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The Story Of How I Got Model Scouted

Ultimate update: My blog is fixed now but in the process of fixing things this blog post disappeared so I had to repost it!

Update right before I post this: Right now my blog is broken AF. Like… extremely broken. My IT team, aka my cousin Leo is fixing everything right now and I have no idea when my blog will be “normal” again.

I definitely am going to blog about the transition from to self-hosted WordPress and the whole crazy experience (along with a few other things!). So please excuse any blog weirdness, especially since everything is under construction! 

I didn’t want to skip the Thursday post, especially since I only post 2x a week.

Enjoy the post! 

Today I am sharing with you all a story that is pretty unexpected. But before that, I just thought that I’d share the deets as to what lipstick I’m wearing and what I’ve been up to.

The day that I write this, I will be flying out to Dallas FW again to visit my grandmother. I’ve currently been “shopping” my makeup collection and rediscovering old favorites.

My all-time favorite lipstick used to be this one. Whipped Caviar by NYX is this gorgeous mauve-y pink shade that provides the perfect oomph to my natural lip color. I pair it with my favorite, and only lip liner, Frappucino by Essence Cosmetics. It is the perfect nude shade that pairs perfectly with any “my lips but better” shade.

Anyways, on to the story! I normally don’t make videos but I thought that I would experiment a little bit with media to keep things fresh. This isn’t a story that I’ve told many people but it’s definitely a funny (and interesting) one. I won’t spoil the ending, but I think it’ll be a story that you all enjoy!

I’m about to go eat my chips and salsa on this flight. I’m sure alternate universe model Chrissey would be drinking Evian or somethi

Do you guys like storytime videos? Do you like videos in general? I might throw one or two more in the mix!

“My blog is f-ing broken.”

-Chrissey Bui





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  2. Todd Mcguire says

    wondering what a nice girl like you is doing without a boyfriend… you must be high maintenance and require fancy meals.


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