Lipstick That Lasts Longer Than Your Last Relationship

This story starts like many of my stories–in a Target. I happen to love Target, by the way. I think you guys are all well aware of that but I just wanted to make sure. (I know someone is going to accuse me of being sponsored by Target, but I’m really not. I wish I was lol).

I was perusing the aisles with my aunts, my grandmother, and my cousin William when my Aunt Tiana stopped me for a moment and asked, “Christine, I want a lipstick that will last all day after eating and drinking, one that won’t fade. Which one should I get?” She asked the right person for the job, as I pointed to this Revlon lipstick that I had heard phenomenal things about. One thing led to another, and I ended up with one myself. That kind of thing just happens in Target, and I tell myself that it’s so common that it can’t be characterized as a bad habit.

I had heard tons of phenomenal things about the Revlon Colorstay Overtime lipcolor. But I also knew that I needed to see it to believe it. After owning so many lipsticks from the same family, I challenged myself to pick a shade that wasn’t one I had already.

No dusty mauve, rose nude or anything in that realm. I’m not going to lie… I 100% have a type. I opted for a pretty raspberry shade and was excited to give it a try. And to also be the harshest critic that I could be. I was going to follow the instructions (so many people bash a product but are incapable of following the instructions) and only apply ONCE. No touch ups, nada. I was going to give it no help and to just live my normal day and to do my thing.

And I was going to Snapchat it (PS y’all should follow me on Snapchat…)

I first applied the base color. It went on completely smoothly and was incredibly pigmented. It didn’t accentuate any fine lines and applied seamlessly. I love how smooth and saturated it was and how it didn’t feel heavy. The lip color wasn’t sticky or tacky and felt weightless. My lips felt like my lips, they just had a lot prettier color to them.

I think for some matte lipstick fans, they could just wear the base shade and get away with it. But I wanted to try the full product. I waited for it to dry, which didn’t take too long (approx 2 minutes for full 100% dryness) and then proceeded with the gloss.

To clarify, I hate lip gloss. But I really enjoyed the gel-like gloss of this lip product. The gloss also glided on smoothly and wasn’t sticky or heavy. It’s a nice gel-like formula that has a nice little oomph of shine. It doesn’t leave my lips feeling oily af or sticky like gum.

Also, the inner obsessive and picky af person inside of me nearly screamed when I realized that upon applying the gloss on the fully dry layer… my gloss brush was still 100% CLEAN. My gloss didn’t turn a weird pale pink and the colors didn’t mix. My gloss and brush was uncontaminated and CLEAR AND CLEAN. This is a big deal, y’all. I’m weird like that.

Gorgeous (the lip color, not me). After a little while my lips kind of absorbed the gloss and left it feeling like a semi-matte gloss finish.

I kissed my hands multiple times and it did not transfer. The lip color stayed intact and I decided to wait and see how long it would take until it faded…

I touched my lips and nothing happened. I went out in the Texan sun and my lipstick didn’t melt. It didn’t crease, smudge, feather or do a damn thing. I ran errands, ate a bunch of snacks, and drank a lot of water throughout the day and my lip color stayed intact. The glossiness slowly went away (that was a given) but the lipstick was still intact. My lip color didn’t fade.

I decided that at the end of the day, I would give it the ultimate test. I bought a cup of che (Vietnamese dessert) which is super liquidy and messy (it dribbles on your lips). I decided to also eat a greasy af quesadilla for dinner because I was craving it. Cheesy, melty, greasy messiness. With salsa and quesadilla on top.

No matter how much I slurped up my che or ate it with a spoon, or licked guacamole and salsa off my lips the lip color was still in place. I drank my water and I ate freely and (purposely) messily. My lipstick was still intact.

Here it is, at the very end of the day.

Lip color intact. I applied a layer of gloss after I took this photo just to see what would happen and it looked basically identical to my first application. This stuff is no joke, this lipstick will probably last longer than your last relationship.

I also touched my lips a million times today… and nada! I kissed my hand too and it didn’t transfer!

I made the executive decision to wipe it off before I went to bed. One wipe with my baby wipe and nada. I had to seriously scrub to get it to come off. This stuff is magic.

It is, by far, the most long lasting lipstick I have ever worn. It even beats Kat Von D’s Lolita which barely survived a dinner of deep dish. This lipstick lasted all day and was bulletproof. It goes on smoothly, is pigmented and amazingly long-lasting. I’m highly impressed by the quality of this lipstick and am baffled that I paid $8 for it.

You know that expensive Lipsense stuff that the Internet is trying to sell? Buy this instead. It’s eight dollars and worth every penny.

I do wonder if one side will run out before the other, but I consider that a problem for another day.

“Beauty, to me, is about being comfortable in your own skin. That, or a kick-ass red lipstick.”
-Gwyneth Paltrow

What was the last lipstick that impressed you? What’s your favorite long lasting af lipstick?




16 thoughts on “Lipstick That Lasts Longer Than Your Last Relationship

  1. I’m definitely going to need to try this out! I think there might be a trend where drugstore liquid lips also have a gloss component (I have a Maybelline and Revlon that do).Though I am also not the hugest fan of glosses, I’m down for anything that doesn’t need reapplication!

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    1. I think you could definitely use it without the gloss and it would just be like a matte liquid lipstick! There’s also a Rimmel one (I’ve never tried it!) that’s supposed to be good too. But this Revlon one is BOMB. It lasted through me eating Mexican food, which makes me think it’ll last through anything!

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  2. Hahaha, A+ for the blog title!! But your post sold me. The Revlon Colorstay foundation is one of my holy grail products so it only makes sense that this lipstick would be just as promising. I’ll have to try it. And you’re so cute with the dog filter! x

    Valerie //

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    1. Hahaha thank you so much! I appreciate a little humor in little things! I never really opted for Revlon for lip products so I was very surprised when this was such a smash hit. You’ll have to tell me how you like it!

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  3. I just wish I lived in the US so that I could literally raid Target and get everything haha – nice post! Very inspiring quote too, I will be sure looking out for the lipstick that actually probably lasts a lot longer than my last relationship 🙂

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  4. Good heavens, you’ve found a unicorn with this lipstick! I’ve tried so many and they all disappoint me, but haven’t given Revlon a shot in ages. I love the berry shade you picked, too! I’m all about bold red and that’s a pain when it rubs off, so I’ll have to try this lipstick out!


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    1. I hadn’t given Revlon a try in a long time either, and definitely didn’t think this lipstick would perform as well as it did! It definitely surprised me and gave me quite a shock!


  5. With all of the great long-wearing lipsticks out there now (especially my favorite Lipsense), I don’t even want to bother with regular “bullet” lipsticks anymore lol. I just hate having to reapply or would get too busy & forget– until I get home at night & look in the mirror hahaha. No need to worry about that anymore 🙂

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  6. The title of this post may just be my favourite 😂😂 i also love Revlon products and haven’t heard of this one but may have to give it a try after reading this 😁 anything that can stay on after eating is amazing! Xo

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