My Top 5 Holy Grail Beauty Products

I have admittedly tried a lot of products. But when I find a holy grail product, boy do I find a holy grail product. Once I find an absolutely amazing product that blows me away, I bond to it for life.

I decided to share my five products, THE five beauty products that I would only subside on if I was absolutely forced to. Shockingly enough, there is a hair product in here too which says a lot because I am incredibly lazy with my hair.

This is my deserted island, ride or die list. I managed to somehow pick only five items, although I admit that it was hard to pick only five. But nevertheless I persisted!

So, let’s take a peek into my beauty bag…

(PS I do not keep my hair products in here or anything like that, it just sounded better than “let’s get started” because that’s what I always say!)

Urban Decay Brow Box in Brown Sugar

This is my go-to, ride or die eyebrow kit. I used to hate powders but then I tried this kit with wax and I immediately fell in love. The wax is so easy to work with and the powders apply and blend like a dream. I have done eyebrows for tons of people using my kit (like mini makeovers) and they are all ALWAYS in love with their eyebrows after. I don’t think I will ever purchase another eyebrow product in my life. I love how convenient it is and how there are tweezers and brushes in the bottom!

I always think (aka every time I use this) about how Urban Decay had this on sale for $9 and I swooped it up because they changed their packaging, and how it now costs $30 and I get a little sad. But I’m still going to buy it… because it’s worth it.

Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer

This is my go-to bronzer. It applies so easily and blends out effortlessly. This is the only bronzer I trust for contour and it doesn’t make my face look splotchy or muddy. It’s the best bronzer that I have ever tried in my life and smells like a vacation that you deserve. It’s a unique soft powder-ish texture that makes blending it so easy and so effortless.

Physicians Formula Eye Booster Lash Boosting Eyeliner and Serum

I originally thought it was a gimmick but this eyeliner truly has made my lashes grow longer and become thicker! The pen is super easy to use and manipulate and I am able to line my upper lash line and truly get the best stroke out of it. It’s pigmented, easy to use, and doesn’t get weird and dry. I usually hate eyeliner pens because they get dry af in like a week. It’s a super underrated eyeliner and by far the best liner pen I’ve used. And it makes your lashes grow! (I use the shade brown). It also doesn’t irritate my eyes and is perfect for sensitive eyes.

Estée Lauder Double Wear Foundation in Pure Beige

I already wrote a blog post about how much I love this foundation, but I swear it is the greatest foundation that has ever existed for my oily skin. It lasts forever, doesn’t get oily or nasty on my skin, makes my face look like there’s a permanent filter on it, and is so pigmented. It’s the only foundation I like and worth every penny. I do wish it came with a pump, but I’ll forgive it because it’s so amazing.

Biosilk Silk Therapy

I am going to casually slide in a photo of my hair because it has been looking bomb af recently.

Okay, and another because my hair has been extra bomb.

This is the only hair product (besides shampoo and conditioner) that I use and the fact that it’s the only hair product on this list says a lot. I have straight, thick and coarse hair that is super prone to split ends and being dry and crusty at the ends. I tried this hair oil and it completely changed my life. I had tried coconut oil and other products but found that they made my hair feel heavy and incredibly greasy. This makes my hair absolutely amazing and silky smooth but doesn’t weigh it down or make it feel caked and heavy. My hair is instantly healthier, shinier, smoother and sleeker every time I use this and a little bit goes a long way. I’m in love.

These products are my top five and for very good reason! I think that they all are absolute game changers to my beauty routine and truly phenomenal products! They’re all worth every penny and a necessity for me.

“With the new day comes new strength and new thoughts.”

-Eleanor Roosevelt

What are your top five products? What products are your holy grail or game changers? I’m always looking for new products to try, so give me a comment! (They also don’t have to be beauty related!)




41 thoughts on “My Top 5 Holy Grail Beauty Products

  1. I’ve been loving the Mario Bedascu facial spray! It’s very refreshing and can also be used as a primer. It’s sold at Ulta!

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  2. I’m absolutely in love with your haircut, and you’re right — your hair looks super lush right now!

    I’m almost out of my current brow kit and starting to panic that it’ll run out before I can replace it. I use the $3 ELF version that I picked up on a whim at Old Navy, and it doesn’t let me down! It’s amazing what a different it makes to do your brows.


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  3. I’ve been a Mary Kay girl since I was a teenager (about 20 years now… yikes!) You could say that when I find a company I love, I stick with them! My five faves are their mineral powder foundation, lash love mascara, undereye corrector, satin hands set (awesome for a quick pedi!) and their timewise skin care line.
    – Christine

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  4. Great post & your hair looks gorgeous ❤ Thanks for sharing 💚💕 Thank you so much, you’ll have to tell me how you like them if you try them out!

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  5. Double Wear is an absolute staple for me too – I’ll always love it! Great post & your hair looks gorgeous ❤ Thanks for sharing 💚💕 Thank you so much, you’ll have to tell me how you like them if you try them out!

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