Monochromatic Chic On The Streets and Chicago Sweets

OKAY, it has only been like two (three?) days since I made the big announcement that I was going to start blogging twice a week. I’m still figuring out exactly the logistical stuff (if I want to do one personal post a week and one content, or intertwine both for two posts a week… I’ll just have to wait and see!), but consider this the ~official~ test first post!

I think because I’m going to post less that my posts will be longer. But we’ll see! I haven’t done an outfit post in a while and I had a fun weekend, so I decided to combine them both and do a post!

During my little brother’s spring break he needed a chaperone for a trip that he wanted to make out and about in Chicago with his friend. So, because they wanted to bring the coolest non-adult-but-considered-adult-by-parents, they asked me. I agreed to go with them because I never turn down the change to venture around the city.

I have been wearing the Tarte Cosmetics Lights Camera Lashes mascara and I am obsessed. I apply a coat or two of my Lush Cosmetics Eyes Right Mascara because it nourishes my lashes and makes them super hydrated and soft, and then apply like two coats of this Tarte mascara. It is TO DIE FOR. I’m really picky about mascaras but I love this one. It lengthens and volumizes my lashes but doesn’t make them feel clumpy, hard, or heavy! My lashes still feel soft and lightweight even after a bunch of coats! And it is so easy to wash off. That might be because of my Lush mascara base coats but I’m unsure.

We walked all around downtown and out and about, then stopped at Dylan’s Candy Bar. If you haven’t been there… it’s like Willy Wonka moved to NYC to build a boutique of candy.

Do we all love my color coordination for this outfit shot? I’ll go into details about what I wore a little bit later in the post. We picked up a few goodies and had a few samples. I found out that Caribbean punch Mike N Ike’s are SO GOOD, even though I hate the normal ones. I may need to grab some in bulk.

The Chicago store has this wall of “famous favorites” which is always so fun to check out!

I guess Rihanna really likes pink candy!

After that we headed to Shake Shack for lunch (of course I got cheese fries).

Every region has their burger place–Cali has In-N-Out, NYC & Chicago have Shake Shack, Texas has What-a-burger (which I don’t like too much). I still prefer In-N-Out out of all of these places, but the Shack sauce at Shake Shack is so good. I thought it tasted weird the first time I tried it but I became obsessed. 

I don’t know how they make it but I wish they did!

Nugget and his friend wanted to check out a few touristy spots and so I agreed!

After that we walked to the Shedd Aquarium (if you ever visit me I’ll make you walk a LOT) where the line was extremely long. It was so long that we decided to go to the field museum!

I am so annoyed that I didn’t check that my purse logo (hello, Kate Spade!) was facing the camera while I had these snaps taken.

I wore dark wash skinny jeans, a floral blouse (H&M) with a matching cardigan (J.Crew)! And of course, the aforementioned Kate Spade and my J.Crew coat that I insist on wearing even though it’s too big. It’s my Blair Waldorf coat.

And I had to take pictures in the museum even though the lighting was terrible. (My hair is getting really long, isn’t it?!)

There were tons of exhibits to check out. They’re really big in size so you never get bored! I’ve been here a lot of times in my twenty one years so I wasn’t excited as the boys, but the museum is always fun!

I did make them stop at the lab though! I just can’t help myself! We all know I’m a scientist.

And one of my favorite exhibits on gemstones! I always stop at this exhibit and marvel at how gorgeous these pieces are.

After that we walked along Lake Shore path and alongside the lake.

I love walking along the lake. It’s one of my favorite things to do when I’m stressed and always calms me down. Chicago is one of those cities where you just have to walk around downtown!

I’m not going to pretend like I didn’t wear practical footwear for a day of walking around…

You guys have seen this peacoat a bunch of times but it is my love. I bought it off of Poshmark because I could not find a green coat for winter, and paid only $15 for it! Everyone always asks me where I got it because it is such a unique piece. It is a J.Crew and came brand new (without tags) once I ordered it. It’s a size small and occasionally looks really baggy on me.

But other than that, I love it! I’ve been spotted across the street and on campus (back when I was a student) all the time because of this coat.

If you need to find nice pieces I highly recommend taking a peek at Poshmark! Sometimes you’ll find your hidden treasure in someone else’s unwanted wardrobe!

Nugget and I have very different styles. He’s more athleisure/hypebeast/downtown while my style is more classic feminine chic with a splash of preppy. I’m definitely more uptown.

I like J.Crew and Kate Spade while he likes Nike and streetwear. We’re polar opposites but he’s still my little brother!

We took an Uber to the French market and finished off with dinner! I have been dying to try Poke and I finally did!

I got the marinated salmon volcano bowl with brown rice. Imagine sushi but in a bowl form! I got the big, but definitely think I’ll opt for a small next time I get it. It’s a lot more food than you think, although it’s in a little bowl!


I wanted fries. Belgian fries. With truffle mayo.

Even if I had cheese fries for lunch!

I love fries. But y’all know that. Did I ever tell you guys that when I was a sophomore in AP European History I did a project about Belgium and could not stop thinking about the fries? I think I may have told you guys that.

And that was the day! But before I left the French market I spotted something that I had been looking for, for a very long time.

Oreo chocolate bars. These have been impossible to hunt down and I’m so glad that I grabbed them at the market! They’re amazing.

Oh, and there was a package waiting for me when I got home! My new glasses came!

Pretty cute, huh?

So, that was my little adventure chaperoning! Do you guys like museums? Which one is your favorite? Oh! And what is your favorite candy? Tell me in the comments below!

“Living is like tearing through a museum. Not until later do you really start absorbing what you saw, thinking about it, looking it up in a book, and remembering – because you can’t take it in all at once.”

-Audrey Hepburn

What is your favorite museum, and candy?



18 thoughts on “Monochromatic Chic On The Streets and Chicago Sweets

  1. Favorite museum was when we were visiting my aunt and uncle in Norfolk, VA. Chesapeake has a pretty nice Aeronautics museum that covers it all probably better than the Smithsonian (I might be biased). I went to space camp for a solid 5 years and can probably still tell you more about NASA than most 23 year olds know LOL

    Love LOVE love the outfit you wore! So chic yet so comfy for walking around the city. Also love the new blog logo ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That sounds so fun! I also love the Museum of Surgical Science and the Museum of Science and Industry! And I would consider all of that NASA knowledge a plus!

      Thank you so much! I wanted something comfortable but cute and I think I achieved it pretty well! And as for the blog logo I didn’t have one for SO long and it wasn’t for a while until I realized that I needed one ASAP.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. I love it! I’ve been thinking about moving to TX for my program and I’m definitely going to miss everything CHI has to offer but I’ve lived here for four years (and in the suburbs for the rest of my life!).

      I love Dylan’s Bar!!! It’s such a cool idea that I wish I had thought of it myself!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. That sounds exciting! Whatever you decide, I’m sure you’ll be happy with it. A change of scenery can be good sometimes! And Dylan’s is definitely such a cool idea! I’ve never seen anything else like it

        Liked by 1 person

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