and we each have a different one of those! Lovely post 🙂 xx

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