The Story of How I Started My Blog

I have definitely come a long way since I first started blogging seven months ago. I promised you guys that I’d tell you the story of how I started my blog, so here we go.

I had always wanted to start a blog. I had quite a few personal ones that I used as journals when I was younger and a few small lifestyle blogs throughout my teenage life. But they weren’t anything substantial and I didn’t have the knowledge, dedication or passion that I needed to successfully blog.

I had the strong writing background from being an editor for two years in high school, and editor-in-chief the last two years for my high school paper. I took communications courses in college and had always been a very good writer. I loved reading blogs, books, and various forms of media. I always read The College Prepster and Cupcakes and Cashmere (back in its prime), among other blogs.During

During undergrad, I told my college boyfriend that I wanted to blog and he always laughed at the blogs I started. They were always personal and kind of low-key petty. Although they were humorous and witty, they didn’t serve any real purposes. Besides being my journal.

The truth is, I was always curious about starting a lifestyle blog. I started a YouTube channel that I ran for a summer before I stopped making videos. The truth is, I hated making videos. The process took so much time and I hated how I came off on video. I knew was far better suited for writing and blogging than being a Youtuber.

It wasn’t until the summer before my last year of college that I had decided to take destiny into my own hands. I had hated the job that I was working at and was so miserable. I was putting all of my hard work and energy into something that I did not believe in. I was underpaid and treated without respect and knew that I needed to leave. My friend Azeem contacted me and told me about an internship at his current company. It sounded perfect and I applied immediately.

I was so incredibly excited and I wanted to tell someone about it. I didn’t know who but I just wanted to write all about it. So, at about 2 am on a random summer night, I headed over to WordPress. I registered and then wrote my very first post. I had a gut feeling that this time, things were different. This blog was going to be different. I didn’t get the job, but I got something even better. I got this website.

Anytime I had a question about my site, I googled it. I customized my blog by myself and built it by myself. I worked at designing the banner and producing new content. After tirelessly trying to code and format my site, I finally finished it. I continued to post new posts and to slowly build my blog.

Of course, in the beginning, a lot of people laughed at me. So many people told me that it sounded like a silly hobby and that I shouldn’t expect anyone to read my site or to profit from it. I told each and every one of them that I wasn’t doing this for the views or the money. I was doing this because I loved doing it and because it made me happy.

Even if all my photos on the blog were kind of poor and my blog design wasn’t the best. They still laughed at me.

I ignored all the laughs and side commentary every time I took a picture for my blog or whenever I was writing blog posts. I shamelessly admitted to having barely any followers or comments. I knew my blog was small but that didn’t stop me from putting my heart and soul into it.

I remember deciding to invest the $20 to purchase my own domain. I had felt nervous and unsure but finally  took the plunge and did it. It was the first real investment that I had made in myself and represented that I was truly going to believe in myself.

I had felt detached to a lot of lifestyle blogs because the other bloggers always seemed so disingenuous and a little condescending. They were always these picture-perfect women who were gorgeous, thin, and dressed in designer labels and with perfect photographer boyfriends. That wasn’t me. And that wasn’t what I wanted for my blog.

I didn’t want to create a site where I was telling people how to live and showing them a fake, phony, and curated life. I wanted to show them my real life. I wanted to share my real input and perspectives, and to be unabashedly honest and candid. Life isn’t perfect but that’s the beauty of it.

I didn’t want this site to feel like Gwyneth Paltrow giving people advice. I wanted it to feel like me and the readers were pals sitting at brunch or shopping at Sephora. I wanted the blog to have the vibe of genuinity with a bunch of sass and humor. And now, retrospectively, I think I’ve accomplished that.People always asked me for advice and input when it came to fashion, food, and beauty. My friends would always ask me for recommendations and I would always be willing to share! I believed that this blog would be my platform for sharing things that I love and ideas that I thought of! It always warms my heart when I get a tweet, comment or DM from you all saying that you tried something that’s The Unabridged Sass approved and that it worked wonderfully for you!

People always asked me for advice and input when it came to fashion, food, and beauty. My friends would always ask me for recommendations and I would always be willing to share! I believed that this blog would be my platform for sharing things that I love and ideas that I thought of! It always warms my heart when I get a tweet, comment or DM from you all saying that you tried something that’s The Unabridged Sass approved and that it worked wonderfully for you!

A lot of people laughed at me in the beginning and questioned if my blog was going to amount to anything. And I think I’ve proven them, and my insecurities, wrong. Seven months later, I’m still going strong and this blog has grown more and more as time passes by. I still remember freaking out when I hit twenty five followers, and now I’m at much more than that. It’s definitely an awesome feeling when you know that something you’ve put your heart and soul into is successful.

I’ve learned so much about blogging, design, social media, and content production over these past seven months. But the truth is, I’ve learned even more about myself. I’ve learned so much about myself throughout this whole experience and am grateful every day that I have the opportunity to do this.

I don’t do this for the views but I do it for all of you. I do it because I love hearing from all of you and getting tweets and Snapchats about what you’ve all been up to. I love seeing new perspectives and talking with everyone that I’ve met because of blogging. And if it wasn’t for all of you, this blog would just be another random WordPress blog. So thank you for reading, commenting, and for making my day. I appreciate all of you.

It’s definitely been quite the experience and I’m always excited to see what else the future holds for me. This blog has captured some of my biggest milestones and personal events. I wrote about my college graduation and I wrote about my decision to become a Medical Lab Scientist (and eventually a Lab Director). I heard from one of the schools I applied to, and I got accepted into my first program today! I’m still waiting back to hear from my first choice (this prestigious clinical practicum in Chicago), but I am extremely excited. I can’t wait to look back at all of this one day and read about it.

