My Hair Transformation

My hair, before this whole adventure.

My cousin William is a hair guru. I don’t know how he does it but he can make any hair go from zero to 100. So, when he suggested a fun Friday project of giving me some highlights, I eagerly agreed.

I’m not a professional, so I’m not going to tell you guys to go ahead and do this at home expecting phenomenal results… I’m actually usually against doing any hair DIYS, but if you’re curious as to how he did it, here you go:

He parted my hair into sections and selected shoelace sized sections to coat evenly with hair dye. He then would fold and cover about 3 shoelace sections into hair foil. William did this for all the sections, but was particularly careful when it came to the upper layers of my hair. Because I have black-brown hair, the red hair dye I used ended up appearing more muted and red-brown. The color ended up being perfect and I was so happy with the results! Because my hair is long af, we used a whole box of hair dye. We did not bleach my black hair, we just applied the red/auburn hair dye to my hair.

Be sure to test a strand to pick a hair color that isn’t super contrasty to your hair! My hair is black so it pretty much makes any color I apply to it complementary. I then sat with the foil sections in my hair for as long as the package instructed (45 minutes), and then took out the foil with William’s help, and rinsed out the dye. I used conditioner, but no shampoo. I then didn’t wash my hair for the whole days.

The day after we did the highlights, when the color was still kind of developing

The second part of this major hair change is that I changed my hair part…after five years.

I have been wearing my hair in the same side part for years and years; it is starting to make the part get bigger and the hair around it thinner. You’re supposed to change up your hair part frequently, as it is very good for your hair. The longer you wear your hair in the part, the more breakage, thinning, and wearing down it causes your hair…soooo I decided to try a middle part. I honestly expected it to suck…but I ended up really loving it!

I definitely love how everything turned out and am so glad that Will had fun with my little hair project! He knows how to do perms, relaxing, straightening, curling, styling, hair coloring, highlights, haircuts…. everything. He’s so talented!

This color is definitely super fun and it has been a huuuuge little fun confidence boost. I swear there’s nothing more invigorating than a little self pampering! I have never gotten highlights before (I did have a gross ombre hair experience in undergrad when my RA bleached the ends of my hair but that was something else…), so it was definitely an interesting experience and so worth it!

I think there’s a huge difference and my hair has a lot more dimension and depth now! And the color is so fun for summer!

““Live without pretending, Love without depending, Listen without defending, Speak without offending.””

-Aubrey Drake Graham

Have you guys gotten highlights? Have you ever had a major hair transformation? If you could do anything to your hair, what would it be?



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