Ways I’ve Changed After College

It was a usual kind of day, and as I walked over to wash my hands in the sink I was thinking about cheese fries. I’m not going to lie to you guys, in that moment I was thinking about cheese fries and how badly I wanted some. If it makes you feel better you can pretend that I was thinking about candle holders or green smoothies. But I was thinking about cheese fries.

As I looked up at the mirror in front of me, I took a long hard look, and then realized that I had barely recognized myself. I was refined, a lot more grown up and mature than I was before. My hair, my makeup, and my style were almost completely different than when I was in undergrad. Somehow, I wasn’t the same sassy and spontaneous person that I was before. But the truth is, I liked who I had become.

(2014, y’all!)

When I was in college I wore bright and bold lipstick, had a messy lob and dressed pretty colorfully. I was sassy, outspoken, and honestly naive. I ate terribly and I was pretty brazen. I don’t think that those were necessarily bad things, but I do think that I am a lot more mature now.

It definitely didn’t happen all at once, it wasn’t like I woke up one morning and was an adult woman (am I even considered an adult woman now?). Gradually, things changed about me and I definitely noticed them but not as much as I do at this very moment.

I stopped impulsively buying makeup and started investing in products that were high quality and a little more expensive (but worth it). I began to use all of my products in my makeup collection before buying new ones and started to use the same products every day. I’ve never been a skincare person at all but I began to invest in skincare products to take care of my skin and to prevent aging. My bold lipsticks and eye shadows disappeared and were replaced by nudes, roses, and mauves. And my routine became significantly simpler.

My style became more elegant, refined and elevated than it was before. I began purchasing more versatile and “investment” type pieces. I still buy on-trend pieces, but not as often as my capsule pieces. I purged my closet a while ago with my mother and the effects have become very obvious. I’m definitely not a college student anymore.

I’ve been a healthier eater and enjoy more elevated and diverse foods than I did in college, although I’ve always been a foodie and a food lover. I will admit that I eat chips and salsa, Taco Bell, and cheese fries a lot less. Even though I still love all those things.

Even my blog content has changed! It’s definitely shifted a little bit, and I truly like it. I like where it’s headed and I’m excited to see what The Unabridged Sass becomes.

I think I’ve changed significantly mentally and emotionally. I’ve definitely learned to pick my battles and to let things go. I’ve learned how to be more mature and not as petty and frivolous. There’s just some things that you have to experience to learn, and outside of a world surrounded by frat houses and pizza boxes there is so much to learn. Sometimes, I admittedly make decisions that surprise me because I never would have made the “better” choice in college. Whether it’s tweeting something petty or passive aggressive tendencies, I’ve let that go.

During my college career I would constantly want to be surrounded with people and to share everything and anything. But I’ve learned since then the importance of my inner circle (I’ve actually kept in contact with very few people from college) and keeping some things to myself. I’ve learned that it’s great to have a support system but that also some things are for me to know and handle on my own. There’s no need for me to constantly update everyone with my life anymore, the important people know.

(Also a cool thing about graduating college is that there’s no constantly having to deal with people and their unnecessary drama because you won’t have to see the same people every day in classes and the dorms!)

There’s a lot of other things and if I sat here and listed them all we would be here forever but my point is that being out here in a post-graduate world, you change a lot. It’s crazy to think how much I’ve changed and how different things are than months ago when I was walking through campus to my Public Health lecture. But it’s definitely a very real phenomenon (and I fully understand what my older friends were talking about).

And the truth is, without sounding pretentious at all, is I like who I’m becoming. I like the changes that have occurred and how I’m constantly growing and learning more and more about myself and the world surrounding me. It’s not a bad thing. Change, that is. I’m absolutely fascinated to see the person I’m going to become and how each and every day I get a little bit closer.

I’m going to be completely different (in some ways) when I graduate from my program and I’m going to be the same in others. My mother once told me, “Christine, I am still learning and growing like you are… except I know more.” I’m always going to be growing and changing. It’s never going to stop.

There’s going to be people who try to make you feel bad and accuse you of changing… I often find those people to be the ones incapable of moving forward. Embrace your own personal growth and enjoy the change. One day you’ll look back and marvel at the progress.

“We should not judge people by their peak of excellence; but by the distance they have traveled from the point where they started.”

-Henry Ward Beecher

What’s a way that you’ve changed? Do you think personal growth is necessary?




11 thoughts on “Ways I’ve Changed After College”

  1. I love your insight. Sometimes we don’t stop to really contemplate how much we actually change. I can definitely see the change in me from high school to college to this moment. I’ve learned so much about myself and am still trying to discover more.

    Thanks for sharing!

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    1. Thank you so much for commenting and for following! I’ve been crazy busy so I’m behind on the commenting! I think whenever you move from one stage of your life there’s always a lot of noticeable change. Of course we are always discovering more and more and learning but it’s especially around these times that it’s noticeable! I love your input and I’m glad you enjoyed the post!

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  2. Great post! I loved reading your thoughts about how you’ve grown and matured since college. I feel the same way. I feel like you should be constantly learning and growing as a person. Change is good, especially if it’s a change for the better 😄😄

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    1. Hey Angela! Sorry for the late response–things have been crazy! And I think it’s so imperative that we constantly mature and grow as individuals—especially when there’s a lot of change that always correlates with a lot of learning! And I agree, is always good when it’s for the better!

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  3. I think it’s so easy to perceive change as negative, just because it feels different and unfamiliar, but I love that you’ve really pulled out all the good points of it. It’s good to change because it shows that you’re growing and learning as person – which are two things we should all always strive to do!

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    1. I think a lot of people are afraid of change for the exact reasons you mentioned! I think one of the best things we can do is learn from the experiences we’ve had and to consistently move forward! And I agree completely with how you worded that–“change shows how you’re growing and learning as a person.” I love that! I hope you’re doing well and that everything is going well!


  4. I can definitely see huge differences when I compare the person I am now to the person I was 5 years ago, at 20. At this point of our live, big changes happen and, suddenly, you look at yourself and you are an adult. Some things no longer matter. Others do more. We spend our whole life growing and changing and that’s the fun part 🙂

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  5. Change is a necessary part of growth. Though my college experience is almost non existent, things happen all throughout our lives that shape us. Its inspiring to see someone recognizing their own changes, and embracing them. And the quote at the end was great.

    My change has been quite dramatic from the person I was to the person I am. But every part of that growth is an important step to becoming the bet version of me.

    Thank you for sharing


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