So, that’s the story of how I made this blog. The how, the when, and the why. I’m so glad that all of you have decided to come along for the ride. I promise you that things will never get boring and that they’ll be always sassy, never abridged.

What is your blogging story?



25 thoughts on “The Story of How I Started My Blog

  1. Thanks for sharing your story! I actually just took the plunge and purchased my own domain yesterday and I definitely felt the nerves you described in this post. I’m glad you decided to start this blog even after people didn’t believe in you in the beginning, because I really enjoy your content!

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    1. I think that buying your own domain is the first big plunge you take (after you sign up, that is!). I’m glad you decided to do it! It’s definitely a BIG step! And thank you so much, I appreciate the kind words! I hope you’re doing well and that you’ve had a great week so far!


  2. Thank you for sharing your story! I can totally relate and feel the same way. I’m on my last semester of undergrad and I’m getting sick and tired of being underpaid and being taking advantaged of. I hated writing content and marketing for companies that I’m honestly not interested in and one of the main reasons why I started my own blog. May I ask what site you used to invest $20 to purchase your domain? I’ve been conflicted on what sites to choose on this one. Thanks again! Your story definitely inspired me 🙂

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    1. I’m glad you could relate to my story! I feel like everyone has that one terrible work experience in undergrad that makes them stronger and more resilient! And I’m glad you’re producing your own content on YOUR terms!

      I bought the domain through WordPress and it cost about $18. I bought it through WP because I didn’t know how to go about it and how to purchase it on another site! If you purchase it on another site it might be cheaper. ALSO, if you look it up on GoDaddy you have to buy it when you first look it up because even if you look at the price again like 10 minutes later they’ll mark it up significantly! I bought it through WordPress because I didn’t know any better and because I only wanted to spend the minimum, I didn’t purchase the privacy with it. I really wish I had because people called me nonstop when I first purchased the domain advertising website design. They called like 6x a day! I like that I purchased it through WP because it made things easier and also because when I upgraded my WP plan they subtracted the cost of the domain, thus making the plan upgrades cheaper! I hope that cleared things up and answered your question!

      Thank you so much for commenting and I really appreciate that my story helped you out! If you have any more questions don’t ever hesitate to ask!

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  3. Love love love ❤ When you just start feeling good about life, good things begin to happen for you. I have always fully believed in that. This blog definitely seems to have been one of those things for you! Plus I quite enjoy all of your posts to be honest ❤

    I'm with soobeautis on where you decided to purchase your domain? SBG is almost a year old and I've been considering taking the plunge but unsure where to go with registering.

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    1. Thank you so much for the kind words! I definitely think my blog is a perfect example of that. I believe that things happen for a reason and I think that if I had started my blog sooner/not then things wouldn’t have worked out like they have now!

      I purchased my domain through WordPress because I wasn’t very knowledgeable. If I had known better I would have bought it through GoDaddy or another domain site (if you go with GoDaddy purchase your domain the first time you look it up! If you look it up again later, even if only for 25 minutes or so, they’ll increase the price!), because I’ve heard from others that it is cheaper. But I knew that WordPress would make it easy for me, which they did. I didn’t purchase “protection” of my information when I purchased the domain though, so tons of people called me for the first week I owned it advertising web design services. The internet kinda goes crazy when you purchase a new domain. But I like that WP made it easy and that they did everything when it came to connecting my domain and the site. I also like WP because when I purchased my domain, and then upgraded my “plan,” the fact that I bought my domain using WP gave me a good discount! They subtracted my domain cost ($18) from each plan. So upgrading to the personal plan was a STEAL.

      I think there’s a lot of ways you could go about it, but that’s what I chose to do! WP definitely made things effortless and simple, and I liked the discount on my plan upgrades! I hope that helped!

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      1. Definitely helpful! And I’m just so glad that you’re happy with your blog. that’s all that really matters ❤

        I'll definitely look at GoDaddy but we shall see. I'm still not 100% ready to make that leap yet.

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      2. I really am! It’s definitely something I love to do and makes me happy. I think that’s the true definition of successful blogging. It doesn’t matter about the views or followers as long as you’re happy!

        Also, I think WP has a flat rate of $18 but I’m unsure. So it’s worth checking both and comparing prices! And there’s nothing wrong with taking time to buy your domain. Or for making any blogging decision for that matter! I want to move my blog to square space someday but I’m still not ready, and some decisions are just big ones!

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    1. Thank you so much! I’m glad you think I seem good at it! I would like to think that I am! And I’m glad you enjoyed the post and that it gave you a bit of inspiration! Don’t ever hesitate if you have any questions! And thanks for commenting. Have a great weekend!

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  4. Congratulations on getting into the program, and thank you for sharing your lovely story – beginnings are always a little shaky, and I’m definitely feeling that right now, but your anecdote is really inspirational. Hope you have a fab weekend 🙂

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  5. I love your story and I also feel like lifestyle blogs should be real. Congratulations on getting into the programme. I’m also a fresher studying medical laboratory science. Some people think that lab scientists do nothing other than carry out tests but there are so many opportunities and I’m looking forward to exploring the profession. I just love your perseverance and it has inspired me as I’m new to blogging

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    1. Thank you so much Jen! I think that MLS is a really niche field and people don’t understand how complex it truly is. There’s so many opportunities and subspecialties… different paths and directions. I’m actually not a freshman at all–I just graduated with my Bachelor’s in Biology (maybe I just look young lol) and plan on going to graduate school for MLS. And I’m glad you enjoyed the post and that it inspired you!

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