Trying Out Lip Liner…Again (Fave Lipstick Combo!)

I don’t use lip liners. I remember that I briefly fell into the lipliner trend back in 2015 when Kylie was just getting started. Everyone was obsessed with MAC Soar and Brave. And of course, those pouty lips. My friend at the time dragged me to Ulta and handed me NYC Cosmetic’s Whipped Caviar and Peekaboo Neutral lip liner. She told me that the combo was fool-proof and iconic. She overlined my lips for the first time ever and I thought it was so cool. I walked around like an idiot with super overlined and unnatural lips before I gave up. I thought it was a hassle and that it was unnecessary.

I also hated sharpening my lip liner so I proceeded to give up on lip liners forever. Fast forward to a few days ago when I purchased Essence Cosmetics lip liner in Frappucino. It’s a creamy, pigmented liner that is retractable. And it is also.. two dollars. It’s been a bit of a learning process trying to line my lips in a way that suits me best, but once I got the hang of it, it wasn’t bad anymore!

I posted a Snapchat of my lipstick for the day and proceeded to be super impressed at how long my lipstick stayed on. I didn’t do a super dark outline and also filled in my lips, for a more natural but defined lip look. I paired the liner with my favorite lipstick, Kat Von D’s Lolita and took it for a whirl!

I did my usual five minute face but the look just seemed extra elevated because of the lipstick! And now, after learning that overlined lips are not my thing and the magic of Essence’s inexpensive and retractable lip pencils, I’ve definitely begun to appreciate lip liners. They truly do help to define your lips and keep your lipstick from fading. 

I love this neutral shade because I think it goes with so many of my lipsticks! I love wearing it with Kat Von D’s Lolita because it’s the perfect match. If they were sold together in a lip kit, they would be perfect. Honestly, with this newfound appreciation for lip liner I might even do a post on adorable lipstick looks (liner + lipstick) since Essence has SO many shades of these retractable liners (I’m going to buy more for sure), and I have tried tons of drugstore lipsticks that would pair wonderfully with them! Or I might even try out that infamous lip kit everyone is trying. Maybe.

All in all, I really love this lip combo and this Essence lip liner! If you’ve never tried a lip liner before this one is perfect because it’s so easy to use and pigmented. It’s only two dollars and goes on smoothly and evenly! And it’s RETRACTABLE. I honestly mention that because I find it such a convenience to just open my liner and use it. I hate products that you have to sharpen! 

Have you guys tried using lip liner? Are you a newbie at it or a seasoned pro? Which one is your favorite? I’m definitely thinking of trying out some other ones (like a red or a mauve) to go with my other lipsticks!

What is your favorite lipstick combo?



6 thoughts on “Trying Out Lip Liner…Again (Fave Lipstick Combo!)

  1. Lip liner is my ride or die. I have invisible to outline the outside of my lips to keep the lip color from bleeding and then I always have a color that matches the lip color I’m putting on. Make Up gurus say don’t do that but I can’t stand the way it looks when you have a lip liner that sticks out like a soar thumb.

    The whole key behind lip liner is seriously just to make your lipstick last longer and make the color more pigmented, nothing more. And you did an amazing job! It’s always better to go with your natural lip line than anything. I’m with you on the over lined lips thing where everyone is in this trend of making their lips look different.

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    1. I’m about to buy a liner for my main lip colors, because they have to match. I’m weird about it… I don’t like the weird quasi ombré kinda look.

      Thank you for the little tidbits of information! I figured that was the true purpose but people get SO “creative” with lip liner that I was always kind of repelled by it. I don’t like making my lips look different so I just use my natural lip line! It keeps my lip stick from fading and helps it last longer without making my lips look weird! Hahaha. Trends come and go but sometimes people go way too far and add like an extra 4mm to their lip size. And you can SEE the liner on the bare skin. Nope.

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      1. That’s always been my problem with it to be honest. I hate when I can tell. I use a nude for most light pinks and a hot pink for the darker colors.

        And do not feel weird about it! You do you and do what makes you feel beautiful!

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      2. I have a nude one, but I think I’m gonna get a red and mauve to suit all my needs! CVS has free shipping + 30% off right now so I might get a few retractable ones.

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