What I Eat In A Vegan Day (Deux)

Since you guys loved the last post I made about what I eat in a vegan day, I decided to do another one!

I did a long, rambling intro to the last one… so let’s just get started!




On my vegan days I almost always start with fruit! I usually don’t have big breakfasts on my normal eating days, I just don’t get hungry in the morning! I had some watermelon this morning and a nice glass of water.




I chopped up some oyster mushrooms and carrots, and made a nice little stir fry that I served with some white rice. I was craving white rice today rather than my usual brown rice mix.




I always have some sort of peanut butter on my vegan days! Today, I had a piece of toast with a nice helping of peanut butter spread on top. It keeps me nice and full and I love how creamy and rich peanut butter is!


I had a glass of sweetened soymilk with some ice. I drank my glass so quickly that I forgot to take a photo! Whoops.




One of my favorite Vietnamese foods is cha trung hap, which is essentially a “meatloaf” type dish with a layer of egg on type. It’s typically served with steamed white rice.

I tried to make a vegan version using tofu, mushrooms, carrots, and a lot of creativity! I like how it turned out and it definitely was fun trying to make a vegan version of one of the foods I grew up with.




You guys know that I get hungry around 9:00, and have a small second dinner. My family brought leftovers from a family event and I was so glad! They had vegan egg rolls, fried tofu, vegan chicken, little vegetable rolls…. it was the perfect little meal!

So, that’s what I had during my vegan day! Every one is different and I never eat the same day again! It’s crazy to think of how many options there are, especially since so many people think vegan = full of limitations.

Would you guys like me to share what I eat in a normal day? Do you like posts like this?

“Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope and confidence.”

-Helen Keller


What is your favorite vegan food? Have you guys gone vegan before?





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