Makeup Products I DON’T Use

In some ways, I am a little bit predictable when it comes to my makeup. And in other ways, I’m a little bit unexpected. Although I am always sharing with you guys new products and loves that I discover, there are actually quite a few makeup products that I do not use.

A common misconception is that beauty bloggers have to wear a full face or to use every single product imaginable, but that definitely is not the case! So today, I decided  to share with you guys the products I don’t use… and of course the reason I don’t use them!

Everyone’s makeup routine is different and some people don’t use products that I do! And vice versa. But I thought this would be a fun little post!

  1. Makeup Primer- I religiously wear eyeshadow primer but I have not touched a makeup primer in over a year. Makeup primers tend to make my skin really oily and actually make my foundation slip and slide! I just apply moisturizer in the mornings and make sure my face is clean before applying my foundation. I wear the Estée Lauder Double Wear, which honestly is already long-lasting on its own.
  2. Concealer- I have not used a concealer in a minute either. What I do is I just apply my foundation like concealer to areas that need a little more coverage (like under my eyes and around my nose!) and after that’s blended in, I apply a light layer of foundation with my beauty blender dupe! (I’m telling y’all… the Estée Lauder Double Wear is that good! I am not sponsored. Honestly I wish I was because that foundation is pricey, even though a little goes a long way!)
  3. Powder Highlighter- My face gets really oily and highlighter just looks really excessive in my makeup routine. I used to be obsessed with getting a glow and used to use TWO highlighters! I now just do light under-brow highlight with Watt’s Up, for a soft brow lift, and use a dewy setting spray to soften my matte makeup. That “bomb highlight” look just doesn’t work with me!
  4. Setting powder- Setting powder is something that I’ve found is only necessary if your foundation is slippery or oily. I used to use it but I’ve found that it quickly became an unnecessary step in my makeup routine once I found a foundation that worked for me. 
  5. Eyebrow gel- I used to be a religious eyebrow gel user but I find that clear eyebrow wax paired with light brow powder leaves my brows looking less “crunchy” but more natural and soft! I don’t have to sacrifice my brows staying in place either!
  6. Color correcting products- I honestly have never found myself needing to use color correcting products, so I have never educated myself on them. 

To conclude, essentially when you find a really good foundation you can eliminate a bunch of face products, hahaha. But seriously guys, I learned a little bit too late in my life that just because there’s products out there doesn’t mean that you need them! 

Different people have different needs, so find products that work for you!

“All theory, dear friend, is gray, but the golden tree of life springs ever green.

-Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

What makeup products do you guys not use? And what products can you not live without?



58 thoughts on “Makeup Products I DON’T Use

  1. Good list! There’s so many types of products out there that definitely couldn’t fit everyone’s routine/lifestyle (and there’s so many that I think it’d take a while to try them all out)! I’m also with on the color correcting products! I think I understand it conceptually, but definitely not in practice. I just let my foundation do the evening out work for me and hope for the best!

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    1. I do the same with my foundation! I honestly think that having a good foundation really eliminates a lot of products that you could use! I’m with you on color correcting, I get how it works but I’ve never fully utilized it or have that technical understanding!

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  2. Honestly, I hardly ever use foundation. Every once in a while I’ll mix some Cover FX drops in with moisturizer/sunscreen, but in general, I go without. I cannot live without mascara though. Granted, I don’t wear makeup every day, but when I do, mascara is a must!

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      1. I really love Almay Get up and Grow. It keep my lashes from getting crunchy, which always makes me feel like they’re going to fall out! Haha. It gives a nice fluttery look to the lashes, which if what I tend to go for.

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  3. This is why I need to follow you- because I don’t know what most of that is! I’m in my 30s and never been into makeup. My age is slowly creeping up on me now and I’m trying to learn more about skin care and beauty products. Thanks!

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    1. I only use a little bit more foundation under my eyes and around my nose if necessary! I agree completely, makeup is so personal and you should be using a product because it works for you and not because it’s trendy or someone else needs it! I’m glad you enjoyed the post!

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  4. I’ve never touched any eyebrow products, but mostly because I don’t know how to use them. Most of my friends say my brows look nice naturally, which is super nice of them. I made it a goal back in April to learn how to do my eyebrows but…it never happened. Oh well.
    I do love an oil-free primer, though. I find it helps my makeup stay on my face longer without adding extra grease.
    Love your blog!!

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  5. There are a lot that I don’t use, but one thing I always do is curl my lashes! I feel so much prettier with them curled lol. I feel the same when I wear mascara too, but I don’t do that everyday. Nowadays, when I’m wearing my glasses everyday (thanks again ;)) I feel like I haaavve to curl my lashes so you can see them better!

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    1. I think most people don’t need a lot of the products they use and it’s hard to find beauty bloggers who advocate for only using what you need hahah


  6. That is such an interesting post! I’ve never read anything like that. And I love all the products you hate haha – except for the color correcting products – who needs those anyways? But that just shows you how different people and their skins have different preferences. That’s why I love makeup so much! It is such a personal thing 🙂
    Sending love from Austria,

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  7. I definitely don’t use color-correcting products either..I feel like that’s just an excessive step that isn’t really necessary? haha but all the other products I totally swear by! It is such a fun and unique post tho 🙂

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  8. I don’t wear face primer either- I just don’t see the need, but then again my skin is on the drier side so foundation tends to stay very well. Great post!

    PS- Is that a Butter Bronzer I see peeking out in the pic?

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  9. I’ve been minimizing my primer use to just areas I feel are necessary. I used to think that I NEEDED primer but realized it’s just an extra layer and extra expense.

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