What I Wore To Work

I am a creature of habit when it comes to having outfit “formulas.” As you all know, my go=to in undergrad was a cardigan, blouse, and jeans for fall/winter. And for summer it was shorts and a cute blouse, a romper, or a dress. So, it was inevitable that I would end up with outfit “formulas” when I started working.

I think in mystical dream land, I envisioned myself wearing pencil skirts a lot more than I do. I’ll throw dress and blazer combo in there, or a button down top and pencil skirt combo once in a while, but my most common outfit combo is this:

blazer + cute blouse + slim leg work pants + heels


OR, if I’m feeling casual (which I did 2x this week)

cardigan + cute blouse + slim leg work pants + heels

So, since all of you asked, I decided to share with you what I wore this week. My office is business casual and I think I’ve done a pretty damn great job at being trendy but also professional.

I didn’t take pictures of the bottoms and I’m ready to change into comfortable clothes when I get home, so I took selfies (insert shrugging girl emoji here). I think in my dreams, I’d have a super cool coworker that would take pictures of my outfits for me, and that we wouldn’t get fired. ANYWAYS, here we go!


Monday is usually the busiest day of the week. I paired a floral orange tee with a 3/4 sleeve burgundy blazer. It made for a chill, but still chic look that was tied together perfectly by the complementary colors.



This was the first time I wore a cardigan to work. I love this bright colored cardigan from Banana Republic because of the subtle detailing on the armpit area (sorry there was no other way I could describe that). I paired it with an embroidered top that was super matchy matchy for a monochromatic look.


I had a big meeting on this day so I wore my nice neutral blazer on Wednesday. The neutral color paired perfectly with the green floral top I wore. I love the floral print of this top and how I was able to tone it down a little with the blazer.


I paired a pretty, delicate floral printed top with a pale blue cardigan for a comfy but chic look. Around mid-week we all tend to get a little more casual with our business casual looks. More casual business than business casual. I love how cute and feminine the floral top is and how pretty the print is.



Tomorrow is casual friday, so I didn’t think it was necessary to include it in this post.

“Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice and most of all, love of what you are doing or learning to do.”



What are your favorite fashion pieces? What’s your go-to weekday wardrobe?




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