Personalizing My Macbook Air

My Macbook came last week but I refrained from blogging about it too much until all of my side-investment pieces came in too (aka the decals and the accessories). I have wanted a Macbook forever, but decided to get one before I started graduate school. However, to be honest, I wish that I had gotten my Macbook sooner because this would have been absolutely phenomenal to have during undergrad.

My younger brother actually formatted and upgraded it before I got my hands on it, as a favor, so I got a little surprise when it finally arrived at my door….

That’s my brother for you.

As I learned from my iPad review, I’m not very good at writing about technology, so I will leave it to the experts. However, if you decide to get one, it is well worth the money. I use both my iPad and my Macbook, but for different reasons and processes. I have been thinking of writing a post about what I use each for (when it comes to life and blogging), so be sure to tell me if you’re interested in that.

I thoroughly researched what investments I would need to make for my Macbook, and went forth to Amazon to find everything that I needed. I already knew what accessories/personalizations I knew I wanted to make. Although I ordered my laptop skin/decal off of the internet, pretty much everything else is from Amazon.

A laptop case/decal/cover

I knew that I wanted to personalize my Macbook and the first stop for that was to get a laptop decal or cover for my Macbook. I wanted something cute and sassy and it only took one quick Google search for me to find the floral printed decals that I purchased for my Macbook.

It is so pretty and unique and I love how it adds a lot of personality to my Macbook. Macbooks are a dime a dozen, and arguably one of the most popular laptops out there, so it’s always nice to add a personal touch and stand out a little! Everyone always compliments me on my floral printed decal, even though I have only had my Macbook for a short while.

A laptop sleeve (and charger pouch!)

I was that girl that would just carry her laptop freely and walk around the dorms, in undergrad. I am admittedly clumsy, and really picky about my Macbook staying clean, so I decided to purchase a laptop sleeve. I always cringe when people put their exposed and bare laptops into backpacks, and that makes them so susceptible to damage and dents! So, a sleeve was definitely the way to go!

My sleeve came with a matching pouch for my Macbook charger, and I am so glad it did! It’s a pretty quatrefold in this festive lime green-cream combo that mis-matches with my Macbook in the perfect way. The inside is lined with this soft, fluffy grey fabric that keeps my Macbook cushioned and secure. It’s a pretty canvas fabric on the outside that is not only fashionable, but durable and functional.

A keyboard cover

Truth is, I didn’t even know my decal would come with a matching keyboard cover. So, I bought one on Amazon that I’m now returning because all the letters rubbed off (it was a light spring green). I ended up using the decal-package keyboard cover, and personally stuck every key’s sticker on the keyboard cover.

I am notorious for getting keyboards messy, so I knew I wanted a keyboard cover to protect my keyboard from messes, finger oils, or dirt! They keep your keyboards looking new and clean!

Cute headphones

I got these cute hot pink headphones because they matched the flowers on my Macbook. I feel like that’s pretty self-explanatory!

A cute wallpaper

Funny story about this wallpaper. I chose this image because I thought it was cute and worked with the whole pink/green theme I have going on. I was looking at it and told Will how the background looked so familiar….You guys….what does that remind you of?


I think I did a pretty damn good job of customizing and personalizing my MacBook! It definitely feels “mine” now and I love how unique it looks now!

โ€œYou can cut all the flowers but you cannot keep spring from coming.”
-Pablo Neruda


Do you guys like personalizing your technology? Or do you your devices as-is?




32 thoughts on “Personalizing My Macbook Air

  1. Absolutely you girl! I don’t blame you on the decal but I highly suggested a rubberized cover to go over it. They make clear ones that will still let the decal show but protect it further. There’s a super reasonably priced store on Etsy that I got mine from.

    Also where did you get that laptop case? I so need one that has a charger holder with it!

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    1. Thank you! I purchased the MacBook sleeve from Amazon, they also sell some on EBay that come with the charger pouch! I wanted the spring green shade, so I ordered from Amazon as EBay did not have my color. There’s tons of other patterns and materials too, but I liked how cozy yet durable the canvas is!

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  2. I love the design you chose for the cover and keyboard! Right now, my MacBook just has a plain pink cover but now I feel inspired to invest in something more colourful and fun! Great post!

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  3. I really like the MacBook skin, it’s so cute. I’ve recently got a MacBook Pro and only have a standard plain back skin on mine but this makes me want to jazz mine up a bit. I think an Amazon shopping spree may be needed. I love personalisation! Nice post btw ๐Ÿ™‚

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