The Best Lipstick Ever

I am admittedly a lipstick junkie. When it comes to lipsticks I have way more than I could ever possibly need and that obsession was what really kick-started my interest in makeup.

I started wearing makeup the summer before my sophomore year of college and went from owning five lipsticks to twenty. Literally, I could not stop getting lipsticks and was absolutely obsessed. I went from wearing the same lipstick everywhere to changing my lipstick for each and every occasion.

That began to slow down as I got older and I've noticed that in recent months I pretty much only wear one lipstick. It's my all-time favorite lipstick and has been since I purchased it last November during Black Friday. You guys are always asking me what shade it is and it's honestly the perfect color.

My all-time favorite, ride or die lipstick is Tom Ford's Richard. I made the splurge last November during Black Friday and I have never found another lipstick that I love more.

(I wanted to include a photo with the etching in the lipstick and I had this one saved from the day it first arrived).

I've tried to find a new favorite but literally nothing can compare. The formulation is pigmented, lightweight and buttery smooth. The lipstick doesn't dry out my lips and it literally lasts through anything. The rose shade is my perfect "my lips but better" shade and I have worn it through so many big events.

I just naturally gravitate to this lipstick and it is so easy and effortless to glide on.
The formula is literally unlike any other formula I have ever tried before.

Tom Ford lipsticks have ruined me for any other lipstick because although other formulations are nice, I have not found a replacement or comparable lipstick. They are just that good. In my dreams, I would own and only wear Tom Ford lipstick.

(I am thinking of getting another tube in a different shade for my birthday but I haven't really decided yet).

Not to mention that the packaging is absolutely beautiful and one swipe can instantly make you feel like you're ruling the Upper East Side with a Dorota to do your bidding. I love the black with gold accenting and feel a little special when I pull it out of my purse.

If you're sad, add more lipstick and attack.

Coco Chanel

What's the best lipstick you've ever tried? What's your favorite lipstick you own, and if you could only use one lipstick brand for the rest of your life what would it be?




39 thoughts on “The Best Lipstick Ever

  1. Even though I still use all my other lipsticks, my favorite go-tos have been my Soap & Glory ones. You need to try them if you love the Tom Ford consistency. I don’t have a single problem with them. There’s not a wide variation of colors but oh I love it. It’s so soft and buttery! Definitely one of my favorites. Plus not too expensive either!

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  2. The BEST lipstick I’ve ever tried is LipSense! It’s actually a liquid color with a Shea gloss that goes on over it. It will last all day, but it won’t come of on anything either. Like seriously, you won’t ever see it on your glass, coffee cup or your food. It’s incredible.

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